Anyone use earplugs for WILD or MILD

does it help???

If you live in a noisy area earplugs may be a requirement to shut yourself out from the hindering distractions, but they are by no means necessary.

It’s really your call, but if you’re having trouble relaxing do to noise, they would definitely help you meet your WILD goals more easily.

As for MILD, I’m not really sure. MILD is just like going to sleep regularly only with the added intent to remember you are dreaming and to realize you are dreaming. Granted, it is most effective after sleeping for a few hours and then waking up and going back to sleep, (a combination of WBTB and MILD is extremely effective) so if you have trouble falling back to sleep, again, due to noise, I suppose you could benefit from using earplugs, but remember it’s what you think will work best for you.

Where I live there are noisy drunks and inconsiderate c***s about all night, so ear plugs are essential to block out these distractions, but I would rather be able to do it without, because of the way earplugs make you hear you blood flow and tinitus, but at least they’re constant, not unexpected and distracting.

earplugs for MILD ?? why ?
for WILD , earplugs definitely make sense :yes: (its not THAT noisy here , but nevertheless , that could help …)

I use ear plugs almost every night, and it is practically impossible for me to wild or do wbtb without them. A noise at the right moment can reset the whole process of falling asleep again. It is probably something one has to get used to, i am quite addicted to them.

I have never liked earplugs but ill try them and see if they do anyting to lucid dreaming. Though I would imagine that they would be good for WILD because they would block out noise and probably help you concentrate and relax which are very beneficial to WILD.
The Luciddator

I don’t use earplugs but I do have marshmallow headphones and I use them 'cus they block out outside noise and let me hear my music, which usually makes it easier for me to visualise things which would be useful for a MILD I suppose.