An interesting question.

Now here it is I have tryed this with a few people and now I present it to you:

Does everything taste like chicken or does chicken taste like everything?

/me is reminded of an old forum member he hasn’t seen in a while

I thought this was the Playground! :happy: Well, then, I figure I can only argue that it’s neither. Chicken doesn’t taste like everything, and everything doesn’t taste like chicken—the truth is, chicken tastes like nothing. :razz:

Thats a nice spin on it Bruno. I like it.

I agree with Bruno. Chicken doesnt taste like anything (and thats why I hate it)

I ate deep fried alligator peices last night, and it tasted like chicken, exept kinda chewy and fishy. So, everything tastes like chicken.

Everything doesn’t taste like chicken… and chicken doesn’t taste like everything…

Chicken tastes like Chicken, and everything else tastes like everything else.


Chicken tastes like chicken, and I have it on good faith that the lizard in Stargate (movie) taste like chicken, eveything else tastes like what it is.

I dont see deep fried alligator as everything! :tongue:

Is blue a colour or is every colour blue?

‘twas down to the fathoms of their minds’…

In fact, expensive chicken meat DOES have a taste. I got lucky one day and bought some for less. I was shocked the first time I tried it because I wasn’t expecting anything like it. ^^

I prefer the everyday chicken lol.

So I’m to understand that not only does Flavorcat has a flavor, he has chicken flavor?

That is soooo cute :aww:

OMG it is so cute that i just started giggling and making my ‘I think this is so ADORABLY CUTE!’ sound :happy: . (Yep people are giving me strange looks :help: )

So do they artificially flavour the expensive meat or do they extract the flavour from the cheap stuff? Or is it magical? :wizard: (The expensive meat)

Storebought “expensive” chicken tastes like gravy or whatever flavour they stick in it.

The cheap stuff (airlines, some fastfood restaurants, school lunches) range from a dry, almost tissue-y taste to greasy & slippery.

The really expensive stuff (catered restaurant specials & meat prepared ouselves) including the wild chicken we buy, kill and prepare ourselves with minimal spices to allow the natural taste to stand out, has a very juicy succulent taste. The meat is really tender almost beef-like but not as chewy. It’s like quail or any wild common, non-aquious (so not duck) bird that may be consumed.

That’s just my experience. :heart:s chicken and flavor-cat~

maybe every animal that lives today evolved from chickens and thus has a similiar taste. I’ve always wanted a chance to say something weird like that :shy:

You’re not far wrong - except we all evolved from reptiles, not chickens (even chickens supposedly evolved from reptiles). So, I imagine reptiles taste like chicken. Or more accurately, everything probably tastes like reptile meat, including chicken. :hmmm:

Only one way to find out, Snape :wink:

Well, how can everything taste like reptile when whale and roedeer -meat taste different? :wink: