BIG Riddle Topic IV [Brainteaser: how to go to Heaven??]

Hey, that’s not bad. I admit I quickly got to 5000 before thinking about it properly. :wink:

Ok, here’s one that shouldn’t keep you up for too long:

When I have four I have none
When I have two I have some
When I have none I have them all

PM if you think you know it.

great job xetrov. hey! That is rhyming!

Am I just dense this morning? I still don’t get it. :help:

30 + 40 + 20 + 10 does not equal 1000, it equals 100.

It’s designed to be decieving, and it works. :content:

:eh: Well it is 30 years since I did “O” Level mathematics plus my brain may be going! :cool_laugh:

:angry: :crazy: how does that work? i added up 3 times and everytime i got to 5000, and i use my calculator and it ends up as 4100 :confused:

ah atheist, i see your answer now…

Yes ofcourse :happy: The answer was 7 * (3 + 3/7)
Congrats to everyone who has found it :wink:

Tricky riddle Atheist :eh: Can you give us a hint?

I’m not sure what I can say that won’t give it away…

Ok, how about this: The answer isn’t a physical object of any sort, it’s entirely literal.

Hope that isn’t too much info.

wowwee atheist. Is hard… but I will think more about. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s a hard one. You say it’s entirely literal but this just doesn’t make sense if you think about the riddle in the most literal way… Aaargh going mental

Ok, this is probably going a little too far with the hints, but I’ve already had a few guesses via PM, and I think people need a little more help. :tongue:

Hint #2: The answer can be found in the riddle itself (like 95% of other riddles out there).

:angry: I cannot figure that riddle out… even with that two hints. In fact, i don’t know what you were looking for. All I know that there are three lines of riddle… but what type of answer are you looking for?

I give up because my mind is crazy enough to go to a mental hospitial already. :panic: :crazy:

Thx for the tip. I thought it was something like that but this just doesn’t seem logical…
I think I’ll join you in that mental hospital DM7 :bored:

Congrats Moogle for being the first to solve the riddle! :smile:

pasQuale submitted a remarkably close guess, but so far no other suggestions have been competatively near to the answer.

Good work both of you. :wink:

Just in case you were wondering, yes, this is one of those riddles where after having the answer explained, you slap your head and go “What a stupid riddle!”. :smile:

OK moogle, looking forward to your riddle :happy:

What was the answer? I’m still going crazy! :angry:


And I’m looking forward to your riddle. :biggrin:

When I have four I have none
When I have two I have some
When I have none I have them all

Answer: The letters in the word ‘none’

Someone keep it going with the next one. :smile:

What a stupid riddle! :ack:
And I was looking for something like that too!

Well: Here’s some stuff from websites I found interesting.

A man was driving a black truck. His lights were not on, and the whole city was having a power outage. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How did the man see her?

We are a family. We live in an alley. We all look exactly the same, and when we get hurt our members are replaced. We fear the almighty sphere of death.

What are we?

Yes, these all sucked, so I decided not to wait for someone to solve them.
It was a bright, sunny day. Woah. Hard.
Bowling pins. Duh.


Oh man! That’s stupid. I’m stupid. :tongue:

Oh well. That was fun going to the mental hospitial! It was uh… interesting there. :content:

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