am I getting closer to having an LD?

Last night I began repeating my mantra which was “The next time I am dreaming, I will do a reality check.” I kept repeating it over and over and eventually I began to dream, although it wasn’t an LD. However, during the dream I received a text message and re-read it a couple of times, which is one of the many RCs. I didn’t notice that I was performing a reality check during the dream, but I realized it when I was thinking about the dream after I had woken up. So basically, I performed a reality check but I didn’t realize it until after I woke up. Does this mean that I’m getting closer to LDing? Am I close to being able to recognize reality checks while I’m dreaming?

Any help would be appreciated,


don’t say: I will do a reality check.

Say: I will be aware that I am dreaming. As you are saying that, see and feel it happening.

if you do this for 10-15 minutes as you drift of to sleep, you’re well on your way…

alrighty I’ll try it out,

Okay, I used the advice stated above while going to sleep, and I also set my intent while I was laying there. The result was not a lucid dream, but it was a regular dream about the topic I had chosen. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer each night, hopefully I’m right.

It sounds like you are getting better dream recall. Just remembering more regular dreams then you had before is a big step to becoming lucid.