B vitamins good for LDs?

I think someone said b vitamins is good for LDs? Does annyone know if this is true?

absolutely! vitamins b-6 and b-12 help revitalize the mind, and if enough b vitamins are taken before sleep the next day you’ll have very vivid dreams. i personally take b-6, but your best bet is vitamin b complexes that are time-release. Now helping with LD’s i’m not sure, I think it just helps for vivid dreaming.

Cool! Gonna try it tonight! Do you have any idea of how much i should take? Each tablet is about 18mg.

I think b complexes deifinitely increase vividity and recall. But you may want a much stronger dose; I was taking complexes with at least 100mg of each Bvit. :wink:

the ones i have are 100mg which is 5000% of your daily value. if it doesnt work the first night, don’t get discouraged, keep trying it may take a few days. also if you don’t have pills try drinking a lot of orange juice during the day cuz it has b-6 in it, before i had pills i drank it, and it worked pretty well.

If you’re aussie like me, you can also eat lots of vegimite on toast (one of the highest natural sources of vitamin B apparently). And bananas also have vit B I think.

:happy: LOL I am taking vitamin B for a long time but I forgot my sweet B-caps in the last 3 nights and I had my first dry period in weeks. Well last night I took a big B-complex and I had 2 short lucid dreams, just low-lucidity but I am not practicing any other technique. So yes, I have become a heavy fan of B-complexes.

Are there any side-effects on taking high doses of B-vitamines?
Maybe in the long term?

I know that taking too much A vitamine is very bad, but C does not matter. However, I have no idea about the B vitamines…

Yes, there is a limit: it lies between 150 and 250 mg B6/night I think. Well, 150 mg is my absolute max dose. If you don’t respect this limit, you will get nightmares and eventually you can get nerve damage! When you stop taking B-caps, the bad effects will go away.

i think if you take too much b vitamins you expell most of it while peeing

No, that’s vitamin C. You must respect te max. dose.
OK here’s a quote from cc.nih.gov/ccc/supplements/vitb6.html :

You see? My estimate was too optimistic, if you really want to be safe stay under 100mg B6/day.

Can you describe what “vegimite” is? I looked it up in the dictionary,but no sucess…


Vegemite is the Aussie equivalent of Marmite (if that means anything to you). It is a spread which is made of yeast extract and has a lot of vitamins added (very good for you if you are a vegetarian). :smile:

I eat a lot of the stuff, but I don’t know if it has any effect on my dreams.

I know that stuff… it tastes like hell!

But if it helps LD-ing…
Gonna get me some tomorrow :wink:

i know that it causes nerve damage in the long term, but i thought if you took more then your body needed, it expelled what it didnt use. though maybe it was vitamin c

Thank you for explaining,i think now i have an idea what it might be like.

it helps vegetarians (i am) ,it helps dreamers (i am g)

i am quite sure it tastes bad ,i don´t have a clue where to get it

Hmm,what does aussie mean? Austrian,australian,or someting like ecology fan…?

Marmite is this strange stuff the English put on their breads,right? The one that really tastes nasty if you expect to eat jam… But it doesn´t contain meat,does it?
Sometimes english can really get difficult :wink:

good night and have some interesting dreams :sleeping:

What about taking Vitamin B and Calea Z???

-Marmite tastes like crap, but ya can’t beat cheese and Vegimite on toast. yum.

-Vegimite’s made from yeast extract, and doesn’t contain any meat.

-aussie = australian.

Ok, marmite is an acquired taste, but i love it. especially on toast! i just read the label ,it says:

‘the richest natural source of B vitamins’

hell yeah, i’m eating the stuff right outta the jar with a spoon! it’s very strong, but i love strong flavours!

see subject. :smile: