Alcohol best way to lucid dream

Hello, i used to be real into lucid dreaming i kept a journal and everything, but as time went on a lost interest in it because nothing too great was happening that was like 8 months ago. This past weekend i got a really wasted with some of my friends, it was a good night, as the night came to an end (i was still drunk) we all decided to go to sleep. Now since alcohol dehydrates and makes you pee alot, i would wake up very frequently to drink water and relive my self, and everytime i woke up i had a dream, this happened like 3 times then on the 3rd time i went back to sleep i was in adream and i realized i was dreaming. So alcohol really seemed to work for me.

:eh: Err… I wouldn’t recommend it. Well, that is if you don’t want cirrhosis or jaundice in your dreams as well…

Yes sometimes ppl have lds while on alcohol.
Alcohol makes u sleep not deep at all.
But saying its the best for having lds is a bit strong lol!

Btw this topic is for shortcuts to lucidity then!


Eh…I used to be big on the pot, drinking, dxm thing but you can have lucid dreams without relying on that stuff. And its healthier :smile:

But what the hell, if you’re gonna drink than fine but don’t get drunk for the sole purpose of having a lucid dream. I have a feeling you know this though

Alcohol has never helped me actually have LD’s directly but I’ve often been drinking when I come up with new ideas or break-throughs in my lucid dreaming. Dream incubation came to me at a drunk party and that led to me making VILD!

ahh so that is how u do it, i am far to light a sleeper to use VILD but i am gonna start working on it again very nice work

Booze cauzes rem rebound, trippy dreams lol

As far as i understood your post it was actually WBtB what helped you:)
Just a clarification for our underage members:)

Yeah okay, I got trashed at my friend’s house Friday night, and I didn’t even remember a second of any of my dreams. :cry: Guess it just doesn’t work for me.

Okay, yesterday I had a small amount of Bailey’s Irish Cream, and I had the most vivid dreams to date. Coincidence, or could a small amount do that for me?

The past few months I have been experimenting with everything to see if it inluences my dreams in the slightest, a few nights ago, I had a few shots of vodka before coming on the site on then going to sleep. I had really wild, vivid, and slightly lucid dreams…last night, the next night I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary just to check that it wasn’t just one of my random vivid dream phases, and I hardly dreamed anything…the occasional convo with a friend…boring. Last night I tried the vodka, and had really vivid, wierd and slightly lucid dreams again…tonight, I’m not, so that I can see if it works three times, after that, I’m going to drink the few shots of vodka for 9 days…then stop and do something else (Wouldn’t want it to turn into a habit.)

I would not recommend that everyone go out and drink every night…but this has seemed…SEEMED, to work for me so far.

I could be completely wrong about this but I thought that alcohol suppresses rem sleep. It could be that by taking a small amount of alcohol may have suppressed your rem in the early part of your sleep then as the alcohol wore off you may have had some REM rebound.

The first time i had a lucid dream, the first and only time, i was really wasted and then somehow i had a ld. At that point i had no idea what it was, but i knew i wanted to have more of them. I was even able to control what was going on in my dreams. Thats pretty impresive for someone who doesnt know what he is doing. I think alcohol is the best way. Mostly because its the only way that im familiar with :cool_laugh:

I seriously doubt that you would be able to continue getting LD ‘s with this method. I have read many posts about this and other substances and the few who do get lucky and have LD as the result of alcohol say the it does not last. Alcohol suppresses REM sleep.

Unfortunately, there really is no magic pill for LD ‘ing. In my opinion the only way to consistently have LD ‘s is to practice. What ever substance you rely on may eventually, and sometimes quickly loose it’s effectiveness.

Good luck

Drinking some alcohol does indeed help me to have lucid dreams aswell… Nearly everytime i have had something to drink, i end up having really vivid lucid dreams in the morning. But i do not recommend using alcohol just to get ld’s, cause i believe your body will soon adapt to it and you might become addicted aswell.

Like when i am on vecation in Spain, i drink pretty much every day for 2-3 weeks that i am there.
The first week was filled with lucid dreams, but for the remaining time i had virtually no LD’s, and my dreamrecall was pretty bad aswell. This has been the case on every vectation, so i surely believe it will only work for short periods of time :smile: Alcohol will probably help best if you are like me and drink more rarely, like once, twice a month or something…

The prosecution rests it’s case. :spinning:

During REM sleep it is beleived (by scientists, ha) that your neurons under go a bonbardment of ion, done by thinking (dreaming). Prehaps alcohol supresses this, most likley as it’s effects are seen while awake.

During non-REM the brain does something that causes neuron membranes to leak ions. Without these ions brain cells die quikly. REM-sleep is beleived to remedy this problem.
By drinking alcohol you prevent the neuron memberanes from receiving suffient ions.

A prolonged REM sleep would then be needed to restore the ions to there usual level. Ofcourse, as we know, the brain compensates for the alcohol after a while. So ion levels remain high, so that they are not too low after drinking alcohol.

I once drunk caffine, I beleive it my also have a simulaar effect, blocking ions from suffiently getting to your neuron membranes. For example, I drunk a quater of a cup of tea (caffine has a big effect on me), I found I was getting prolonged REm periods.

Yes, some people do experience REM rebound which may cause you to experience long and vivid (though not necessarily lucid) dreams. After a short time your body will compensate so any potential benefit you get would only be temporary.

yeah alocohol… i have had a few lds after drinking…

but somtimes no recall… might depend on how much u drink… how drunk u are when u fall asllep etc…


but also i might add that you are still not compleatly conscious… because u are affected by the alcohol…

may act kind of drunk in your lds…

but i guess there is no one way to anyting… except maybe obvious things… to die you must die…

well… i guess that is like that for everything… hmm… i am crapping on…

anyway natural is what i think… naturally inducing lds is more rewarding:D

but yeah you might drink and might become lucid

ever try an ounce of Calea Z steeped in a bottle of vodka for a week, then take a shot right before sleep??

If you are going to use alcohol to influence your dreams, you need to use the right kind of alcoholic drink and use it in moderation.
In my experience beer and spirits are bad. Red wine is quite good but white wine is the best. If you have a few glasses of white wine before you go to bed it will enhance your dreams and possibly help you to become lucid.
It’s not a good idea to get drunk though, this will have the opposite effect and ruin your dream recall.
The best method here (if you can stomach it) is to set an alarm to wake you at 5am. Stay awake for half an hour and drink two or three glasses of white wine (depending on your tolerance). During this time, use the MILD method ie; tell yourself that you will have a lucid dream when you go back to sleep. Keep this thought in mind and really believe it. This is a great method for inducing lucid dreams.