Battling Lucid Dry Spells

[color=blue]Battling Lucid Dry Spells[/color]

[color=green]Special thanks to Eilatan, Rhewin, and of course pasQuale for accepting me as a Scribe. :colgate: [/color]

[size=117]Dry Spells. Two of the foulest words a lucid dreamer can hear. Everyone has them, and it is one of the most common reasons beginners lose interest and patience. Dry spells discourage us, but with a positive attitude and a strong desire, we can battle them out of existence. :ok:

When we suddenly cease to have lucid dreams, pessimism tends to override our willingness to work. We want the lucidity to return, but our lack of desire causes us to become complacent. To resolve this circular problem, we must return to what first caused us to fall in love with lucid dreaming.

What caused you to fall in love with lucid dreaming? What inspired you to try it initially? Did you want to ask your subconscious a meaningful question, learn how to fly, or simply let your creativity bloom? Think of that, and remember how determined you were to achieve that goal.

You probably completed that goal already. It was a fantastic feeling, wasn’t it? Now think of your current dream goals. It could be teleportation or visiting a DC. If you don’t have any dream goals, read through Lucid Adventures for inspiration, or, better yet, choose something yourself, something personal. Remember to have fun with it and pick something you truly wish to accomplish.

Also, a great way to get back into lucid dreaming is to learn a new method. There are a dozen methods on the site to choose from, and it is always a good experience to learn and master something new. If you choose a method that will be more difficult for you, remember to keep your patience. A new method, along with awareness, hard work, and desire, is only part of battling your dry spell.

Finally, pamper yourself! Before bed, take a long hot shower, do some yoga, read a book, hot tea, anything that relaxes you and puts you in a good mood. Excercise throughout the day has also been proven to improve sleep quality and, of course, is a mood enhancer. A positive attitude before bed will definately aid in lucid dreaming.

However, whatever you do, it may take a while to become lucid again. Don’t stress. Take a break from trying, don’t put any pressure on yourself. Give yourself a week or so to recharge, and above all, [i]be patient[/i]. Keep a healthy attitude during your break and don’t lose hope. :content:

Whenever you have a dry spell, remember that you have the tools to battle it. Keep up your motivation and awareness, and love lucid dreaming enough to persevere through any lack of.[/size] :wink: