Animal Clan

Please keep any chat speak posts about the animal clan in the playground chat topic animal clan CHAT and fill this topic with dream experiences :moogle:

Its a project we’re doing, we’re trying to get a thing going here. mostly just for fun but we’re going to ask Q for a mini ava thingy like the chroniclers.

You could join if you want Ferret we’re open for buiseness!

Hey, guys, I guess we should have a REAL purpose if we want to get official badges. Let’s see…

My idea was that we could use the animals idea for dreaming purposes, such as:

  • A symbol that represents us in dream-land. This could be used for SDs, for those who believe it can happen. For example, a wolf shows in another member’s dream carrying a message, and it’s a message from me. This is similar to the idea of the Chroniclers, though.
  • A dream form, an alter-ego. We could have the form of the animals we pick in our dreams and LDs :smile:
  • A dream “pet” :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

What do you guys think?

Also, if this turns out to have a purpose, we should get the topic moved out of the Playground :smile:

I really like Rodrigo’s ideas. I was kind of thinking the same about the SD’s, too. :smile: And maybe with the SD’s we could help each other get lucid while in our clan forms? Of course I need to get more LD’s and be able to actually have control first. :tongue:

I like Rodrigo’s idea too. although getting SD may be difficult for those that haven’t had a lot of LD. But other than that it sounds good! :happy:

EDIT: I would love to have a dream animal :woo:

I picked my animal because of a previous SG, which, those who have read the first half of my DJ will know, was a giant talking penguin. He sounded like Frank Bruno…

Also, Ferret, Wolb was about 20 times cooler than you… But for him to only be 20 times cooler makes you really cool too.

I like the idea of having purpose, and if you want, I may get to work on a badge.

Welcome to the clan, SF!

Thanks for the support guys :smile:

Maybe we could make a big simple paragraph describing the clan and it’s aim. A meeting place would also be a good idea, maybe a forest?

“The Dream Grove”? Or maybe another name, whatever.

We just need to decide what will be our exact objective, get it crystal clear, then get more members, move the topic out of the Playground, and on to ask Q to make it official :smile:

Hey, everyone. I gave one of my friends the link to this topic, so she might join. :wink: We may have our 10th member soon! :yay:

And I was in photoshop and randomly made up this badge

Just an idea of course. I thought maybe some kind of animal-like eye would be kind of cool. I think it needs something, any suggestions? If you guys don’t like it, that’s fine. :tongue: I was just bored.

Okay, here is a lighter version. :smile: Is that better?

I’m not sure. Maybe we should add 5 more slots? We need more advertising, though.

IT is a good badge Karuni :smile:

But if the goal of this ‘clan’ is for experimentation in dreams then we can’t limit someone to certain animals they may not prefer just because someone else has it.

I’m personally against kitsunes as part of the clan but that i not the point, While it would be nice to only have one fox in the clan it is not a realistic goal do to the commonness of the fox. (And the many species of vulpes at that. )
Perhaps a clarification of what species of fox you are in the clan would appease both parties?

Whats the chance that 2 people would both want the standard red fox (vulpes vulpes) this early on :tongue:

Sorry for not chekcing (DOS games 0)0)

Anyways, the leaders idea is good. I don’t mind being ‘leader’.

“Slinking_Ferret, could be the leader of ferrets and other (non-dog non-cat) mammals.”

You could just make it Mustelidae family :wink: (weasel family) to simplify things.

I might have missed the post but what is our main goal again?

Or is it the various “Transformation goal” “Spirit guide form” “Study” thing.

I’m not 100% sure where this topic owuld go besides the playground. Beyond dreaming maybe if we made the spirit guide one a big aspect, just so many things it could be in there is no one good fit.

Anyways, you can always PM me if you have a question :smile:

Well we did have ideas. But it seems that so far there is little solid ideas among everyone.

What is left to do? Well we covered that. Transformation, symbol for a spirit guide (Though a real SG would pick his own form).

Unless something is found and declared upon (nobody said it had to be one thing) then it will and should stay in the playground.

I think we should collect 5-6 ideas here and then make a new topic where we can vote what the new point of the animal clan is to be. I say top two (or three depending on relevancy) should be out goal and purpose.

Just an idea.

…but then we would need even more leaders >_<

Sure why not :content:
(Sorry for voting over you and stuff)


“To become in contact with our inner animal trough lucid dreaming by meeting animal spirit guides, transformation, dream pets, etc and shearing our experiences”.

The choosing animal ting is just for having an a more specific and concentrated goal.
And for the leaders: I’m sure we can find something to use them for, too. :grin:

Yes, we could do that- :content:

Have to agree with you here :yes:
Not that I’m met mine…unless it was Maria, but I killed her… :eh:

Nope, we’re still alive and going, we just need to focus on WHAT TO DO.

I mean, let’s take the Chroniclers as an example: They (and I include myself) on LDing, achieving an SD and making others LD, ultimately meeting each other in a place called Sky Island. It’s a simple objective, so I think we have to get something before thinking about the whole “leader” stuff.

How about…
“The Animal Clan focuses on using animals, be it as inspiration or any other form, to help them in LDing and eventually SDing. At first, the objective of the Clan will be to, once in an LD, manage to transform into their animal of choice, and, if possible, create an animal DC to help them, as a guide, or simply as an LD-inducer, considering the member would try to recognize this animal as a DS. Future plans include organized groups inside the clan, with more specific objectives, but for starters the Clan will work on the animal forms and animal DCs.”

I suppose it’s good enough, and it pretty much focuses us on something. Suggestions? Opinions?

Okay, then that will be one of my primary goals for my LD’s. Transforming into an animal would’ve been of the first things anyway even if I wasn’t in this. :razz: This should motivate me more, too.

at last, we argree and an aim for lding

Well I forgot to do WBTB/WILD but I did have an animal related dream (Will post it at lunch hopefully).

Hopefully I will be able to do something better this weekend. :smile:

I was lucid three times last night, but i forgot to contact my SG , or anything related to Animal Clan… :ack:

Hey, everyone last night I had an LD! But I had little to no control (again) and forgot about the animal clan. :sad: The only animal thing was that these two people turned into dogs.

I’ll keep at it, though. Good luck to the others! ^^

I think I dreamt of you guys last night. There was a circle of people all wearing brown t-shirts with an animal on it drawn in white outlines. First the ones I saw all had winged unicorns, and then later I saw the winged unicorn guy together with all others who had all a different animal. He talked to someone that was the fox, I believe.

Hmmm this is nice :smile: Any wolves there?