Ancestors are behind? Physical = reality? skeptics come in

Non physical realms - skeptics, please listen. At least parts 1-2
Part 1 … re=related
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Questions skeptics should ask themselves. … re=related

Global Shift In Dimensions 2008-2012 Mass Awakening … re=related

The Monroe Institute … re=related … re=related
I cant believe Im going to the Gateway Voyage!!

Is it my project that has made you question your reality? I’m sorry if it did, or I’m happy if it did. Or if it didn’t, im still happy, but not as much. :sad:

not at all ^^
I just thought it will be cool if I put together some videos on the topic.
Skepticism isn’t a part of my mechanisms
Im going to the Gateway Voyage next Saturday!! :content:

You should still be very happy. :smile:
Your project is the best! :content:

Thanks for posting these movies relV!

Im going to check them out tonight

Hmm, thanks for posting those Ariel. I watched the first three videos and found them very interesting. However I didn’t think much of the video about questions skeptics should ask themselves.

I might watch some more later.

ye, that one is just silly

wouldn’t a skeptic be skeptical of asking themselves questions ?

beliefs aren’t necessary, what we need is seeing.

I agree. … re=related

Here is a lecture by Thomas Campbell (same guy from the Non Physical Realms) that he gave in a school in London. This lecture is for students and it is very scientific in nature.
So for those of you who are interested in science behind the larger realities, this is the lecture to listen to.
this is his website :

Hope you enjoy it.

um… most certainly not. that is the antithesis of skepticism. we ask questions more often than not because we refuse to believe most things that, on face value, seem to contradict our perception of the universe and how it works. if something seems to act just as our perception of reality says that it should, more often than not we don’t bother to really try to pursue it further. we then use this new found information (answers to our questions) to either a) debunk what we thought, instinctively, might be false or b) further refine our better picture of the universe with this new information added. the idea that someone is a skeptic and therefore chooses to believe nothing unquestioningly is a gross misrepresentation of the skeptical community. it is more of a backhanded insult to people who actually think rationally and try to establish a more objective reality for everyone. like, i don’t know, Dr. Stephen LaBerge… although, this is a site where there is conversation after conversation about shared dreaming, new age hooplah, and a bunch of other “woo-woo” that i think is ridiculous. i wish that there were more people who didn’t have to believe in every ghost story, goblin and dragon they’ve ever heard of to be open minded enough to be into lucid dreaming. sigh.

Would you mind watching a 2 hours lecture by a scientist?

We can talk later about ghost stories and about what’s ridiculous.

Do you know that physicians who see the reality as strictly matter have no way to explain why we don’t have access to the future the same way we do to the past?

If you are really interested in the universe and not just in resisting anything you don’t recognize.

Did you watch the movie “What the Bleep do we know?”
Here’s a sweet and touching piece of information from an experiment Dr. Imoto (Hope I spelled it correctly) made.
Here is a picture of a water molecule in the Fujiyama dam in Japan when they were still.

Now here is an image of the very same water after they received a blessing from a zen monk.

Please tell me, as I am curious to know, of some explanation that can explain how a blessing by a monk can change the configuration of a water molecule so miraculously in a world that is entirely physical.

It’s really sad for me to hear when people say that the physical is everything. There are so many experiments that have been done that show that there has to be more. Tests in which parts of people’s brains were removed and the people still had their memory.
and many many more…

You should take a look at the lecture. You can judge for yourself.

Quite frankly, a million hour lecture, given by no matter whom, is not going to make a believer out of me (of certain things for which there is no evidence or physical proof) unless there is really something groundbreaking in there, in which case I would likely already know about it before you brought it to my attention. To totally overturn the current understanding of the universe gathered over the entire history of humans and science is going to take a lot more than a youtube post. I honestly don’t have time to listen to every crackpot religion’s sermon, every so-called-psychic’s claim, etc. If someone really has something credible to say, a true skeptic will hear it out. Although there does come a point where you have to balance not wasting your time. Aside, furthermore, so what you are saying is, if we don’t yet have a fully complete and encompassing theory of time that somehow disproves everything else that we know about the universe? I can’t follow your logic there. I’m not sure this is really a big question for physicians but it is for physicists, one of which I am. So, following similar logic, does that mean since we are not sure what gives mass to particles that there is no such thing as mass? Or that we should also follow from our ineptness that we should somehow believe everything some junk scientist claims? I think not. That is the strongest aspect of science. That we don’t know everything yet. That does not disprove everything or anything that we do know for sure. Resisting everything I don’t recognize. Hmmm. That’s original. Although, given the choice between that and believing every b.s. notion that any crazy comes up with, I guess I would choose the former. However, I think you are very underinformed about what a skeptic is. We are the ones who search out stuff we don’t understand, and then come up with OBJECTIVE, TESTABLE, LOGICAL explanations for what could cause this phenomena. You might remember us at the people who helped you non-skeptics realize that the world is not flat. As for the next part of your humorous post, have you ever heard of Hyperactive Pattern Recognition? Is there really the Virgin Mary in my grilled cheese sandwich? Further down your post, if you can find ONE VALID TEST that proves any sort of supernatural ability beyond what would be expected by random chance you are GUARANTEED $1 million. You can enter into and win this contest by going to: If you truly know of ANY EXPERIMENT that proved ANY SUPERNATURAL PHENOMENA AT ALL you are sitting on a million dollars. What are you waiting for? And yes, it is true that the brain can function when it is damaged, even severely. We use these sort of injuries to learn what areas of the brain do what sort of specific functions. And guess what we used to explain what is happening in these people? Gasp. Science! When you come up with some sort of argument or “proof” that can’t be debunked with a google search or quickly revealed by a logical layman such as myself as a fallacy, please post again. I’ll be waiting. Oh, and since I told you about it, when you “prove” that psychic powers are real, will you split some of the million with me? Pretty please?

That was uncalled for. Getting hostile in the face of skepticism isn’t helping your case.

What the Bleep was a misinterpretation of Quantum Mechanics to justify esoteric nonsense created by the same cult that produced The Secret.

Define “many many more”.

Genkai. I think you are my new best friend on this site. :smile:

Definitely. :smile:

You should have seen that Ok I am convinced topic. :lol:

Any words I will say will remain meaningless to you.
As I said, if you want to listen to a scientist, open the link.

I wish you to find love and happiness.

You’re quite the pessimist, aren’t you?

Pseudoscientist, you mean.

Glad to hear it.