Atempt to be a dreamer

So far this is where my progress is at. I do think i have been lucid before in my dreams before now, but i want to be lucid everynight and be able to control my dreams.

The biggest problem i have ran in to so far is that when i wake up my mind is blank nothing of my dreams is in my head so im having trouble keeping my dream journal filled. right now im going on night 3. Im trying to make this natural as possible and none of the waking up during the night or that stuff. im trying to teach myself to do it natural for when its the school year i can still do it.

Ive noticed i have trouble going to bed idk if this a problem. usually takes me 1 to 2 hours to fall alseep. If anyone has any tips for this i would love them.

I do reality checks very frequently.

If you have any tips at all please post i want to be a dreamer so bad.

Welcome Matthewhst11! :welcome:

As you say you have to work on your DR, it’s normal to not remember dreams if you don’t take an effort to remember them, right? So to enhance DR is enough just to wish remember them and a mantra can help you with that, also constant sleep time will help you too. Also you can find here many posts on how to remember dreams.

Waking up in the middle of a night is not that bad, for keeping a DJ is very good as long you remember dreams… :happy: At first I would woke up after almost every dream, it was great, for that I also used mantra…

I can’t really help you with your problem with falling asleep, but maybe this helps you!

Just keep up and don’t give up!