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AHH!! awesome. if only it wouldve lasted longer.

I’ve never had an OBE but applying my experience with normal LDs I would say that the only reason you can’t get out of your room is because you believe that you can’t get out of your room. Know that you can move quickly and you will be able to move quickly.

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out of interest how do you get back into your body , if this ever happens to me I’d like to know that lol , would be very scary to not be able to get back to your body…

Do you actually have to phycally move in the roll over technique to get out of your body. Or do you just imagine that you are moving out of your body when you are in a sleep paralysis state. :help:

Please if you know from experience can you “PM” me.

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Hello this is Nikos from Germany, I am natively greek :smile:
First I have to tell you that this is the first time I post into this forum. Just today I discovered ld4all.com while having many lucid dreams and out of body experiences before. I never thought that lucid dreaming can be taught, I just have those dreams at least once a month. So now to my topic about out of body experiences. I remember having an OOBE once and it was very intense. First thing to do in a lucid dream is to fall asleep in the dream and notice that you have fallen asleep in the dream. Now it is possible to do this several times, after you have done this at least 3 times you will notice your “spirit” taking off your body and you can direct her where to go. These OOBEs are very intense and often much more stunning than normal lucid dreams. Once you are tired of the OOBE I noticed that you get back to the different stages of dreaming (where you fell asleep inside the dream). Sometimes you stay some time in the former stage of dreaming and fall back later to the lucid dream. I even remember myself seeing the bed in the dream where I fell asleep. And seeing myself through the “spirit” when getting back to the real life. Normally you can be quite sure that you are in a OOBE when you feel yourself missing your body and flying quickly out of it, most scary thing is getting back to your body, because it’s so unnormal.

In god we trust,
and have fun with your dreams.

Nikolaos :smile:

Roll out technique…

My memories a bit fresher as I just had a bunch of OBE’s last night. It’s wierd, because I seem to be able to produce them in bunches…and then not at all for days, or even weeks, and then bunchs. Last night it was one after another.

I almost always use the roll out simply because it works for me. It can be a bit disorienting at times. Sometimes it’s easy and I just find myself standing beside the bed, which is good. Sometimes I find myself lying on the floor, which makes me wonder if i’m actually having an OBE or if i’ve just tossed myself out of bed :wink:

So far I’ve never really physcially fallen out of bed, but I could see it happening, so be careful! Lol!

If I feel that I’m in the right state, awake, but my body is asleep…really really hard to explain. You get to know it better after you’ve experienced it a few times, so the first time will always be the hardest. Anyways, if I feel the right state, I try lifting an arm ever so slightly. If it’s your physcial arm, you’ll probably know. If it’s your OBE arm, you can actually feel the seperation, and again, I can’t explain it exactly.

Think of it as being a cake stuck in a pan. Your body’s the pan and you’re the cake. You can feel the split. I think that’s about the wierdest analogy I’ve ever used, but the best I can think of.

If I can move my OBE arm, then I’ll try rolling over onto my side. The separation should be even more noticable. If this feels right, I roll out of bed, or sit up, which is really wierd because it leaves you half in your body. Then I simply get out of bed.

At this point I do a ‘reality check’. A simple one is to look back at your bed. If you’re in there, your Out of Body! :smile:

In the last few years I’ve started having sleep paralysis events. About a little more than a year ago, I had a sleep paralysis moment where after I realized I was paralyzed I did something different from trying to break the paralysis and just gave up and decided to go back to sleep. Then as that happened I had the feeling that i was sinking into my bed. Then after that (still not being able to move at all) I saw myself rising toward the ceiling fast. I freaked out and woke up feeling disorientated and with a portion of my head feeling numb.
Edit: That was my first/only OBE.

I just listened to this guy talking about his book on OBE’s, he says he’s been having them for about 35 years now. It was very interesting what he said, and i would like to give it a go. He said it is possible to induce an OBE during an LD, however he didn’t give the technique, he said the technique was in his book which i don’t feel like purchasing anytime soon.

So does anyone have a solid technique for inducing an OBE through an LD?

So far we have:

  1. Use WILD to enter SP, then mentally struggle to climb out of body
  2. From an LD summon a portal, specify it will connect you to Real World, then go through it
  3. from an LD fly straight up as high as possible, apparently at some point you shift to OBE/AP
  4. From an LD find a mirror, step through it.

Are there any other techniques or is that it?

Thanks for the help. Ive tried personal suggestions: “Clarity now”, “I can see”, etc. But I guess ever since the first few experiences my subconscious thinks I should just inherently have trouble getting around. Like u said. Its me I know. Just looking for tricks I guess. Its frustrating

I heard that you just need to focus on your body and usually you will find yourself in your room out of your body. Theres one thing to keep in mind oobe do not take place on this world. So the one tech. about connecting yourself with earth won’t work although it may be a cool ld.

I stopped trying to induce OOBE’s because a lot of people say that you’ll hear strange sounds and things like that when you’re trying to get into SP, is that true? :confused: I’didn’t like that idea and that’s why I stopped trying.

yes, i never had a OBE but sometimes when i try WILD i also hear a buzzing sound but im not in SP when i hear the buz…

and did anyone try anything to find out if obe’s are real like ask someone to write a number on a paper put it on your desk and not look at it and then when you get an obe look at the number.
if its the right numer you realy can step out of your body if its not its just all happening in ur mind :smile:
i dont know if there is a reseach going on to OBE i couldnt find anything… maybe this would be a good idia to reseach if OBE’s are real.
i got this idia from the dutch ld4all forum :wink:

Ithink accidently in school I had an OOBE cause some dudes were laughing saying is she asleep and i looked at em but i was in the air im like WHAT THE **** and then i was in my body so was that an OOBE or somthing else and i want to try one again so can someone tell me like how to get back into your body okay thank you

I like APing, but I prefer LDing here are three reasons why…
1… Sometimes it feels like blood is rushing to my head, and Im afraid ill pop a blood vessal. If you have ever expiranced this let me know, and tell me why this happens

2… I cant get any lights while projecting, and its scarry in the dark

3… Its hard to move my astral body, and some times its hard to open my eyes. I cant seem to speak, Ive tried telepathy, but it dosnt work.

If anyone can help me enjoy APing better, please help. My theory on my head feeling like its about to explode may be due to very high vibrations in my Astral body, but I really need to know if im in danger of my physcial body poping a blood vessal. Its hard to tell where the sensation is coming from, or if I should be worried.

You are in no physical danger.

Your fear is what causes all those sensations that feel so real. I have had lots of experience with AP. I first started to AP 7 years ago and have gone through fear such as that. Try to be as cler as possible durring the day. Resist to day dream, but always be clear, focus on one thing at a time. When you get get good at Not day dreaming, then your state of awarness durring the day will carry over to your state of awarness in the astral and while APing. The more you observe yourself, you might see that you do have some fear thoughts durring the waking day. eliminate that fear with awarness and you will se that the fear that comes u durring APin, will also be decreased.

My first “attempt” at Ld’ing i ended up haveing either an OBE, Or an AP… im not sure… But i felt like my soul was ripping threw my physical body… i was scared

When i come to the point when i think i’m about to enter an astral projection consciously, i have always started to go nuts about “bad colours” or “spirits” in my room. I guess this fear can express itself in different ways, like you, a fear of hurting your body. Maybe we just get very extra sensitive in this state of mind? I’ve practised during the days to imagine and try to feel the spirits and bad colours, and telling them that i’m not afraid of them. It sounds really schizophrenic, but i think it’s a good way to scare away your “ghosts”. Fear is just an obstacle :smile: Blood vessel things, they happen suddenly and without warning, i think, and not because blood is rushing to the head… it probably rushes a lot more when you just sit up or do sports, or are stressed, normal things.

The blood vessels you say that are rushing to your head is most likley just pressure that occurs if you are really trying to AP, because the third eye is being activated or the pineal gland which is acually the physcial third eye. It can cause pain when concentrating on AP or Meditation too strongly. It also can be just a natural part of AP. Ive learned that if you dont focus on it too much it goes away.

you will feel a lot of energy when doing AP becuase your souls chakra, and your bodies chakra, systems colide, since there usually connected. Theory of mine, but at any rate you definity feel your chakra when doing AP.

A week ago, while browsing a forum, i read a post, saying that if you have an LD and jump down from high altitude, you would automatically have an OOBE. The reason would be, that the astral body doesn’t know, if the fall was real or not, so when you hit the ground, the astral body would leave the physical body, thinking the physical body has died.

Well this morning i had an LD, and i was in my school, on the 4th floor. I was just exploring around, when i remembered the technique. I had never had an OOBE before, so i was pretty curious to try it out. At first i had second thoughts, because i had crazy thoughts like “what if this isn’t really a dream” and so on. So i did a few reality checks and everything was OK. I went to the nearest window and jumped through the glass, didn’t take long until i hit the ground.
Next thing i remember, was that i felt like i was hovering. I wasn’t in my body, and it wasn’t a dream. I opened my eyes and i could see my bed, my pillow and blanket. So i guess i was having an OOBE near my physical body. I know it wasn’t sleep paralization, because i’ve had those a lot, and they don’t feel nice. OOBE was really enjoyable, the feeling of being really, really light was awesome.
It didn’t last for long tough. The next thing i know i was in a lucid nightmare, in a dark, dark place, but i still managed to explore around, and it was pretty fun in the end.

If anyone wants to try this out, go ahead, but i’m warning you, that you might also end up in a lucid nightmare. And there’s no point in wasting a good lucid dream by just jumping out of the window, but if you want an OOBE quick and easy, that’s the way to get it i guess. Atleast it worked for me.