Black LD4all T-shirts are here! :D

I had inspiration so I added new bumperstickers :happy:

Very Cool! :good:

Nice :smile:

Cooleo! :cool:

Oh they look so nice! Great job, Q (as always) :happy:

very nice :wink:

/me waits for black ld4all shirts :content:

Very nice Q! But hey, I would love a LD4All t-shirt in black! Good idea Fear!

unfortunately right now it isn’t possible to print on dark garments :sad: They (cafepress, where my store is hosted) have been talking about black shirts for ages, and working on it, but so far nothing can be said on when they will available.

when they are available i’ll announce it here :smile:

Can cafepress make bumper magnets instead of bumper stickers? I would really hate to stick something on my car’s paint but if I had a LD car magnet, hell yeah! :content:

The bumper stickers look great, BTW, Q!

Q, I like those bumper stickers. I like the colors on them.

What about a really dark navy blue or the blue on the home page of LD4all?

thanks :smile: I love them too :grin:

:peek: somebody bought 10 of them :happy: (5 of each)

what exactly dark navy blue? I don’t understand what you mean :help:

the color of the trim on the forum is the blue I mean. The one with the stars on it.

yes, but on what kind of product you mean? on the bumperstickers the bg is the same starry bg as the forum. Still can’t follow you i’m afraid :wink:

Okay, a T-shirt the same blue color as the border of the forum. I like the bumper stickers the way they are now.

What about key chains? Ever think of doing some of those?

unfortunately i can’t have dark t-shirts. I hope those will be available soon. Same thing with keychains, that is not available too. Great idea btw :smile:
I can make lightswitch covers now :happy: expect a RC one anytime soon :content:

Lightswitch covers… How inventive! If that doesn’t make you lucid, then I don’t know what else might work… :happy:

I’ve got an idea. What about a sticker that is just the ld4all logo? That would be a really good conversation starter. :smile:

I LOVE the lightswitch cover idea. RC will never be so easy.

lol Q i just had this crazy image where you are a lead fashion designer. :wink:

i dont know what u think about this idea, but you know the rubber band looking things that are plain colors or multi that a lot of poeple wear around their wrists. for expmale the roxy one for girls? what about a ld4all one of them? i dont know if you are actually taking ideas… lol sorry if you are not :smile:

yes, i’d love to make a LD4all one of that :happy: prob is in the current store i can’t make them and i don’t know where you would go to make those things. So if anybody knows let me know.

coming soon: lightswitches and mini buttons. And that just the logo sticker is cool too DePerc, only i include the URL to LD4all on all items :grin: