Anyone ever gone Super Say-jin for those who know wat i mean

i think that would be cool

i do dragon ball z stuff all the time in my normal dreams its crazy

but have you ever gone ssj if so how does it feel?

I am a Dragon Ball fans. I do all sort of DBZ fighting not only in LD but also in NLD. I did not really get to ssj state but I did try to power up with all the power surrounding me in one of my LD. I didn’t felt anything special, just felt some heat and wind surrounding me.(Maybe because that’s what I think it would feel) :smile: In the LD I try to fly very fast, but I can’t. I tried so many times but the max speed I can get is only about 80km/h (I know cuz I drive) :content: . I wish to get to DBZ speed, any help would be please.

It’s all in your head. If you want to feel something other then heat and wind, then convince yourself that it would feel like what you want it too. As for flying, again its all in your head. If that doesn’t help, try doing a “powerup” first, maybe it will helf you fly faster. Also put that energy thing around you and tell yourself it will make you go as fast as you want. If all that doesn’t work and you really want this, just keep trying. And no, I have never done any of this stuff yet but I do know what it is.

I did turn SSJ in a normal dream once, it felt pretty awesome, hard to explain really…it has to be experianced, i guess because i thought it would feel pretty good, it was.

cant wait to ry it out my self

I never liked dbz and i never will but i quese it could be fun to go wild on things. :smile:

since we’re on cartoon’s…Id like to do the spider man thing of shooting web from my hand…hehe like on the movie…then climb some buildings.

that would be cool so would spider sense

Yes, that’s cool indeed. I once fired rays from my hands and blasted some boars. :smile:) :mrgreen:

Hmmmm. I noticed alot of posts on this topic are people who are only dreamwalkers. I don’t know their status now but I 'm not sure what that has to do with any thing :shy: . I don’t go Super Saiyen(because I’m not a saiyen, I’m a Gycinomorph) But I do power up …but it’s not like DBZ…more realistic

I managed to have the spider man abilites in a dream recently, it is incredibly fun, almost more so than flying because you have even more feeling of danger (you are constantly falling when you are spider man…). I didn’t think it would be possible to go ssj, I would expect it to take AT LEAST 5 lucid dreams, heh heh. :wink:

I really recommend learning to simulate DBZ properly… It’s awesome… While spider webbing can be fun it couldn’t possible beat the feeling of moving your hand through a concrete wall and it feeling a little like moving it through toilet paper.

Going ssj is great for just dishing out damage in an LD, is a, what I call, mimick technique.

To fly very fast you have to realise the fact that you cannot take in all the suroundings… they have to pass in a blur.

Hmmm…while we are on the topic of spider-man abilities, I would like to note I have them whenever I am Zaerus. They aren’t spider-man’s abilities, it’s just that Gycinomorphs are born with the traits. Whenver I am a human in my dreams, I sometimes still have them (spider-man’s this time, not Zaerus’) I am usually at my school at my neighberhood when this happens. I also like to go to skysrcapers at night and go inside and do all kind of shcool stuff. I don’t think Peter Parker could shoot webs from his wrists without the devices in the comic, so I can’t do that in my LD :happy:

Luckily, I was more innudated with media from the recent movie than I ever was with the comics, so I have it subconcoiusly ingrained “spider man does not need devices”.

Okay, so do YOU have said powers?

I was implying that once, yes, I was able to act out spiderman powers as was acted in the movie, not in the comic books.

wow going super sayian in a lucid dream would be just plain awsome!!!

I dont think it would make much of a difference, since everyone already has as much power as they will ever have in a LD. The only thing that I think would happen would happen is you would get a confidence boost, so for example if you tried throwing a car and you couldnt, after going SS you probably could. And maybe you would look different, but how can you tell? (because mirrors tend to give distorted images) Also we are not saiyans, lol, so it would be just plain old super human powers.
BTW is it spelled saiyan, sayian, or say-jin?