Arnold has ruined reality checks

A movie star who has no experience in government is now my governer. rubs hands furiously. Hrrrmmmm. Spins while thinking of a destination. Hrrrmmmmm. LUCIDITY NOW!!! Hrmmmmm. OMG ITS RL!!!

At least he won’t be president, since he’s born outside the USA. So he won’t become a new Reagan :wink: . Curious how things will evolve in your state now. The big advantage you people have is this: you can also recall Arnold if he screws it! We don’t have that opportunity here :sad:

Actually, he can still become president. Once someone lives in the USA as a citizen for a certian number of years, you can still become president, no matter where you were born. :eek:

Arnold for President! … l#section1

You have to be a citizen of the USA at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, which is a loooooong time ago :content:

Sage you really scared me for a while :eek:

Well i dont see anything wrong about him being in politics.Previous experience in this field only means more backstabbing skills:)
I have a lot of respect to him after what he has done,firstly with his life,secondly with disabled olimpics sport.
Lets see how he goes now,dont judge him before he even started:)

You’re absolutely right Jack. The first reaction for most outsiders is to laugh at this election, because it’s difficult for us to separate Arnold the politician from Arnold the Terminator. :wink: I did this too! But as someone who is very interested in politics, I took a look at his site and then I read this:

Followed by several proposals to ban illegal fundraising:

This is probably the most important thing a governor can do for democracy! Not too many people know this, but the political system in California is one of the most democratic systems in the world (besides Switzerland). People can initiate referendums when they want a new law or want a law to disappear. They don’t have to wait for the parliament to do this, they can take the inititiative themselves. And they can recall the people that govern them instead of having to wait for years. That’s true democracy! There is one bad side: the power of money! People with a lot of money have many more possibilities to gain political power because there are almost no restrictions on fundraising. So if Arnold is going to do what he promises, to put severe restrictions on fundraising, that would be a real change for the better. And if he doesn’t do what he promises… the Californians can always recall Arnold :content:

Arnold for president! :wink:

After his comments about Hitler… :neutral: Ehm. Well, I’m not in much of a place to judge when it comes to politics, so I haven’t much to say.

Park of Koryo I have only one thing to say to you!

YOU’LL BE BACK! :tongue:


I could really care less who my governer is for the next few years. He just ruined my damn reality checks.

lol! He’s my governator too! :cool:

I seriously doubt his capability, but yeah, we can’t judge him just yet. I really don’t think we should have another recall, that last one already cost us in the millions. Then again, another few million dollars is barely anything into our debt, isnt it? :sad:

he harassed and groped more than a dozen women and still got the office. scary news for women.

no way would he have gotten away with having done this to other men.

Arnold is a WOMEN ABUSER!!! :grrr:

I’ll bet no one wants to be HIS secretary :eh:
We make jokes about him all the time at school :grin:

weird how polls show that over 40% (46% i think?) of women said they supported Arnold despite his groping women thing.

Politics is all about presentation; it has no substance.

You can’t believe what a bunch of women say. Women… :happy:

I’m not sure whether everyone writing in this thread is from the USA, but for those who are not, we have some interesting constitutional guarantees here. One of which is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The LA Times is hardly a court of law. In fact, the LA Times is pretty much the one who has lost credibility in the recall. They consitently fielded these ‘polls’ that showed that Bustamante would win the election. A huge supporter of Gray Davis was the one coming up with all these stories about Arnold, etc.

Look, I don’t know what the truth is, but I find it a little suspicious that all these women (who happen to be long-time Davis supportes [yes, every one of them] ) came out in the last WEEK of a campaign to ‘tell their stories.’

I don’t know. Maybe they were groped, or fondled, or whatever, but until they are willing to testify to it in court, and show some evidence then to me this is just another typical Democrat tactic, and not fact. You know, in this country, we are guaranteed due process, but anyone can make an anonymous phone call, and in many cases put some innocent person through a living hell (i.e. if you hate your neighbor, go to a payphone, call ‘socialist services’ and accuse them of child abuse. There children will be taken away from them, at least for a long while, regardless of any void of evidence.

Speaking of Democrat tactics, I predict that every conceivable avenue of personal and political destruction against Arnold will be explored in the coming months. You heard it here first. The rules and the will of the people be damned.

As a politician, I don’t know what I think of Arnold. I am a libertarian, and he is not really a liberal or conservative or libertarian… well, who would know since he hasn’t clearly stated his views. But I say give him a chance. If he fails, vote him out.

While we’re on the subject, why am I a libertarian? The republicans want freedom as long as it doesn’t interfere with their own spiritual beliefs. The democrats want socialism, and (while I can see some merit in socialism under the right circumstances) they are without shame in their pursuit of it. They will break any law, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to acheive power. They are just plain power hungry.

Libertarian philosophy can basically be described as this: The government should provide protection (against other nations and against criminals,) basic services as provided by the preamble to the constitution, and should otherwise stay the #^%# out of our lives.

Think about it…

Nothing is preventing them from saying so! Although I was kind of confused as to why the women didn’t go to court. But still, lots of people were complaining. Were they all bribed?

Besides, that “innocent until proven guilty” thing is hardly really in effect today… people judge right away.

I completely agree with you Davion! If they don’t want to testify, then why the hell should people believe this, knowing it could be very well manipulation from the Democrat side? Oh well, if people could be so easily fooled it’s quite easy to win any election, just find some women to complain about sexual harassment in the “friendly press”. Luckily it’s not that easy to fool people in a democratic system like California. And of course the Democrats will use any means to get him out of office, but I’m optimistic about that - you can fool the people some of the time, but you can’t fool the people all of the time (at least not in a real democracy like California…).

The Hitler thing mentioned earlier is another tactic, coming from the political-correctness police. As far as I know, the guy said something about finding it admirable that Hitler came from being a total nobody up to absolute power. And he said this in 1975! Are we going to judge him because he said something thirty years ago? BTW, he didn’t say anything about the actual nazi policy. Even more, in 1991 he receives the Simon Wiesenthal Center “Humanity Prize” for his efforts in increasing Holocaust awareness. In 1997 he receives Simon Wiesenthal Center “Leadership Award” for the same reason. Doesn’t that mean anything?

I don’t know exactly how one-sided the press in California was about this matter, but here in Belgium the information has been extremely subjective. The message: Davis was not that bad after all, and it’s clear direct democracy is a danger for stability if you see how that poor man can be recalled so easily. And our left wing politically correct intellectuals just swallow it. We live here in a particracy instead of a democracy, people have absolutely no influence on politics. Yes they can vote politicians out of parliament every few years, but there’s no guarantee the new ones will respect the will of the people. There is a growing awareness about this, but it’s still vague and easily countered by the politicians and their press who don’t want to give away power to the people. :sad:

My point of view has been dramatically changed in the last few years. I was a politically correct “liberal” who lived in the illusion his government is democratic. Now I am very much in favour of direct democracy like in Switzerland, where people have a lot of trust in politics contrary to Belgium. That’s not a coincidence, why should people be interested in, let alone trust politics when they have no influence at all? These days I find myself between direct democracy and libertarian philosophy: as much freedom as possible, except if people voluntary choose to organize certain matters in a collective way: justice, police, army, social security, whatever people like to pay taxes for. The most important thing is that we can choose ourselves instead of being patronized by our “enlightened” politicians who don’t want to give up any power. Polls show around 70% of the Belgian people want a system with referendums like the Swiss and the Californians have, but still the politicians all reject it… So greedy, so power hungry! :roll:

According to the links on this site: Arnold is a semi-megalomaniac who apparently dreamed of being a dictator with the control of Hitler or a saviour like Jesus. Added to that, there may have been a fraudulent manipulation of the votes and Arnold evidently was involved in shady deals with Enron.

Just one quote from Infowars (linked to on the address above):

"Fellow champion bodybuilders Robby Robinson and Rick Wayne have gone public about Arnold Schwarzenegger running around in front of huge crowds at bodybuilding meetings screaming, “'Down with the blacks, niggers this and blacks that…”

So I wouldn’t necessarily take a speech about being the “Governor of everbody” at face value somehow.