Does anyone remember this woman who used to come to the forum named Anetta? Wow, she was quite the outcast for her extroversion of conservative christian views. She was often found objecting to the sex topics and everyone attacked her, as she was attacking them. I remember the last thing she said “You guys will miss me”. I’m finding it true. Where did that poor creature go? Off to some monastary last I heard. Mabey I’ll check the archives, and I know I know, I’m always “remembering” people whenver I start posting more frequently. It’s just the way… the way of the wind… the cornerstones sharpened and plunged back after a long and unexpected death… Ok i’ll stop, seriously, who knows how long I could go on.

annetta has been banned, - she came back under a new name - “prometheus” or something like that (can’t quite remember) - she was a troll and her only goal seemed to be to disrupt LD4all for as much as she (he?) could.

He, don’t dig up those traumatic experiences :tongue: She had quite a temper :bored:

Heh yeah that’s going back a while… all the ld4all old-timers should remember this one. :smile:

Its funny actually, I remember arguing with her quite a lot but some of the arguments I was using against her are the sort of thing people use against ME now! (not that I’m a fundamentalist Christian or anything)

But yes, I’ve often thought its a shame she had to be forced out. Didnt she believe lucid dreaming was the work of the devil though?

The work of the devil? I remember that she had expressed a concern that being aware in a dream may take away from the spiritual signifiance of the experience. I think others have expressed such an idea in different words. I really don’t know for sure anymore, as I havn’t looked up the actual archive of what it is she said, but thats generally where I think you got that “work of the devil” thing from :smile: . I wish there were some way to have worked things out, though I do understand the decision of exile, yes I said exile. I have a question about that though: how can you ban someone? Can’t they just make a new acount, or get a new ISP, or go on a public computer, or someone elses computer.

Haha, yeah, I remember her… she posted replies to herself under different names so it would look like there was at least one person agreeing with her, but you could tell it was her because they had the same IP address.

I remember there was a guy named Sherlock, and he was sometimes found defending her. Apparently, he is banned now as well for a different reason.

:rofl: yes!! one of the straws the broke the camels back, :wink:

Sherlock displayed similar “An***a” behavior … among other things.
One episode I remember of Sherlock is that he had found all of his past threads … and posted an empty reply with one smilie " :happy: "
So all of the threads he had authored took up the front index page of the forum. :neutral:

… but I have to admit … I sometimes question their where-abouts and current state of affairs(mental illness) :content:
If they ever read this I hope they know I still love them both! :grin:

Does anybody remember the “meditation technique” that “An***ta” claimed the military taught her … and it was so powerful it was top secret and she made us wait at least a week before she told us? :grin:
She claimed she could use it to enter a LD/WILD directly. :roll:
Remember the technique? I do. :smile:

:gni: :rofl: :clap:
AahahaAhAHaAhaHAahahHAh! Thats soooooo funny/cute, I have no memory of this at all.
What was the technique? It sounds good…

As a side note, I mean no disrespect to her dignity as a human being, it just makes me giggle. :smile:

I’d have to look up the specifics, but it involved eye movements to induce REM. It was a similar technique found on some of the alt.lucid newsgroups.

It had you move your left and then right eye somehow … I think mimicing REM movements. … … nobody ever reported any interesting results with it.

Oh! I remember something like that: mimicking REM movements. Interesting, but aren’t REM movements the result of dream eye movements?

I remember trying that out back then. Brings back some old memories. I also remember getting against Anetta in pretty childish way. Those were the days.
looks blankly to distant horizon for an seemigly endless moment until continues to swing on the rocking chair again
…back and forth…
…back and forth…
…back and forth…
Off topic, guess who has been awake over 24 hours now… :crazy: :lol:

I think I tried it too. :grin:

Are there a lot of trolls and banned people on LD4all ?

nope, … I think that’s both of them :grin:


Hey, who wants to continue reminissing…
Anyone remember giggles? Wow, that name struck a bell while I was browsing the member list, but I don’t remember much about her. It’s kind of poignant reading her posts. They come in every month or so, and some major event has occured in each. Amazing. People. Wow.

<edit 11/23/04> I see, everyones run off.

when you reach August 2003 I will join in :razz:

yes, I remember giggles, I think she was the Hanson fan! :happy:
You are changing gears here though, … “Giggles” restores “happy” reminissing memories … not rocky ones. :wink:

True, true, I have switched gears.
Hey DA!!
I suppose you recall… the game. :nodnodwinkwink: