Asking about your dream... in the dream.

So I was reading on the subject recently (lucid dreaming, of course) and came across an interesting idea. Have you ever asked about your dream while you’re in the dream? Whether it be to dream characters or the vast and vague dreamspace that laughs at you while you roll around in your fantastic hallucinations.

Have you asked what dream symbols mean?

Have you asked the dream to show you something that you need to see?

Have you asked directions to the next dream?

You should tell me about it.

… and if this has already been asked, someone can just give me a slap on the wrist and point me to the correct topic.

Anyone have any feedback on this?

I know I have seen a topic about this, but don’t know when and where. I have personally asked these questions several times, but digging up the answers requires some deep digging through my DJ. It can be done, and the answers can sometimes be surprisingly wise.

This dream from me gave me some answers about dream symbols.
This monthly Quest focused on asking questions.

It’s strange. When I feel that I am dreaming, one way that I become lucid is to ask a dream character if I am dreaming. It has only failed once and that was when there was another dream character present. One character said “Yes.” that I was dreaming, while the other simultaneously said “No.”, that I was not dreaming. However, I believed the one that said “Yes.” because strangely enough the one that said “No.” happened to be someone that often lies to me in real life. Sometimes I will also ask a character what the dream is about or if it has any hidden meaning. I can’t think of any off of the top of my head but I’ve gotten some pretty awesome (in the literal sense of the word) explanations.

The only time I have ever asked a DC if I was dreaming was during a normal dream, and his answer was: Hell if I know.

I’ve known for many years what my dream symbols mean, I’ve discovered that certain things will always wake me up regardless of whether I am lucid or not. I also have a dream block, things that stop my progress in a dream out of fear, and 9/10 times will take lucidity from me so can’t anything it, even though I don’t fear them in real life. Perhaps that is something I should question in future.

My dreams one taught me a new piece of music to play on guitar, and have on multiple occasions shown me when I have made a mistake in transcribing something.