Astral Projection

I don’t know if its ok to say it this way, But I did. I am Pagan. I tend to do this every once in a while , I have gotten really good at it . all I have to do is sit closed my eyes and I am out. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, but It worrks and no one bothers me when I do it. One time someone did and I got riped back into my body really fast it hurt

A fair few people on here believe that OBE’s (or, at least the majority of OBE’s) are merely a sub type of an LD (such as a nightmare is a sub type of a ND).

You say you just close your eyes and leave your body? Well then, that puts you in a perfect position to do lots of experiments :wink:.

I’ve never had an OBE myself (nor have I every attempted to have one), so there’s not much else I can say.

The only thing I can think of this: OBE’s are meant to be harder to acheive then WILD’s (I think that’s correct - I may be wrong)… which implies you find yourself in SP a lot?

im just posting now ill delete it if this forum has a delete feture or apollogize if it bothered anyone

Huh? Why would this bother anyone? If you are astral traveling you aren’t the first. I believe it’s possible…It would probably scare the s*** out of me though. So maybe that’s why I haven’t pursued it

I’ve done it once. You’re lucky if you can do it so easily. Don’t fear, for people here really don’t get offended that easily. It’s more of a formality to try not to offend people. But yea.

I did mine by standing up during a WILD in progress.

hey Trung! du ma… i didnt know you atral projected. I keep trying but no luck… Just vibrations…

IceMistress I think it’s great that you can do this. I had a minimal experience once back when I was a teenager. that was about a year ago:rofl:

If you can do that by just closing your eyes that’s just incredible. Now, do you think by being a Pagan helped?

That’s called a LD. I do it that way all the time, its a perfect method for WILD-ing.

I had been lucid dreaming a lot in 2003 and after reaching lucidity many times. Eventually I got tired of the idea, so I was wondering if anybody knows many different methods to invoke an OBE? I know there is a few methods on the website through a LD but they don’t seem to work. For example, I know you must be sleeping on your back. Anybody?

That is great,
James Randi and his foundation, they are waiting just for you. He believes in you, I believe in you… He has some huge amount of money (1M$) waiting for someone to prove ESP ability. So far, no-one has passed. I will quote
Between 1964 and 1982, Randi declared that over 650 people had applied [3]. Between 1997 and February 15, 2005, there had been a total of 360 official, notarized applications.
[i]1.4. How many people have passed the preliminary test?

None. Most applicants never agree to a proper test protocol, so most are never tested. [/i]
I am sure that Randi likes fair-play…

A friend of mine can do it that easily too, I tend to have trouble letting go. OBE’s are different because they can be initiated through LDs/NDs which is why people feel they are just different forms of LD. Maybe they are.

Astral Projection is different is done from the conscious mind not the subconcious mind. I suppose you can liken it to WILD and OBE to DILD.

The difference with Astral Projection over OBE (for me at least) is the ability to watch what is going on in the real world, watch a friend do things, I can ring that person when afterwards to confirm what I saw was real. This has never happened in OBE for me it’s just very dream like and harder to control and to my recollection have NEVER met other people/beings in OBE.

To me the two are completely different.

As for the pain, this was because of being pulled back into your body by a shock, a loud noise or maybe being touched. I’ve never personally experienced that, I tend to use ear plugs and lock my door to avoid being brought out of it early. But a friend (same one) has, she described it as being like a very bad migraine that passed quickly but remained as a dull throb for 10minutes.

I thought obe were the one’s where you can see what’s going on like when people experience trauma and leave their bodies.

Sometimes I think people mix up OBE, AP and remote viewing.

The problem with OBE/AP is there’s no real guidelines as to which you are experiencing, I can only go by my experience. For all I know my OBEs are just whacky LDs lol.

But i know my APs (all few of them) I have been able to touch things, see things and something else I’ve never told anyone.

– I used to read old books about people who were driving in their cars and suddenly they are above the vehicle watching themselves drive, these to me are Remote Views not OBE or AP.

It’s a big grey area really, there’s no right or wrong just your interpretation of it. Either way they are all fun :happy:

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Sup y’all!

Astral Projection is my number 1 interest at the present moment.

It is when someone seperates his/her phsical and astral body, moving their conciousness into the astral. By doing this, you can travel anywhere in the world. Well…the universe really. (if you can believe that.)

So, yeah. Anyone else interested?

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Yeah, My brother actually went to some 72 hour class on it, he said the teacher was so cool, he said he actually saw him exerting energy through his fingers right before his eyes. he also told me, after things got going he saw all kinds of spirits in the room and stuff and learned how to astral travel better, hes told me about some of his dreams and that hes met people and stuff but he really hasnt had that many of them.

oh. oh man… i wish i could get a class. i’m learning from a book. I almost projected the other day, but my sister knocked on the door and smashed my concentration. It really disorientated me horribly, and i fell off my chair…

You can also travel to any time you like.

I’ve mentioned this on the site before, but a while back I got a friend of mine into Astral Projection. We’d do timed experiments and other things, with her coming to me in astral and we would then talk about it online the next day, what she saw and whether she was correct. (bare in mind she is an online friend, so has never been to or seen my house)

One of the first couple of times she attempted it, she found herself in a room with a figure. She was scared and left almost imidiately. I told her next time she should ask the figure who it was. Two days later the same happened again.

This time she did as I suggested and asked the figure the question, it replied “whoever you want me to be.” Her reply to that was her offline best friend. At which point she ended up reliving the past day with her best friend. From the time she woke up for school, all through school, and when she returned home again.

Personally I haven’t projected in a while, I just don’t seem to have the concentration to do it anymore. :sad:

Is it really real??? Is it like lucid dreaming? How do you do it?

It really depends on who you ask as to whether it’s real, or if it’s a type of lucid dream or that it’s the same thing as OBE.

To me Astral Projection is the ability to switch ones conscious mind from the physical body to the astral body, allowing you to do pretty much go where you wish.

While in the Astral you can interact with things but only their astral form, if you were to say move an object in the astral plane, it wouldn’t move it in the physical plane. Although you can see what people in the physical plane are doing. You can project yourself anywhere you wish to go.

When my friend was doing it a couple of years back, we would arange times that she would do it and come see me - mainly so that I could make sure I was doing something different or out of the ordinary, so that the following day we could talk about what she saw and compair. She was never wrong.
So is it real? Most deffinately.

Some people say that OBE and AP are the same thing, personally I do not believe this since AP is about transfering the conscious mind into the Astral Body, where as OBEs seem to happen through dreams - which is why some think they are just very vivid dreams. While related, I personally don’t believe they are the same thing.

As far as techniques, I’ll answer that later unless someone else does first. It’s 7am here and I’ve not slept.

Good luck if you plan to try this :smile:

I’ve seen a lot of strange things so I’m not doubting this is real and I’m willing to give it a go.
I just need to learn some techniques. Any suggestions?