astral entity help

So i have a hard time getting obe’s by myself so cuz of swallow reflex and those kind of things.

But! then i finally got it my first obe but i didn’t do it myself
infact i wasnt even planing to go through that the day i fell asleep yet i did!
But what astonishes me is the fact that i got “helped” literally i just woke my eyes upp in the middle of the night, at that moment i just knew i was gonna go out of my body so i shouted in an kind of dreamy voice “lucid” and i saw this Entity who came down a man but only the outline about 180cm average i couldn’t see his legs he was made out of blue and red light kinda the colors you see when you close your eyes now.

i couldn’t see his face maybe just outlines nontheless i wasnt focused at that i was just mezmarised how this astral entity stopped doing wathever astral entities do and decided to offer me a hand LITTERALLY he flew down from out the cealing i think and offered his hand and i got a instinct to grab it holy background music no but honestly and thats when i opened my eyes. That was the second time i had experienced unconditionall love so i was wondering can astral entities help you out of your body to have an actuall OBE?

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I don’t know.
You can try to get a OBE when you are in SP.
When you are in SP you can imagine that you are floating and that you see yourself in your bed.

Probably this video can help you

If you want to see more video’s you can see some videos here: … F4BA44BF5D
and you can search this on youtube:
Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming, techniques

It’s me never succeeded to get a OBE.
2 Times i got accidentally a OBE.
When i was 6 or 7 years old i wake up in the middle of the night and i fall asleep.
I got a FA. I want to walk and i feeled tingling then i saw myself in my bed but my bed was on the wrong side :smile:

Another time i wake up from a dream and i was floating in the living room around the a tour along the lamp and then i woke up in my bed.

I was only 6 or 7 years old when i got this OBEs and i and I did not know what it was.

Now i know that it was a OBE but when i have a lucid dream and i try to see myself everything is black and i will wake up.

Good Luck!

Yes they can help, someone OBE can also help one to stay out too. Ive had three experiences with this.

One time I had a scary awake incident where I was at my computer chatting to friends and someone or something tried to pull me out of body (It wasnt related to anyone I was chatting to at the time). I actually on that occassion thought I was experiencing an earthquake at first before I realised what was going on (I was getting extremely strong vibrations like happen at times when trying to AP).

Another time someone from one of the astral projection websites tried to give me a hand and hold me out of body (astrally grabbed hold of me) when I half successfully managed to project myself to an well known meeting place of astral projectors but was having trouble staying there… He managed to keep me there for several seconds longer by holding onto me…
That was an interesting experience (I was at the astral Pulse Island).

Another time my teachers during a lesson tried to help me by pulling me out while i was on the phone to him (he was in another country). I half succeded… could see things at his place (had astral energy there) but didnt truely feel there. He ended up pulling me physically to the wall with the attempt to get me completely to him.

Anyway, the answer to your question is yes.

I’m not experienced with entities.
I do not know whether entities really exist but i am afraid that when they are real they are dangerous.

Thankyou the entity looked something like
iceman from marvel exept it was made from um “light” or the stuff you see at hypnagogia. But i had a feeling it has a good entity if thats possible

I am not experienced with entities and I’ve never seen an entity.

If you were in Hypnagogia than it perhaps was only a HI.
If you had a OBE than it perhaps was a real entity.

So i have a hard time getting obe’s by myself so cuz of swallow reflex and those kind of things.

so i was wondering can astral entities help you out of your body to have an actuall OBE?

I think so I had a vivid dream years ago when I was getting interested in AP. I saw someone coming swinging a lantern. Then I felt hands under my arms lifting me out of body. Of course it could have been dream characters of my own making.

I personally find that if I just know Im going to get out of my body or LD, I always tend to then do. You getting out may well of been due to just being that sure you were going to do so with all your heart and soul one could say.