Asthma Inhalers and LDs

I have noticed about twenty different times that i took my asthma inhaler before i went to bed that night I either had an ld or a really clear dream where I remember almost everything. Five of my eight lds were because of this. And I dont take more than the recommended dose. I am going to try this tonight and post here tomorrow if i had any success by doing this, so I can confirm it.

I used asthma inhalers 7-12 years ago. I nearly died because of asthma as a four-year old =P
I used to have really vivid dreams, and I could always choose what to dream of, and controlled them mostly freely. Maybe there’s some kind of connection :eek:

That’s interesting…
I have asthma, and I’m supposed to use an inhaler every morning and night, but I don’t because I can control my asthma now. (Due to keeping in shape by running, martial arts, and other stuff, I naturally control it).

I’ll have to try my inhaler.

I tried it this morning and it worked I had a long clear dream and for a little bit of the end I was lucid, but when i wake up I am shaking a little bit. I dont think anybody should use it just to get a lucid dream because using it a lot might cause you to become immune to it when you really need. But every once in a while wont hurt. I am probably just gonna try to have LDs normally without using the inhaler.

too bad i dont need an inhaler

What does those inhalers contain?

That could help us to see what makes the inhalers dream vivid.


Sort of. It’s something that makes the airways open up more.
So you’ve been getting a bit high, lol.
It shouldn’t affect the brain but apparently it does. weird huh…

Mine contains albuterol sulfate. It speeds up my heart so I think it kind of makes me more awake even when I’m going to sleep, thus causing me to be more aware in my dream. I don’t know though that is just a guess. I’ll do some research on it.

I believe it works by puting more oxygen in the brain - either rby putting more of it in the lungs or by speeding the heart beats of yours.

“Albuterol sulfate is in a class of medications called bronchodilators. It works by relaxing and opening air passages to the lungs to make breathing easier.”

So it shouldn’t speed up your heart beats but maybe more oxygen can reach your brain… Anyway I don’t know why it can make your dreams more vivid :confused:

How can’t you? Its quite simple. You think more clearly, more concuisly (Spelled wrong) When you have more oxygen. TRy holding your breath and do simple math. It beggins easily, but gets harder and harder every moment. It works also backward, so you think more clearly and therfore realize its a dream.

hmm thats interesting… i’ve never thought there might be a connection. i use an asthma puffer but i have never noticed it increasing the amount of LD’s because i have always had them regularly my entire life.

those grey ventalins are bad for you, your only supposed to use them like twice a week at most. after using the preventor type, i could never go back to the grey ones… i tried the other day and it made the asthma worse!

my understanding of asthma is that it is a protein of some sorts that builds up on the lungs and often in the throat. The puffers have a chemical which disolves this protein build-up.

First of all, My deepest regards to those of you with Asthma, especially those with severe asthma. I have mild asthma and it is hell. worst feeling. I thank God that my asthma is a lot better, and I don’t need the asthma inhalers unless I get a random asthma attack which I haven’t had in ages.

How asthma inhalers can help get LDs…I have no idea. However, I do beleive that simply by beleiving it can help will make it help.removed one line it could have been possible that since he’s had LDs in 1 or 2 situations after using the inhaler, that he simply beleived that it would work everytime.

I agree with this 100%

its like the placebo effect.

I thought about it being like a placebo effect but the first about five times or so I didn’t believe the inhaler would give me a lucid dream I just took it cause I was having trouble breathing cause I was sick. It could have all just been a coincidence and now after the first few times it could have been cause I expected lucid dreams to happen because of the inhaler so they did, like the placebo effect. So I believe it could be because of either way.