Anyone ever hear a new song in their dreams?

Has anyone heared a new song in their dreams, i.e one that isn’t a real life one? About a weak ago I had a dream where I heard this song in it. I can’t remember much about it except it was kind of slow and melancholy and was sort of like brit rock. Also theres only one lyric I remember and it was something weird like “the lie it makes you dirty” :confused: However I liked the song and am trying to remember it. Has anyone had a similar experince and maybe wrote the song down?

That is one of the things I like most about dreams! I wish we could be that creative in the waking state. Have you ever tried singing and creating music in a lucid dream? The music can be so great! It is possible to get new music from for example turning on the radio too, and the music usually sounds better than in real life.

Welcome, btw! :cool:

I don’t think the music has been that great during any NDs so far… (anybody remember “Gonna get a monkey from the gumball machine!”? :content: ) In one of my LDs, however, I had this REALLY loud rock song that sounded sooooooooo good. :thumbs:

Lets see… I had a dream… about dream music no less:

Also, once in a dream I was walking through this huge museum/theme park, and they had this sad chanting music in the background. It was really great.

Didn’t Paul McCartney dream up Yesterday like that?

I have never had a new song played in my dreams ever but i have had songs of certain bands like The Cranberries,Green Day.

I mostly hear New Age music in my dreams cause that is what I play while falling asleep.

  1. It is very relaxing.

2.It helps me become lucid sometimes cause I remember playing it, before I go to sleep, and if I hear it in a different location then my bedroom I always end up doing a RC and become Lucid

Yup :smile:

I’ve tried to seek new songs in my dreams before, usually by finding musicians and asking them for ideas…but they always run away :eh:

Interestingly enough I come up with most of my musical ideas when I’m falling alseep rather than when I’m dreaming. The part of sleep where you experience HI ans sounds a feelings, that’s when the good stuff hits me.

I had an LD with a cool song in. There were only a handful of words, but the tune and the way it was sung was cool. Twas very metal :wink:.

Well, as I am a songwriter I come up with new songs quite often in my dreams! I can never seem to remember them, though. I came very close a couple of nights ago and even managed to remember a couple of lines of melody when I first woke… but something distracted me and I lost it again. I remember the lyrics were about a girl in the dream called Laura, and it started off with “Laura, Laura!”

I studied composition of music for 3 years. During this time, when i was developing ideas for a new piece, i had a dream in which i was on stage with an orchestra behind me - and we were performing a piece written by me.

It was a clarinet concerto and i was the soloist (i’m a clarinetist IRL) - and the orchestra followed my every move and backed me up. It sounded extraordinarily beautiful, exactly like something i would really have wanted it to sound. It was an amazing experience.

Unfortunately, there were a little too much notes to remember :wink:


‘Dew ti dew deewww… got me on my knees laura…’

Oh wait, that’s ‘Layla’. dammit! :wink:[/size]

I’ve heard new music in my dreams before too. But I’m musically challenged so I could never put it together irl even if I tried.

I’d like to hear enough songs in my dreams so i could come up with an album soon;

I had one occasion where I heard a new song. It was instrumental, no lyrics. I was standing in the middle of a field and heard this song emanating from the ground all around me. I can still remember how some of the music went, but most of it is now lost.

I once had a dream where Eric Idle sang a pretty funny song I’ve never heard IRL.
I woke up laughing but I forgot most of the words and I only remember a small part of the melody.

I’d like to make music with DCs but I’m always alone in my LDs

The one dream song that I remember with lyrics made pretty much no sense, but it did sound cool. I remember it saying something about “you took my heart and melted,” and mentioning a girl with long hair or something. I forgot the tune though, and that was the best part.

One of my goals when I get better at LDing is to go up to random DCs and say things like “Sing me a song,” and see what they sing.

That sounds like a very interesting idea! Mind if i borrow it?

Being a music composer, I have a vested interest in hearing music in my dreams (both normal and lucid). Just last night I was in a LD and I walked up to a grand piano and started mashing keys at random…and the most beautiful music ever was the result. I woke up, but fell straight back to sleep and forgot the tune. It’s always like that! :cry: I can remember all sorts of weird details in my dreams, but never melodies! :grrr:

Maybe I need to get a tape recorder and a synth next to my bed, since my studio is all the way across the hall…

Hey, maybe I should try the idea about asking a DC to sing a song to me, too.

I’d love to hear about what you get if you try it. :smile:
My first idea was to ask, “Tell me a story,” but it’s evolved into all kinds of other things I’m hoping to try out.

I heard a really cool song two days in ago in a ND and as i lay in bed i hummed it. but then my mother called me and told me to hurry and get dressed and during the excitment of getting ready forgot the words and melody :sad: