another new technique part II

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‘During the round of press on the album, I Care Because You Do, much was made of Aphex’s use of lucid dreaming to compose music. I was confused at the time, cause I wasn’t quite sure what was meant by the term “lucid dreaming.” Is it actually dreaming or just daydreaming, I ask. “Well, both really. But what I meant was when you’re asleep, like making sounds in your head, and trying to work out songs. I used to do it. I don’t do it anymore. Like I had a dream on the bus the other day, and I had this tune in my head, and I couldn’t remember it when I woke up. It takes a lot of practice to remember it when you’re awake.” How do you train? “Well, for about a year. The training is to remember it basically. Because most of the time, I have a dream and know that I’ve dreamt up a wicked tune, or sound, or idea, and when I wake up all I can remember is the fact that it was really wicked, so that’s really irritating.” Most people can’t control their dreams, I tell him. “Yeah, I can change it. Not all the time. But most of the time – 75%. That’s why I love sleeping. For me, there’s different degrees of control. There’s ones that are like a movie, where you’re in the movie, and you can control yourself, and those are the best ones. And then there’s ones where you control everything, and that’s really boring, because nothing happens.”’

i think that was all he said about dreams in the interview, but here’s the full version/source:

It helps to use long selections of music. I use Chopin’s 2nd movement of his 1st piano concerto, it’s 13 minutes long. No monotony there.


I have no trouble falling asleep while listening to music… As a matter of fact I find it much harder to fall asleep when it is totally silent.

Hey I have a great song to use for this. It’s called “How To Remember Your Dreams” by King Missile. They are a band which is really just a poet reading his poems to backround music, but they’re better than it sounds.

Anyway, the song was written in the 80s while the songwriter was into lucid dreaming. So I think it would be easier to make the connection between the song and becoming lucid if the song itself is about dreaming.

hmm… “Drops of Jupiter” by Train would also be a great song… maybe ill switch :shrug: