BAD NEWS - forum closed - need new server - who can help?

[b]Because of unexpected circumstances the forum will be closed until further notice.

The provider that hosts the forum discontinues its services as per now.

This means the forum won’t be available anymore. However, it still seems to be running - but it can be gone unexpectedly.

i have performed a full backup of everything that has been posted.
All fora are closed, exept the lounge, the helpdesk and the news forum - so when the forum goes down nothing will be lost.

who can donate free webspace for the forum? i need it to be php/mysql eneabled (this is a php forum). In return you get bannerspace at the top of the forum.

i’m really sad this happens, but i’m sure it has a reason, and something good will come out of it.[/b]

Oh this must be a dream!
Oh no, this isn’t a dream :sad: :grrr:

Hope you will find a new host. I would be really sorry if this forum went down, because I think it’s really great.

Maybe you could rent a web space on your own, if you have the resource that is needed? I won’t care if this forum would be bogged down by ads, if we just could find a great place to have this forum.

Hear hear, it would be a great shame not to have this forum :sad: I really hope that you can find somewhere new to put it.

Sorry I can’t help. I only have 20MB of space :sad:
It’s hard to find something for free that suport php, so Good luck!

got one:

I don’t know how much space you need, but this is the best you can get for free that suport 50MB (

But will they allow you to have a database?

I’ve Found a Server you can Put the forum on:

It has:
MySQL (have to request it - its free)
50+ Megs of Space (I think you can get More)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Hosting for Doman Names

Tottaly Free

I use it to host a couple of pages and it is fine

oh dear

just as i come back the we need a new server this is bad. why dont you put a temp website on goggle or somthin like that. then we can post and stuff will we are lookin for a new server.

I don’t like your idea rusher13 because there are many users on this net site, and a temp netsite like google can have limited bandwidth so that it will become slow, and Q will get a lot more working with copying, porting etc.

The problem with this free providers is that you never know when they gonna stop working/get out of business…

a basic webhosting guideline to follow:
never go with anything that says “free” or “unlimited”
both are false advertising.
they don’t stay free and unlimited becomes “you’re gonna have to pay a lot more now”.
always read the terms of service or you’re asking for trouble.
and never go with anything “cheap”… you pay for quality service and tech support.

the service i use is fairly inexpensive depending on the plan you order.
it comes with cpanel and a bunch of pre-installed scripts.
including a php forum that i use.
php forums use less bandwidth and are easier on the server.
avoid cgi based forums at all costs.
and yes it includes a database so you can integrate the member list if you know what you’re doing.

The problems are already solved :wink:

yeah i saw that after i posted.

well… . keep it in mind for future reference.