BIG Riddle Topic IV [Brainteaser: how to go to Heaven??]

wait one more question. Do you have to use all the numbers.

Yes you MUST use all the numbers and you may use each number only 1 time. Otherwise it would be pretty easy I guess :smile:

Oh and you may also use fractions if this would be necessary, because fractions don’t involve decimals.

okay then this should be easy
:uh: 3x7=21+7-3=25 no
can i give up now my brain is overheating real bad like :angry: :scream: :panic: (i sould really get some ventalation holes drilled into my skull) :angry: :scream: :panic:

:eek: Everytime I do it I get 23 or 25!
This time you have managed to send my husband and eldest son mad too!Could you give us a clue?

Hehehe that was not too bad. :wink: I love math! :biggrin:

I found the answer, but I’ll not reveal it in case you want to go even madder. :wink: Actually in fact, I want to see you become madder and insane because of this riddle. :biggrin:

sits back and watches

Oh! PM is on way. :content:

Uh uh, never mind. :shy:

I happen to… ahem malcaluated my math. Sorry. :crying: Look like I’m going nuts soon!



quote “Oh and you may also use fractions if this would be necessary, because fractions don’t involve decimals.”

Fractions = decimals as far as i know lol

maybe i forgot something hehe :razz:

Yes… that’s what fractions are for… they clean up the mess of decimals, but it is STILL decimal even though it is a fraction…

So, IS this a tricky riddle!?!? I’ve gone mad! :angry:

AHHHHHHHH! polices arrive in her room and take her away to a mental hospital

Great! See what you have done to me… I’m in mental hospital already! :angry: :angry: :angry:

OHHHHHHH, in math there is “not possible” theory so I’m going to use that. There! It’s IMPOSSIBLE! It has no solution that equals to 24! Hmph!

umm… too too sorry sir but I seem to see a problem with this.
You have four number and 4 sign.
If you try 3+3-7*7 for example, you still missing a /. And I try doing it as 33 and 77 and 37 and 73, but that leave 2 missing sign. Could you PM me the answer so I dun lose mind?

Well, I’ve found the answer. However, it DOES use fractions, and to my way of thinking, this is misleading when the original question stated that it didn’t use decimals. Same thing! :wink:

Anyway, I’ll PM it.

thank you atheist! You were talking to me or someone else?


Atheist… no way!!! :wow:
So you don’t convert fractions to decimals and then in the end it comes out a pure answer?

Please pm me with the answer pllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeee! I’m going nuts here! :cry:

Haha, I’m not even sure if it’s right yet.

Anyway, as much as I enjoy watching people go insane, I might as well let you know what I came up with. PM on the way to everyone who requested it.

Well i say its not fair LOL… been trying for 30 minutes or so and it just doesnt go if you dont use fractions… :eek:

The answer I arrived at uses fractions. In other words, 2 of the numbers formed using the available 4 at some point need to be divided into a fraction (resulting in something that’s not an integer).

Technically, fractions involve decimals. But here you don’t need to calculate the decimals. For instance you may use 1/3 because this only represents a division of 1 by 3, and both numbers don’t include decimals; you don’t need to calculate the fraction and use 0.333333. So in this view, it is allowed to use fractions :wink:

I didn’t say you must use every function! You MUST use EVERY number only ONCE. And you may not do things like putting 2 numbers together to form a new number (3 and 3 gives 33 for instance). You can only choose between the four given functions. Fractions are also allowed because they are a division. With this you must be able to find the answer.
I hope everything is clear now? (except for the solution ofcourse grin :wink: )

Congrats Atheist for being the first to find the answer! :beer: You may torture us with the next riddle :smile:

too too bad this topic die.

I am good at math. i even memorize alot of PI. I want to revive. :slight_smile:

The answer is okay to post mystic?

I have new riddle that is short. I have many.

You have 1000. you add 30. You add 1000. You add 40. you add 1000. You add 20. You add 1000. You add 10. what is answer. No use calculator. And don’t do if you already do this one. :slight_smile:



but thats just mental arithmetic not a riddle. In a riddle you often have to use lateral thinking.

uh 5000? count again its 4100 lol :content: