Are you sexlf-concious?

Quick note:

Many people ignores that the substance of “what dreams are made of” is sexual energy.

Shamans, mystics, spiritualists, etc… aim to transform or transmute that energy and use it for spiritual purposes. This is beyond lucid dreaming, but for lucid purposes I will say this:

Any self-conscious thought (repression, guilt, etc) about sex blocks the natural flow of sexual energy in the body, making dreaming harder and people more obssesive about things… including sex (that energy tends to go to other chakras).

So… cheap solution (aren’t all solutions cheap once you know the problem?):


I know… obviously you think you accept sex already. Who doesn’t? But the question is… do you accept sex totally?

That will release more energy for dreaming and creative purposes in general.

Good luck with that![/center]

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Can you give more info on your theories of sexual energy? I’d love to hear more. :smile:

No theories there… I don’t think I need to say that sex is one of the greatest drives in life and one of the most powerful energies available for men and women.

Life gets created with that energy.

Conditionings, obsessions and vices curtail this energy tremendously… weakening us.

If we end this waste of life-force, this energy becomes available for other purposes… mainly general well being.

That’s the shaman’s approach in a nutshell: save your energy.

What’s the greatest waste of energy? No… not the sex act: self-importance, living defending our self-image constantly.

Egotism, self-importance… a force created basically out of our own self-pity.

Eastern Spiritual Schools say many times that to achieve spirituality one has to give up sensual pleasures. People take this literally refering to sex, but it’s not just that.

All people greatly enjoys things such as:

Other’s people attention (positive and sometimes negative)
Material power (money, influence, fame, etc)
Bodily pleasures (eating, pleasant, aromas, etc)
Sentimental pleasures (feelings and emotions)
Mental pleasures (reading, learning, etc)
Achieving goals, etc.

All these DESIRES are feed with the same energy and we have a limited amount, so a pragmatical individual should focus on less things at one time.

These are both nagual concepts (mexican shamanism) and of general spirituality to consider carefully by those wanting to have a happy life.

Good luck with that!

Eh, sex can only take you so far creatively. I think it’s more… you need to have Creativity to take you far with sex. : 3

In fact, I often find sex to be a distraction in lucid dreams… and sex can be a distraction to a lot of things since it’s such a primal drive.

Thanks for all of that, Grand Speculator! I agree with most of the things you said, and practice conserving my energy as well. But I think the sexual energy you are talking about is prana. I personally don’t think prana is a sexual energy in itself, it is the basic energy from which all life comes forth.

Great thread, let’s get some more opinions and experience in here!

I’m not saying “jump into an orgy” or “let yourself be possesed by sexual desire”, etc…

I’m just saying that repression is a waste of energy, keeps you less than lucid and whatever you don’t accept or repress only becomes greater in your mind.

So… accept sex, let it be and relax.

Well… it’s all life-force/prana, just different manifestation.

My point is that the greater energy loss comes from self-importance. Spiritualists tend to put too much enphasis in sexual continence and/or celibacy.

I disagree, well partially I guess; but maybe I misinterpret what you say. I don’t think you have to do anything with sexual energy to achieve what you describe. I think its more about adopting that mindset in life in general, including sexual energy. If you are in the state of mind where you panic and worry about being dirty, or wrong, it takes over your thoughts. I find it far more effective to understand why things are considered that way, sexual energy is a powerful drive, it’s true. It can also be immensely destructive should it become central in your psyche. Well that’s really more of a personal opinion, but not one I just ‘thought up.’ It amounts to not thrashing yourself around the head because you had a ‘dirty’ thought. Its how you act surrounding those thoughts that matters. So long as you don’t harm others, it would be a shame to try and punish yourself. Since ultimately if you harm nobody else, the only one you can harm is yourself. Punishing yourself for harming yourself, is a weird idea to me.

I think essentially, it relates to accepting and understanding what we are, we are sexual creatures, we reproduce sexually. That is not all we are, we are more than that in my opinion. You can’t hold that opinion though to the exclusion of acceptance, it is destructive, again something of a personal opinion built from my experiences. Not accepting causes a rift inside yourself, and a persistent feeling of guilt and failure, which won’t really achieve much but make you feel bad. If you really want rid of such thoughts, thinking, “ok, I had this thought, but it’s not me, not who I want to be, so I let it go” will be more effective than, “I had this thought, I’m a sick individual, dirty and horrible…” since the latter charges the thought with emotion, despite it being negative emotion, it makes it more important to you emotionally. It makes it return quicker, the stronger the response and starts a vicious cycle that can ultimately debilitate you as you start to ‘fight’ yourself.

I don’t agree that dreams are made of sexual energy, I’ve had way too many that were powerful, deeply moving, yet entirely unrelated to sex in any way. That couldn’t be true if the driving force behind them was sexual energy. I guess I agree that repression is not really very helpful, if you repress something, you haven’t truly dealt with it, it is only helpful when you need to delay dealing with it for any myriad of reasons that make it potentially destructive to broach right now.

This short posts I make are about aids towards lucid dreaming and spiritual sidenotes about the source of these tips.

Many people here gets distracted with sexual thoughts and dreams. That’s sexual repression or ignored desires. You don’t dream constantly about sex if you are ok in that area.

Not everyone wants to be spiritual. Most people just want dreaming trips!

As for sexual energy, it’s not only related to sexual acts, but to life in general.

It’s life-force in it’s most vibrant form… to put it in some way. Handling that energy is one of the axis of any spiritual path… but that’s beyond the topic at hand.

At any rate… it’s a complicated affair. This was just a lucid tip around sex.

This is entirely true, and I disagree with the opening post.
I don’t involve myself with sex at all.
It’s not something I care about. Never has been, and I daresay never will be.
My dreams have always been mostly innocent, leaving out things like much violence or blood, and this includes leaving out sex.

And my dreams are great without it. And very rarely does something even remotely sexual ever crop up. It just doesn’t happen. This is probably due to my attitude about it in real life.

I can agree with this, and it’s part of what makes a grey area on if we are saying the same thing or not, I don’t think we are exactly. What you describe sounds like what I believe to be the functioning of repression in general. What I’m saying is, it’s not limited to sex, violence is another element which may be treated in the same way, with what I expect would be similar effects. When you are at peace with something, be it sex, violence, even your own perception of yourself. It won’t appear in your dreams, conciousness or thoughts very much. Your mind is calmer and more free to do other things. My ideas would be like you describe, with only a minor difference, the ‘energy’ isn’t sexual, that is only one slant on that ‘energy’. A sub-type if you will.

I agree, but you can’t talk about ‘sexual energy’ very easily without getting into a spiritual topic unless you’re using it as a euphemism for chemical sexual drive. I’m trying to communicate using terms which match yours. Its also worth noting lucid dreaming appears to react very strongly to our expectations. Our expectations are very often formed as part of our beliefs or from them.

It can be put in more scientific terms too, using psychological arguments. It’s well known our minds operate badly with negatives, “Don’t think of a pink elephant” illustrates this. “Don’t think about sex/violence/other subject distasteful to you” will have the opposite effect. Then when you do, one reaction is to begin to expect punishment or retribution, you want lucid dreams, so your punishment is not to have them. Brought on by a perception that you don’t deserve them. This would not be present if you found peace with your sexual side. Likewise maybe it just becomes something you think more about, which will cause disruption anyway, because it’s something displeasing to you in this mindset.

Sexual thoughts are something primal and built-in to us, so yeah, if you seek to be spiritual ‘sexual energies’ (In the biological sense) will have to be handled. The level of importance they hold on you, is optional though in my opinion. I don’t believe our nature is purely sexual, and I’m unsure if it is even partially; when operating on a spiritual level.

[quote="Grand Speculator"] This short posts I make are about aids towards lucid dreaming and spiritual sidenotes about the source of these tips. [/quote]

The thing is, to you they are aids towards lucid dreaming and I can understand your willingness to share them. It’s great that you want to help the community. The problem is, they are only tips for somebody who is operating on the same spiritual basis as you are. Others have to accept the elements of your beliefs to be able to integrate them.

While that sounds plausible, it obviously doesn’t apply to everyone (then again, not much does), because I seem to violate it. I can’t say I’m “at peace” with things like sex and intense violence because I think people focus way too much on them and I dislike the subjects themselves (although I AM at peace with, say, my own thoughts surrounding those areas). However, they don’t often, if at all, appear in my dreams. I usually am always going on about how I am glad they don’t and how much I would hate if they did, which you’d think would make them crop up more often, but they don’t.

I couldn’t agree more here.

Belief and disbelief are conceptual propositions.

Mine are experimental propositions not to agree or disagree but to try and see.

For some, this won’t do anything. For others, this will do marvels. My pointers are for those willing to try out and see. Hopefully, this will help some to grow a little.

In short: Don’t believe me. Don’t agree with me. See for yourself.

As for expectations I suggested from day one suspending judgement as a way of dislodging the analitical mind and allowing oneself to flow into lucid dreaming.

I think you’re a bit of missing the point here. It doesn’t matter whether sex is what dreams are made of or not -

The point is, whether you accept your own thoughts and actions. Since when you despise yourself, your dreams will often get worse and nightmarish. That’s what I’ve seen, in my own dreams and [a few] others.

It sounds to me like your position on them would require a stimulus for them to appear, if you saw something perhaps not centred around sex or violence, but featuring it, it would likely become central in your interpretation of it, whereas were you at peace with the action, it wouldn’t. Some things could be seen as, if not be, unhealthy to be at peace with though I guess.

This seems an outline of scientific method, this has proven itself a very useful tool to unlock a great many discoveries. I tend to believe that it may not be so effective in the realm of dreaming. Simply because of the lack of objectivity, you can no longer be the impartial observer science assumes there is. Your dreams and feelings affect you, and you affect your dreams and feelings. So in evaluation of the accuracy of an idea or belief, it falls apart and your entire understanding can become confused with placebo.

I agree completely, and this was what I took to be the ‘tip’ offered here.

how do you accept sex ?
i went to an ashram and was not sexual with my - self (for about six days ) , and this created tremednous incessant desires around any and all women, and it was very very hard to deal with ,
to accept sex is to act on the impulse, the desire, the drive, and reach out and take, and give, with an “other” and the only outlet for that is a relationship,

self denial,
or perversion, “casual” encounters,

its just plain terrifying to even hold a girls hand for the first time…

i found that to carry a moderate idea of chastity in my mind i had to deplete the excess energy , its much nicer to be in a relationship when you desire sex than to try to be in an atmosphere where it is shunned.

and by desire i mean a heart chakra, solar plexus, soul loving, fusion, that is simply fueled by that energy, as an act of unity, as two lovers joining together in cosmic unity

yeah i don’t have much to add to this except to say the only dream i can remember about sex (a month or so back) was actually much more deep and emotional than primal or the way i hear it being described. The sex itself seemed to just be an excuse for a dream about love.


i dream about sex probably every day in some way or another because i am deeply in love with love , romantic, physical, touch, hug, cuddling, this intimacy is beautiful

the theme of today was , she was afraid of her father, and so i said, well, go talk to him first, we won’t progress until this is resolved,
a good lucid reasoning on my part, and then i talked to him, he had some sort of relics, it was interesting because i was in a different time than now,

Sexual desire is natural, but it differs from lust. You said you were not sexual in any way for six days, can you explain more in that area? Does that mean you did not orgasm for six days, or did you try to suppress sexual desire?

When you look deep inside yourself, to see the roots of your desire (Talking more about lust in this area), you find an inner peace within yourself, you can observe your desire and understand it, and from that understanding comes acceptance. You do not suppress it, but allow it to flow through you, being aware of it’s presence at all times. Instead of it being an unconscious thing, where you feel desire immediately without knowing why, you know exactly from where it comes, and it becomes a part of you instead of separate.

A couple days ago, I did some very deep meditations, because my lust was getting out of hand. I could hardly look at a woman without thinking of and desiring sex. This tormented my inner psych, because I felt I could no longer see the true person behind my blind lust.

One night my lust was driving me crazy, and instead of being tormented by it, I sat in lotus posture and fiercely observed my mind. I watched the images in my head, and watched them without thought. The images twisted and morphed, bringing up various emotions and fears. I suddenly put the question silently but forcefully “Why? Why do I feel this? Where does this come from?”

The images stopped with their sexual nature, and my mind went silent. I went back into my past, way back, all the way to middle school. I was teased a lot during this period, and because of this, I was constantly looking for positive emotion, and I took refuge in the idea of love.I kind of became hooked on the idea of a strong bond between two people. I fantasized all the time about falling in love with a woman, and being together always. It was around this time I started to watch pornography frequently as well.

Over time, my idea of love mixed with sex. Since everyone always said “When two people love each other veerrrryyy much…” So whenever I thought of love, I also thought of sex. Since I was addicted to love, I slowly started to become addicted to sex. This had developed over the years without me realizing it, until sexual desire had overpowered the idea of love.

When I realized where all my lust came from, I immediately felt at peace, like something that had been stuck inside me had suddenly been released. I hardly feel such strong lust anymore, and this has helped me connect more easily to the true and eternal love within me. I am no longer tormented by my lust.

To overcome any kind of strong desire, it is always beneficial to look at the root of your desire.

Hope this helps! :smile:

Wonderful meditation ,

"Does that mean you did not orgasm for six days, or did you try to suppress sexual desire? "
yes both ,
well i did not suppress it, i desired to express it very greatly,
some of it is too personal to describe fully ,

what you did reminds me of this method where any time you feel an emotion, you ask, when did i first feel this ? and then surround it with a color that seems best, and ask it is fully healed,
months or a year later i realized this works, i can transport back to a first time memory,

i don’t know what the emotion or issue was but i asked and the memory was playing with a toy airplane a long time ago, and i did not know HOW it was link but said “okay!”

this reminds me of the gulf war, i never payed attention to it, my family wouldn’t let me hear about it, but i knew something was wrong with them, they stared into an evil box full of negativity (that i was terrified of (the news anyway ) instead of just playing with toys like i did,
fear = drug = addiction = hurt = self fulfilling prophecy = lie

and i always was scared of violent movies and refused to watch them even though my dad wanted me to, not really really violent ones, but
i wish they would have learned what i am teaching RIGHT NOW TODAY when i was only 6.

“nothing to see here, just something you really want, nothing to see here…”
some time we will eventually have a sane peaceful upbringing for our young ones so they don’t get sexually restricted when they grow up