Is there any other ambient fans amongst the site? Just curious…I take it there would be a few. :smile:

Here are some really good, indepth streams.

Sleepbot Enviromental Broadcast ( )
Bluemars ( )
Bluemars: Cyrosleep ( )

I’ve showed the links to a couple people in #ld4all and they seem to have enjoyed it.[/url]

Thanks for the links! :smile: I do enjoy ambient, and most often at times when I’m browsing the web or other online activity.
Thanks, I will enjoy these!

Thank you, I was looking for this! :smile:

:cry: whenever i try to listen to one i get an “unknown error” on windows media player and it quits :confused:

It works fine in Winamp (as always :cool: )

Im a rather huge (extreme…) ambient fan :smile: … got quite a collection of mp3 (25 gig :razz:), it never bores me.

I listen to the ambient channel a lot. quite a nice one i think.

Wow, i waited when to ask other LD’ers what is their favourite music and to say that Ambient is one of my favourites :tongue:

Really. I usually use my Winamp search for Ambient radios before i go to sleep (often also when i read LD forums). And i have been fan of Ambient music besides of Metal for many years already. Unfortunately too many channels in Winamp finally turn into too much beat. So i need to change them. Although i can bear Ambient music with some beats, i sometimes mostly enjoin Cryosleep (zero beat) in Winamp channels :smile:

I almost believe that Ambient music can be one of the tools of achieving LD’s because of the sound :tongue:

Well, since I like Newage… I love ambient too :smile:
Major thanx for this :happy:

I suggest switching to Winamp.

Glad to see there is more ambient lovers here. :smile:

I slept with the sleepbot stream going last night. :smile:

Nice. I produced an ambient track today. Drone ambient to be exact.

Kris Hewitt - NCC-1701-D

alright, I listen to ambient music sometimes, I like it sometimes…but what exactly is ambient music? what qualifies something as ambient? I don’t quite understand, someone explain :eh:

Yeah, i wonder the same. Maybe someone can give some characteristics that are basic for ambient music. IMO (i might be wrong) i have understood that Ambient includes (not always) sounds from nature (atmospehric music?) what are electronically mixed. It can (but not nessessarily) include some beat, but there are radio stations with zero beat, and purely atmospheric ambient.

Ambient doesn’t have a beat like regular dance music.

good ambient artists (imo):

entheogenic, carbon based lifeforms, aes dana, shulman, solar fields, toires, OTT, younger brother, asura, aural planet

and pluto project

interesting…anyone ever heard of ‘shpongle’? it’s got a beat usually, its sorta electronica/techno whatever you call it. but it’s a lot more of sounds from nature, or similar, not as much beaps and synth sounds. I guess it’s not ambient though cause it has a beat and all. I should get some music by those artists you named sphad.

Ambiens are nice!

hi, yes of course i got every Shpongle album (including the remix album). they (Simon Posford & Raja Ram) are talents!
i not writed it in my list, becouse it is a little bit faster (and contains more psy parts) then other ambient musics, but truly masterpieces :tongue:

if somebody not listen it yet, try this:
Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awarness
but every Shpongle tracks are good!

it is a slow track (maybe the slowest) with nice woman sing.

i also like psychedelic trance music :content:
i usually visit goa-psy parties since years :grin:


Shopongle is psychedelic ambient, similar to Etheogenic and Hallucogens new, yet unreleased, music.

I also love psychedelic trance…I don’t listen to anything else more!

candyflip + spongle/hallucinogen = my mind is blown into the next universe :cool_laugh: