Avatar: The Last Airbender powers..

If anyone watches that show i was wondering if you have tried to water bend, fire bend, etc…

If you did what was it like? I havnt had a LD in a while so i havnt been able to try it. Im asking because I thought of it a week ago and didnt see any topics about it :smile:

I dont know what this show is, but do you mean controlling fire or water? Cause thats just like what it sounds like. It is kind of amusing though

Well, I do watch the show, and I have tried, and succeded, at water bending/controlling, it’s not nearly as fun using wings to glide over a city and blow crap up (which i sometimes do)

Um :uh: it wasn’t called “firebending” in my dreams (the show is awesome BTW :good: Toph ROCKS :happy: No pun intended :lol: ), but I did use (I’ll call it this just for this post) “firebending” in a few dreams of mine–Zuko-style :ebil:

I haven’t seen the show, but yes - water control, fire control, wind control… you name it, I’ve probably done it.

If fire control means fireballs… :ebil: ^^ But I didnt saw show too :razz:

Well i can airbend but it’s not that easy to control and sometimes you may fly way too fast but it’s cool… Still think that telekinisis and growing wings are better though!! :tongue:

I LOVE Avatar!!! New season in March! :grin: I love Waterbending and I’ve used all of the elements except air, (I don’t really need it, I can fly anyway,) Earthbending is really fun if you’ve ever tried it but Firebending is the most versitile. What did you guys think of the finale? I’m really mad a Zuko for being so stupid but my Zutara hopes aren’t crushed yet! :content:
PS, (Toph is awesome… :grin: )

My best friend’s 8 year old sister LOVES avatar, and after telling her about lucid dreams (I always look for oportunities to teach kids, since they’re naturals at it) she had one where she was a waterbender.

Well that was nice of you, you probably made that little girl’s day! :slight_smile: I also Waterbend in dreams, it’s the main element I use, (I’ve been using Firebending and Earthbending a lot lately though,) they are SO fun to use so if you’ve ever watched the show you should try it! Great fun… :grin:

I LOVED the finally! Any idea when season 2 box set is out? Well I’m getting off topic but in a recent dream I could water bend and i made huge typhoons and I did those tentalcle things Katara did in the finally. I couldnt earthbend, but I could do a little fire. Mostly stuff like a whip or blast. It was cool because I was fighting the firelord and i could feel the warmth of the fire! Fun Stuff

I am new, but the first thing I will try to do in a LD is to battle Zhao and Azula. I have one question. Can you be feel burned in a LD?

thats what i was going to post something about Avatar The Last Air bender, but I thought I would look stupid but i guess i was wrong >_<. That is my fav. show. I love it. Thats what i was going to do in one of my LD but not battle. Hang out with the avatar!!! Thats so cool.

yes you can feel heat from what ive experianced

This really is a great show and would be fun to simulate in a lucid dream :smile: Unfortunately I dont get to watch tv that much. Hey, maybe you should try playing your favorite episode really quietly while you sleep and see if it gets into your dreams.

Good idea :happy:

lol, no problem, playing movies while you sleep is not a new idea, but it should produce some cool results in a dream, lucid or otherwise

OMG Avatar is so awesome, I watched it a while ago and was like that’s cool but i didn’t have nick then ( don’t ask ). After getting it, I watched it and was like zomg ( wahtever that means :confused: ) and now i’m addicted.
Yes Zuko is stupid for going with Azula and Yes Toph is awesome.
Oh yeah, and for the power’s in a Lucid Dream, I would love for them, they may make it easier cuz you will be like “I am a fire/water/air/earth bender, and that means I can do whatever I want with it” and your SC may be like " really… cool! :happy: "

I’ve tried in normal dreams to bend the elements, but not lucid. I’m pretty much a waterbending master, I can do a little bit of earth, never tried air. But fire, I’ve tried many, many, many times many different ways but I can’t do ANYTHING with firebending! And a re-appearing DC of mine that takes the shape of one of my friends would say “you suck at firebending” and do some amazing move firebending. Maybe I should request lessons?

And yes, Zuko is an idiot for going with Azula. And yes, Toph is the best character.

i never really got into that show but i’ve seen it once because my older sister was watching it
think i’d look like the bald asian kid if i shaved my hair
even though my beautiful hair is amazingly unruly i’d rather not