Birthday/Age mod is here :D

Finally :grin:

you can now enter your birthday in your profile.

This is optional.

Then your age will appear below your avatar, and it will be displayed that it is your birthday on the index.

you will also get a little popup message on your birthday.

Hope you like.

any bug/errors etc, please post in the feedback forum :smile:


ohhhhhhh… I just put mine in!! Can’t wait to Feb now!

This is good because I always forget my age! :grin:

/me loves it :boogie: … but won’t be adding her details :tongue:

/me is almost sure of moogle`s age.

It`s **


/me is shure of moogles age but won’t tell :smile:
/me goes to add his details :content:

/me waits for the mass of blackmail pms :tongue:

I like it. :happy:


Where will the birthdays be displayed?

the birthday is in the profile of each member (click the profile button).

And when it’s somebody’s birthday it is below the ‘who’s online’ :smile:

set your birthday to today and you will see :smile:

/me likes the new feature.

I won’t have to stick it in with location now! :cool_laugh:

WTF, are you seriously 15 o_o

[size=92][color=darkorchid][b]:slight_smile: Yay!

I used to know how old Moogle is…but…x_x; Not any more. xD

Goes to add age

Now all you need is a centering option. >,> <.<[/b][/color][/size]

WTFreak, are you seriously 16?! :razz: How old you think I was? :grin:

Nice. I asked for it some time ago. :smile:

Due to adding this mod, it’s not possible to set a new avatar now. Please be patient while I solve this.

In the meantime Don’t try setting another avatar in your profile because you won’t be able to. And then you are left without an avatar.

18,19 maybe 20 :happy:

Funny to hear peoples’ mental images of you, isn’t it? I always thought you were 17 or so, close enough. :content:

I thought both of you were way older

There is a topic about mental images in the gathering :cool: