awake etheric sight [new title]

New to the site. Not sure where the proper place to talk about this would be.

Over the last few years I have learned something different.

I have not read about it or come across anything that goes over this.

I want to see if I can teach a few people to do it.
Think it is natural and easy, just takes a bit of focus.

This is not strictly lucid dreaming. I learned it accidentally while trying to lucid dream.
I want to know if others can learn it.

Changed title to be more descriptive plus minor edit

It does rock and is kewl.

It’s more awake etheric sight.

Looking for a few folks that may be open and want to learn. It’s profoundly simple once you get it.

Let me know.


I’m interested.

Got a little bit of experience with aura viewing and extra-dimensional…stuff.

What have you come across?