B vitamins good for LD's? part II

This is part II.
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This is one of the most interesting threads on this whole forum, I think.

PasQuale, you know what this site really needs? A VITAMIN/NUTRIENT section that details which vitamins or nutrients assist in exactly what aspect of fascilitating lucid/vivid dreams, the maximum/reccommended dosages of each and the possible gains/risk involved in taking these kinds of suppliments. There is really a wealth of FASCINATING information here! Think if it were all compiled and placed in one short, simple, concise source so that people could understand the power of what is available for them to use to enhance their dreaming potential…

“PasQuale, you know what this site really needs? A VITAMIN/NUTRIENT section that details which vitamins or nutrients assist in exactly what aspect of fascilitating lucid/vivid dreams, the maximum/reccommended dosages of each and the possible gains/risk involved in taking these kinds of suppliments.”

Pasquale,you know what this site really needs?The guiding dog:)Or a few of them:)

lol, okay, okay, point taken. It’s not my site, do what you want with it, I was just saying, this is already a great place to find information, and a great place to converse with other people. I only meant to say that it would be HELPFUL to have a compiled source of vitamin information and their significance to dreaming, that’s all. If anyone is interested in trying to compile such a resource, I’d be willing to help search for information…

Hehe good you didnt take it wqrong way.
But what i was saying-you are in a place for that.Right in.See Davions posts,Jeffs posts.Thats what they do here.Compiling sources,advising dosages,informing about side effects…so on.It exists allready:)
Just join in:)

“good you didnt take it wqrong way”
-Yeah, I’m sporting like that. :content:


“compiled source” I mean 1 page which could tell you all you need without sorting through 5 pages of threads. By reading what I read so far, it’s clear to me that taking 100mg of B6 & B12 with folic acid before sleep will make you recall your dreams better. What I am unclear about is, how much folic acid, and how do I take it (pill, powder, grind up the pill, etc) as well as what can OTHER vitamins do for me… what about choline, and acetylcarnitine??? What ARE those, and how do I get them, and what do they do, exactly… stuff like that. It’d be nice to have a page that said it all, without excess rambling and peripheral information.

I see ,i see.I dont know about links but im sure there are some pages like that on internet.Damn pity i cant direct you…but if you Pm Davion or Jeff or Illumination…im sure they have few.
sorry for misunderstubding:)
good luck:)

an interesting thing from section 1.5 of this page:

“But there are more vitamins that can make us dream more. The body can synthesis the B-vitamin Choline. But in order to do that it needs vitamin B-12, Folic acid (B-9), the amino acids Methionine and Serine. Vitamins B-12 plays a role in the activation of amino acids during protein formation. It has also the ability to increase the production of Acetylcholine and normalize neurotransmissions in the brain.”

WOW! Look at all this information:


So I think I’m going to start taking a 100mg complete B vitamin suppliment… This I should do 1.) right before bed and 2.) grind up the pills so my body can actually absorb them, correct???

How does one go about grinding up pills anyway?.. I was thinking of how I plan to do this… a hammer, or a small cheese grater, or just sheer human moosepower, or what?

Vitamin B may be useful for improving dream recall, but does that mean it helps with lucidity? Lucidity seems to help my dream recall (since I’m conscious and I usually wake up lucid rather than lose lucidity and wake up). Have scientists discovered chemicals in the brain associated with lucidity itself, or just dream recall?

I recall someone mentioning that someone else on this forum is trying to find out what biochemical differences there are between a brain in a NLD versus a LD. I think it was BrainHacker… but I forget, whoever it was, could you comment on it a little more? Thanks!

Sometimes I take a combination of Vitamin B pills & the herb Ginkgo Biloba which increases the blood circulation to the brain…it works quite well sometimes…dreams are very vivid then.

But don’t take to much Vitamin B because an overdose could damage your brain! I read @ alt.dreams.lucid that you should not go higher than 100mg. Anyway, good luck :wink:

I take a vitamin pill every day that includes B vitamins. I don’t know if it helps my recall or lucidity, because I started taking it before I began logging my LD’s. If I were to go a long time without taking the vitamins, my dream recall might decrease, but I suppose there’s no point in learning that, is there? :eh:

I took a B-100 pill last night before I went to bed (100mg of all the B vitamins), and yeah, I remembered my dreams last night after a whole week of not. Maybe it was only conincidence, but I’m going to keep taking the pill and see what happens to my dream recall.

Does anyone know; is it better to eat the pill whole, and let your digestive system break it down, or is it better to chop/grind it up and eat it?

I think it all depends on how quickly you want it to get into your system. Grinding it up into a powder would probably be the fastest way, unless you wanted to snort it! :happy:

lol, yeah man (sniff, sniff) you wouldn’t believe what I dreamt last night… Grind it up then, eh? I think maybe the B-100 pill and a glass of milk might be the ticket, since the body needs calcium to absorb B12.

My B-vitamin pills are time released, does that mean that it slowly absorbs into your body over a period of time? If no what does it mean? And if it is, is it a good thing?

Time release is like a delay on the time it is released. That is, it takes a little while for the shell of the pill to dissolve before the contents are released. It depends when you want it to have it’s effect on wheteher timed release is what you want.

kmcdonald- so a bloke like me who’s taking it to enhance my brain at about, say 4-6AM might want to swallow 'er whole, eh?

If they’re time released.