Brilliant dreams

Heres the link direct link removed. please don’t direct link to product vendors . Just wondering if anyone from here has tried it yet?

I’d advise against taking unnatural supplements…
You do not know how it affects your sleep cycle. :bored: If it suppresses your delta sleep to compensate for increased REM sleep then you’re in trouble… :sad:
If anyone wants to try it they SHOULD consult their doctor first. :content:

Galantamine, being an cholinesterase inhibitor, is likely to aid memory, but this does not directly mean an increase in dream vividness nor clarity.

It may increase the capacity of a person’s memory, but it is still up to the person themselves to actively excersize and strengthen thier memory neural pathways, and be aware conciously of thier memory retention capabilities. The placebo effect of taking a pill called ‘brilliant dreams’ is more likely to have a person expect the dream, thus creating a higher possibility.

Just as you say “Brilliant Dreams should not be considered a miracle 'lucid dreaming pill”, equally it shouldn’t be considered a dreaming pill.

It is an experimental memory/cognitive nootropic, and unless you can provide documented (refereed) journal evidence that directly links this nootropic to enhanced unvoluntary dream recall, using a double blind placebo test, then the marketing of your product is misleading, and this is not the appropriate forum for such discussion of nootropics in general.

(and my opinion:
…especially companies who market thier experimental products which attempt to pray on ‘the common person’ who is ‘uncapable’ of doing things by themselves due to nothing but sheer laziness or disbelief/denial, and must down a capsule that will take the hard work for them, with almost guaranteed results.)

until proven otherwise, “you have got to be joking”.

I apologize if my comment seemed spammy or inappropriate. Since this is a lucid dreaming forum, I felt it was on topic. In my own experience, I’ve always preferred companies where that endeavor to actively engage communities to answer questions contribute to discussions. That is what I was attempting to do here.

Regarding galanthamine and dream vividness (see reference studies to this affect on the bottom of our science page), I would be happy to address your comments in detail if desired. Just let me know.

Best regards,

Please supply a copy of all references.

This is exactly why I messaged the admin of this board with a proforma to change this forum’s rules so that no sources could be posted, because we are interested in the effects of particular chemicals in regards to lucid dreaming, not who can offer it to us…

Good point. I agree.

Heelloo fellow toolmen and handywomen! :cool_laugh:

I would really like to know if anyone has experience with this! I think it’s illegal to buy in my country unfortunately, but it would be so nice to hear from people who would take the effort and try it out! :mirror:

For the benefit of the great science we all crave so much for, we should focus on the handful of products that are scuientifically specialized to be tools for lucidity. :ok:

Link removed, then… :confused:

Ive just come across this website that sells this supplement to induce lucid dreams. Has anyone heard of it, or taken this?

direct link removed. please don’t direct link to product vendors
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I bought a bottle. I’ve only used it three times so far but I had tons of extrememly vivid and fast-paced dreams last night. None lucid, but that’s not unusual for me. I am cautiously optimistic about the stuff.

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Hello. I have found a website called Brilliant Dreams which claims that their pills guarantee excellent dream recall, clear vivid dreams, and often Ld’s. They offer a money back guarantee.

They claim to use galanthamine from a red flower red spider plant bulb which is common in China and Japan. This ingredient is used for patients with early signs of dementia and alzheimers disease, and is supposed to improve memory. They also contain choline and a slight amount of melatonin.
Have any of you tried these pills and if so, do they actually work?
If so, please reply. Thank you. Agent11421 :smile:

I’ve never tried them, but I think it’s not a good thing. Every person has the ability to have excellent recall and vivid dreams and LDs. Maybe a magic pill will get you there, but I believe it’s far better and more rewarding to acheive these things through your own power.

Having read the ingredients, don’t waste your money.

All it contains is melatonin, Choline (which can be found in cows milk), Lycoris Radiata (Red Spider Lily Extract aka Galantamine - something used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.) and Vitamin B5.

Not saying it wouldn’t work, but you can probably find cheaper products that work the same way.

Search: “red spider lily” extract on google. Most of the results are related to similar products. Dreamamins for example, offer 3 variations called Dreamscape, that supposedly raises your dream activity and Lucid Dreamer which claims to help you raise awareness in your dream.

Personally it sounds like it maybe a placebo and they are just preying on new people to LDing who are willing to spend money to get LDs faster.

But when it comes down to it, it’s your money.

I doubt that they pill is very effective, most likely a just a gimmick.

BTW this probably belongs in the Lucidity Tools forum.

I must admit that I was amazed at the numerous responses. I actually thought I was introducing something new to this forum with the dream pill thing.
Anyway, I have been trying to LD for so long now, only to end up with failures, and frustrations. At this point I am willing to try anything that may help me with my dreams.
Last night I took more pills than was recommended by the manufacturer because I am getting desperate. Oddly enough, I had a very long dream which is highly unusual for me. It wasn’t a very pleasant dream though, but at least it was a change of my usual pattern of dreams which are quite short and numerous.
Perhaps it was just a fluke, but I will do the same thing again tonight.
Lastly, I have heard of a mineral called magnetitum which is supposed to boost ESP and astral projection. I understand it is some kind of iron ore. Has anyone here tried it yet? Just wondering. After reading these posts, I will be very careful not to mention any manufacturers or distributors of these or any other products. Thank you for your time, attention, and advice everyone. :smile:

Last night before going to sleep, I took twice the manufacturers recommended dosage of dream pills.
I had several clear vivid dreams.
In one of the dreams I somehow became aware that I might be dreaming, and I said to myself, "If I am dreaming, then I should be able to fly. So to test it out, I began to run and then I leaped upward and sure enough I began to fly. Then i knew for sure i was dreaming.

Here is the odd part of it all. When I woke up in the morning, I remembered each and every dream in detail and wrote them all down in my dream journal. I say odd, because normally when I wake up in the morning I cannot remember my dreams.

I have only tried these pills for two nights with good results but, it is insufficient proof to me that the pills work for sure.
More time and testing is needed. I’ll try again tonight and let you know. Thanks. :smile:

Again I have had good results with dream recall, taking these dream pills. Also, my memory in general has greatly improved.
I realize that everyone’s metabolism is different, and what works for one, may not work for another.
Lastly, I will report my results once a week, rather than everyday, as to not take up too much space on this forum. :smile:

i have tried the one from Brilliant Dreams. It works very well. I have much better dream recall, more dreams…
I must notice that this is the first thing that actually worked for me. I have tried everything from NovaDreamer, all kind of different audio CD (Bradley Thompson and Monroe Institute included), I went to hypnosis please read the forum guidelines concerning drugs :cool:
Now I have ordered also Lucid Dreamer…
Wish me luck

[Lucid Dream Pill)

It’s been about a week gone by now, and I can honestly say I have dreams every night now and good dream recall.
However, I have not had another lucid dream yet. the problem is that my dreams make too much sense, so I don’t suspect that I am dreaming.
For example, I never dream of wierd things like a green octopus walking down memory lane with a ten foot tall hippopotamus.
My dreams are all sensible.
Also, I rarely have a nightmare because I never watch horror films. I dislike them.
Gotta go…peace… :smile:

Hey im new here and just wanted to say that im happy to see that they (B-Dreams) has worked for you,i to have bought them and should get them in a couple of days,i never realy thought about LD or even my regular dreams till one night where i had a dream about an old friend that i havnt seen in a long time,we went to the same school and then i moved away and some feelings never realy got expressed,the dream wasnt sexual but just seeing her was an experience that made me want to search about dreams and thats when i learned about LD and i eventually found this site. :smile:

To Agent11421,

I to never have had any realy weird dreams,im hopeing that doesnt effect my chances to have a LD,Like the dream i had last night was about me and a lady vampire on a date,but i only found out she was a vampire at the end of the dream and thats when i woke,but before that it was very normal.

P.S, Sorry for the ramblings,i couldnt stop typing. :smile: