Am I dreaming? lol

I came into the kitchen and the light didn’t work. ok I changed the bulb. Later I came onto ld4all and noticed Atheist’ journal only had 5 pages instead of 7 or 8. So I looked to see if it had been split…it hadn’t. The first post was there and the last post was there.

So I checked how many posts were in the continue the story thread …there were twenty-five.
So I started to do RCs…I think I’m awake but I wouldn’t bet any money on it! :tongue:

You are awake!

no… i think she’s dreaming :content:

Just don’t jump out of the window or do anything abrupt like that.

Do reality checks. Reminds me to do some more.

Well, one and a half hours later and after multiple RCs I’m 98% certain that I’m awake but they have been known to let me down before. :sad:

Did you try looking in a mirror?

The RCs I did

  • I looked at the clock on the bottom of the screen looked away and expected to change it to one with a 7 in it but it stayed the same.
  • I looked at writing on the forum, in books and did the same expecting it to get jumbled but it didn’t.
  • I attempted to levitate…but I didn’t leave the floor
  • I looked at my hands many times and counted my fingers
  • I shut one eye and looked at my nose but could still see it
  • I blocked my nose and tryed to continue to breathe but after seconds I had to gulp for air.
  • I looked in two different mirrors but nothing looked out of place
  • I attempted to levitate again.

It was really the ammount of time passing and nothing strange happening that made me fully realise that I was not dreaming…it took 1.5 hours to convince me.

I also noticed that thing with fewer pages in each topic. It seems the forum have been modified so that each page fits more posts.

lol @ moogle :lol:

next time i’ll warn you when i change the amount of post on a page - which is what i have done.

the forum has become so busy that 12 post per page is a little crampy - so now it is more and i hope it will give some air.


I’ve never had that. The only times I wonder if I’m dreaming is when I am.

Heh, moogle :happy: I do the same thing sometimes, especially when something out of the ordinary happens, and I do a bunch of RCs. Last weekend I did WBTB and left my computer on to do a virusscan during the night. When my alarm woke me up (for WBTB, around 5 am) I checked the computer and it had crashed, with a very strange error message. It was all weird so I was convinced I was dreaming and did an RC. I wasn’t dreaming though, my computer had really crashed (not good) @__@;;

I think I once dreamt of visiting the forums and posting about how I was dreaming… that was weird. Especially because I didn’t go lucid, do’h!

no moogle… you’re deffinately awake.
floats over and closes curtains then floats back down onto chair

I’m sure of it.

Ahah, I was waiting for an official announcement, but here it is I guess…
Moogle sure is observant :smile:

Who knows. Maybe someone else is dreaming and this is all just a figment of there imagination.


wow Dude, you’ve got some serious problems.

Who am I to speak anyway … One day, I got up, went to the bathroom, washed my face, went into the kitchen to eat thinking … another boring day then BAM in one instant I was back into my bed … But it felt so real that I was awake …

I think Moogle would prefer Dudette :razz:

and yes, FA 's can be as real as reality… but isn’t that with most of our dreams?

Yesterday night I dreamt the following:
I met a friend at an interchange but he doesn’t use to go on that way(with that buses, trams, he goes far away from thoose lines).And what is more he wore strange clothes. I questioned him and asked: Are you really here?
-He: Why, do you think we are dreaming?
I don’t realize I was dreaming and later wake up. :sad:

i am really surprised at the whole “am i dreaming” thing. Whenever I’m awake it’s always so very, very clear that I’m awake simply because it’s so much more REAL than anything that could EVER happen in my dreams. Sure, you have realistic dreams, but when you compar them to real life they’re more like shadows.

Still, I guess you must just have really realistic dreams … lucky you!

It was really the ammount of time passing and nothing strange happening that made me fully realise that I was not dreaming…it took 1.5 hours to convince me.

wow, you must have been really tripping !

quote edited for relevance to me.