Attempting a all night WILD

Hey all. I’m going to try to WILD throughout the whole time that I’m sleeping. Yes, this can be very difficult but I will try it. I’m going to do it now and inform you all about it in the morning.

Good luck, hope it works for you

Good Luck! Hope it goes well! :happy:

Good luck, I could never have the motivation XD
Btw i heard you can’t get WILD unless you had at-least 6hours of sleep. :happy:

Wow. What a night. I think I stayed conscious for about 2 and a half hours. It felt like days, but that’s my estimation. It was weird because like an hour or so into it I had like a mini dream. It started off kinda hypnogogic and a scene started to develop. It was short but during the whole dream, I could still feel myself in bed. My eyes were weird too. In the dream, btw I was lucid, I could look left and right but I felt my eyes moving slower than the vision in the dream. After the dream, I felt semi awake. I thought I had a grip on my consciousness, but I just slipped. That’s all I could remember. I will try it tonight. Hopefully longer. I’ll update it in the morning.

wow good job you made it all the way to a rem period you just did not let go of your physical reality. very good.

and you can wild with out sleep first its just like JayHaze said it takes a long while and alot of determination in his case it took about 2 hours

still congrats thats not a simple feat in my book!

I was once attempting it 4 2 hours until suddenly i was sort of like hallucinating and it felt like I moved so i thought it was over then i opened my eyes and it really was over :sad:

May I ask one thing ? When are you doing these WILD attempts ? At what time of day/night ?

anytime I feel like it (this time I got the furthest and it was day

Wow! It sounds so fun, for I while I thought WILD’s were fake, but I tried it today during my nap, and I almost did it, it also started out as Hypnagogic Imagery and turned into full blown dream scenes, but were I fail is getting into the dream fully, I see the dream and it consumes me for a while then I wake up a bit, last time Benjamin Franklin tried to grab my head and pull me into the dream, but I woke myself up a bit. It’s frustrating. But man That sounds great, Well done!!

Well, I started it at around 11:30pm. I got a full 8 hours too.

Are you the same person as JayHaze ? :eh: I thought he said he was going to do it and inform us what would happen. So I’m asking the author of this thread again:

When do/did you WILD ?


Ah, ok thanks. People say you have more chances in the early morning than at night, but I don’t have enough experience in this domain to give a right advice…

Good luck ! :smile:

Yeah thats true, but I can only do that on the weekends I guess. I know it has to do with higher serotonin levels in the morning. When I can do it, I will try to maybe stay up all night until like 3am and try it then.

You only have a better chance because you are closer to a remphase. the reason a wild is so challenging at the start of the night is because you have to do 1 of 2 things. 1 force a rem cycle which is not fun or easy. 2 is wait it out for a remcycle to come. which is what JayHaze did by the sounds of it.

thats more or less why its harder. its just not the opportune time :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. I’m going to start my second attempt at 10pm. Hopefully I can get pass 2 hours.

Ok so I got to the first dream again. That dream was a false awakening/nightmare that I woke up from. It was pretty crazy. I kinda feel mentally tired. Maybe I should take a break tonight. This experiment is kinda tough. I just want to experience what happens during the whole 8 hours of sleep.

You are one crazy dude. Wow i could never pull off an all night WILD. Good luck. I’m really amazed at your motivation

ok guys. This is going to be my third go at it. Officially starting at 11:00 pm. I think I have enough energy to do good this try.

Just saw this post !

Quite amazing motivation, but that’s the only way if you want to do it !

What is your technique to attempt a WILD ?
Do you have some advices for me ?


Ah this is interesting, well done for doing this.