Any Suggestions for MILDer?

Hi everyone,

I am new to LD4all. For the past 3 weeks, I have attempted to LD by MILDing. What I usually do is go to sleep and set my alarm to wake me up 6 hours later. As I am falling asleep, I repeat a mantra to remember my dream when I wake up. When I wake up, I write down my dream in my DJ and tell myself that I will realize that i am dreaming as I fall back asleep. However, my dream recall fluctuates; sometimes I have incredibly vivid dreams that I remember fully and sometimes I cant remember anything. Also, I have been unsuccessful in doing an RC in my dream. Do you guys have any tips to help me out?


It helps including DR-related mantras in the practice, like “I will remember my dreams when I wake up”. Plus, you should try “seeing” yourself doing said actions, like doing a RC and becoming lucid, so to get used to the idea, and implant better the suggestion in the back of your head.

Good luck :smile:

DR will fluctuate some, so try not to get frustrated. Just make sure to copy down every thing you can possiby remember and you will begin to notice more and mroe vivid dreams. As far the RC’s go you have to stick with it IRL. The trick to making sure you doubt reality more in a dream is to start doubting reality more in waking life. Try to notice any and every detai; you can, and when you do RC’s make sure you really ask yourself “am I awake or dreaming” with every RC. You could also start using a MILD mantra to the effect of “In a few minutes I will be dreaming, and in that dream I will do an RC.”

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thanks guys! I have been trying to question reality every time I do an RC. Hopefully, I will be able to LD soon :smile:

Give it time and stick to it, and the LD’s will come. It may take a while, but believe me it’s worth it. It took me about 4 years to understand how it works for me, and now I’m reaping the rewards. You see my LD count (currently 78 )? 63 of those are from this year alone. Most people get it a bit faster than I did, but once you get it, you get it. Stick to it my friend. No matter how long it takes it is worth it!

I have a further question on MILD and mantras.

I think I’m putting way too much information in my mantra, since I’m including:

1 - I will dream
2 - I will realize I am dreaming.
3 - I will do a RC.
4 - I will wake up remembering what I dreamt.

I generally include either 2 or 3, since I don’t know which one to stick to. Any suggestions? I know 1 is kind of obvious, but I use it to prepare my mind to what is coming (ie, a dream :razz: )

The best short one I’ve tried is definitely “I’m dreaming”.
It can’t really be beaten in simplicity and straightforwardness.

You should listen to thoose smart advices :smile:
People here are really nice.

I’ve used ‘I’m dreaming’ as well, it really helped me to at least set my mind to dreaming (and inherently remembering it as you always dream but remembering is the biggest challenge at first).

Ok, that sentence is pretty messed up and shaky, but I agree with tosxyChor that “I’m Dreaming” is a very powerful one.

Ok. I will try that mantra out tonight. My dream recall has reached a point where I can remember at least 1 dream a night. Sometimes I remember more, but they are broken up into clips of the dream, not the entire dream.

new member too :razz:<<
before i knew what lucid dreams were i could always (if i wanted to), go to bed knowing that ill have a good dream and i would , i would also wake up remembering segments of the dream. my question is while keeping a DJ should you record as much of the dream as possible or just give it a title and know that you could remember it. also as every one knows dreams can be extremely ludicrous. strange things in dreams don’t make me LD, is there any way to train yourself to notice how strange dream things are , either a method of enforcing RC 's or something else entirely
i need the help
thanks :smile:

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It is advised to write down every detail of the dream you can remember, especially at the beginning, so to cement the habit when you wake up to remember as much as possible. Dreams are very large and long (they span several hours in the night!), so for most there’s always more to remember that what you wrote down, and if you want to remember your LD’s, you should be keeping as many dreams as possible on watch :smile: In general, I recommend following the advice in this guide for beginners.

As for the dream craziness, I’ve noticed that the chances to recognize something strange are deeply tied to how aware you are, meaning, how you are simply aware of the circumstances, instead of caught in your trails of thought; simply conscious of what’s happening around you, without further thought processing.
A good way to get in this state during dreams would be practicing it by daytime, as in practicing simple consciousness, or LL as we call it; it also helps a lot to relax and meditate, or just clear your mind, just before going to bed.

Good luk with your Quest :wink:

Do a lot of RC’s during the day (tied to LL, I know,) so as to get in the habit. This way, you’ll “automatically” do them in your dreams…

been adding WBTB to my routine and seeing if that improves my ld ability.

Story of my life. Also, are you Persian?

YES! I finally had my first lucid dream last night! It was an incredible experience. Thank you everyone for your tips! Cheers to a long life of lucid dreaming :smile:

It was a pleasure :content: Congratulations for your first LD! May many more follow :colgate: