i ve been trying for only 2 days to have an LD!when will i achieve it?? I cant wait having one!!!

I waited for one year, and still am… soooo…

Got first LD in 3 months, unexpected one (MILD)

one whole year??cm on,dont discourage me…somewhere i read that the first will occur between 1 week and 3 months…I felt really excited but now…

It varies. Some people have an LD on their first night of trying; for others, it can take several months or even longer. As for me, it took me around three or four weeks. Just stay positive, don’t get discouraged, and keep trying!

It depends on the person. Some succeed the first day, some need to wait weeks or moths (or years). It also depends on your motivation and effort. I would guess that averagely you get your first lucid dream in a week or two. After all, you need to get your dream recall and awareness up, and that takes a week at least I would guess.

so,the harder motivated i am,the least time i must wait?

It only took me like 2 or 3 weeks to have a WILD. I haven’t had too many lucid dreams since, but I’m trying. It takes perseverance!! :smile: just wait, it will come and when it does it will be/feel beautiful

I have been trying for almost 4 months and I haven’t achieved it yet. But I think my main problem is that I have been lazy with my DJ, sometimes it would go weeks between everytime I write down a dream - which is not good. I think that I got a bit too excited about the whole thing and as I failed a lot of times I got demotivated and took breaks from attempting it. I tried to do a lot WILD attempts, which I’ve heard now is not the easiest to do as a beginner.

I have gained new motivation for LD. My dream recall is pretty good atm and I’ve been good at doing RC’s lately and written down at least one dream per night - I only focus on one RC atm (looking at my hands). Will try to find dream signs and I’m going to use the method MILD.
I’m taking this journey slowly now and some day I will (hopefully soon!!!) get there.

I’ve been close two times though. Both of these times I just suddenly realized I was dreaming (not sure how). The first time it happened, it felt like I was sinking into my bed and I heard a creepy voice (demonish) which scared me for a second and I woke up.
The second time it was kinda the same, but I heard loud screaming instead… and then I woke up.
I guess I got too excited and “scared” at the same time. That’s also something that needs training: Stay calm.

Yes, since motivation creates a strong intention to have LD’s. Our subconscious only understands the “language of intention and expectation” and will gladly supply you with LD’s if you have the right focus of mind.

After nine days after learning about lucid dreaming and workin on dream recall I got my first real lucid dream. This was on the second day I had ever tried to induce. If you keep an open, non-gullible mind and if you know you can do it, then it’s easy as cake.

Oh and practice helps :smile:

i cant make it without a DJ?

I had my first lucid dream less than a week after I started a dream journal. I wasn’t doing reality checks or anything during the day. I just noticed that the dream made no sense.
I think it’s different for everyone.

Look at my joining date: that’s how long I’ve been waiting.

Theoretically, you can, but a DJ is a pretty awesome tool that 90% (maybe even more) of the LD’ers on this forum use. The reasons for this are simple: besides motivating you to have LD’s, it also makes you able to recall more dreams than you averagely do without a DJ. A good dream recall is crucial, since you don’t want to forget a LD you had (which is very easy to forget). Secondly, it is fun to have, especially when you look at it after a long time (a couple of years). It works as a dream archive. Otherwise, all those awesome dreams would be lost.

That’s a damn long time :eek: . Are you sure you put enough effort and/or practice the right techniques?

Damn… Have you tried a diet or/with some supplements to help your dream recall? That’s what I’m planning to do.

I began trying to have lucid dreams on September 27, 2009. On September 28, 2009 I had my first Lucid Dream. So yes, it varies very greatly for everyone. The key components that will affect your chances of having an LD I rate as follows:

Dream Journal: 40% - Absolutely necessary for hardcore lucid dreamers. If you don’t naturally have lucid dreams this tool is paramount. Not only does it allow you to review your dreams for patterns and improves your ability to recall dreams, but it also allows you to read through the wanderings of you mind from years and years passed. I have dreams from 2009 that are simply a joy to recall.

Technique: 15% - I would say that a good repertoire of techniques is only almost a fifth of the battle for having lucid dreams. While overloading on the techniques can sometimes produce consistent lucid dreams, I don’t find that power housing like this as a reliable means of having lucid dreams. One reason is that it puts an intense bearing on your lifestyle, and if you don’t have time (or just have a hard time remembering to do an RC every hour) this can assist, but generally can’t be counted on to fight the battles for you.

Motivation: 35% - “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, And latch on to the affirmative, Don’t mess with Mister In-Between.” While cliche like, this is undoubtedly true for lucid dreamers. Didn’t have an LD last night? Just wasn’t the time, you will tonight. You had one? HUZZAH! Been a while since last time? Meh, you’re due for a good one any day now. Keeping up a good attitude and motivation will influence everything as your subconscious takes cues based on what you think, ergo every thought you have will either help or hinder you so don’t get yourself down. No matter what!

Luck: 5% - Luck definitely plays a role in LDing. I found that sometimes after I’ve given up entirely (and there’s been a few these past few years) a week, day, or even later that night I’d have an unexpected LD or unbelievable DR and I’d leap back in. Sometimes I’d have pretty decent recall, but no LDs in sight. Then out of the blue, success!

Now I’m sure my little list above didn’t cover every aspect of a successful Lucid Dreamer, I know I covered some major points. There are many more and there are also exceptions to some of the above portions of the list. Techniques for example, the Tech Lucid Living can cause no strain on lifestyle, but is usually very difficult to get into the swing of it.

You can, however, make compromises between the aspects. You could DJ very diligently and only occasionally use techniques. You could not DJ at all, but use a very effective technique (like LL) and not need to record. I myself try to record as often as I can and keep my spirits up, but everyone has their down days. “Accentuate the positive…”

As for techniques, I’m currently focusing on one and only one: WILD. My ultimate goal is to practice this Tech until it is the only one I need. That means no WBTB and then WILD. I know it’s difficult, but I intend to learn / achieve WILD from start of sleep straight into a dream.

Well I hope that’s helpful. Sorry if it’s a little long winded… I like to write. :tongue:

I’ve been trying on and off these years. The initial enthusiasm soon wore off, and I discovered that I suck at realizing I’m dreaming, the thing on which everything LD is based. For many months at a time I just forgot about it.

I haven’t used any instruments or supplements, but I may in the future.

Being able to realise that you are dreaming isn’t necessary to have a LD. Have you tried WILD? Or maybe WBTB combined with MILD?. With these techniques you practically enter a dream already lucid, thus you don’t need to realise anything.