Bringing things from dreams to RL?

Do you think it’s possible? Somehow have our minds materialize something from our dreams or bring things from other dimensions?

This night I dreamed that I was bitten on a finger by a ferret. When I woke up I found I had a cut on that finger, a small cut I hadn’t noticed before. It’s smaller than the dream wound, and probably it was the cut’s pain that made me dream with the ferret bite, but still, it’s an interesting thought.

In a dream I dreamt that I still had long hair (I had cut my hair short about 2 weeks before) and I ran my hand through my hair and pulled out some hair.

When I woke up I had my own long hair wrapped around the same hand. I’m not talking two or three stray bits of hair, I am talking 20+ hairs. Where they came from I never found out.

Make of it what you will.

There is an old topic about this: part one is likely in the archives.

I have that same belief. I think it’s possible, I mean why not right?

I don’t think I believe it’s possible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. I hope to be surprised someday!! I mean, I didn’t quite belive in telepathy or seeing the future until I started reading about remote viewing, so… who knows. :grin:

when i first saw this i thought… o you mean pratice playing an instrument and be better IRL
but if this works… im totally going to dream about money :smile: personally i dont think so, but if it ever happens to you let me know

o btw… ive had that happen to me, once i got cut in the stomache with a knife, i woke up and i had a small cut on my gut =P
also i have had a dream fight with my brother where he uh… squeezed my balls to the point where i woke up from pain and my balls hurt IRL so who knows :smile:

I haven’t had this happen to me before, yet. I believe that it is possible, and I’m going try it sometime.

I doubt it very much because such thing will require a huge paradigm shift in science.
I mean, unless one is a solipsist and can bend reality by means of his own will…

But there is no doubt that external reality can influence dreams while they are happening.

I tend to be such a skeptic regarding this sort of thing, so I personally don’t believe this is possible. It’s not like our dreams take place in another dimensional “dream plane”, they are just manufactured by our brain. As for what Mohegan says, that is indeed interesting. I certainly have no explanation for that yet I still won’t believe it possible until I have a similar experience, that’s just the way I am.

Bringing material things into the world from a dream? Impossible.

Pain and cuts from a dream leaking into real life onto the dreamer? Possible.

That is what I meant too say. Materials no, but pain and cuts may be possible.

If it were possible, I’d bring many magic items.

Hey, anything is possible. In one of the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies I believe they tried to bring Freddy from the dream world to the real world, but sadly, that’s Hollywood.

I wonder (for example) if you dreamed about a particular car and when you woke up you found out that you won that car in a lottery. Did you predict it? Or did you visualize it enough in the dream world to create it in the real world? Therefore bringing an object from the dream world to the real world.

What about writing to disks IRL? If one could bring dream ojects into real life, then surely saving your dream to a DVD on your nightstand must be possible. Think about it… What puts stuff on a disk in the first place? Light! A laser does it. If ghosts can throw physical objects (that have mass) across a room, then theoretically, imprinting your thoughts onto a disk must be a piece of cake, because you’re not even touching anything! Imagine the possibilities: making your very own cartoons/videogames, modifying your preexisting videogames with new characters, levels, weapons, & vehicles, or just being able to watch your dreams whenever you want, on DVD! :gni:

I think that for the cut, you didnt noticed him before but when you sleep it hurts and so you dream about it. Sometimes i have little cuts I didnt noticed before, it happens often.

An exploration for the hair could be that you had some hair in your bed or your hair falls really out :wink: So it is not because you dreamed that you hair falls out, your hair falls out and you dreamed about that :wink:

It would be very cool if you could do that. But remember that our brain si a huge harddisk where we store all our information!

Yeah… But if you’re like me, some invisible jerk comes along & rubs a magnet on that hard disk. :tongue:

When i was in the process of kicking the habit of smoking weed, just about all my dreams were, weed related, and i had this one dream, i was using my shirt to hold a crap load of weed…
upon awakening i was swimming through the blankets looking for this weed i just had in my possession.
needless to say, there was no weed in my bed, but it sure would’ve been cool if there was!! lol :woo:

@ acillis: lately had a dream in which i had a weedplant, and everytime i ripped of a bit, it regrew in an instant… :razz:

I’m as always cleary scientific. Don’t think you can bring anythin from a dream into RL. But you can bring ideas, that’s what’s great, i think :smile:

maybe i can figure out such a plant…


Well, I guess I should think twice about jumping off a building in a dream! Wouldn’t want to wake up as a bloody mess all over the bed!

Anyway, I don’t believe it to be true. Sometimes people dream there are bugs on them, when there is, in fact, a bug crawling on them. They can feel the real bug but it doesn’t quite wake them up. Same thing with the cuts. You could scrape yourself on something while turning over in your bed for example. Or it could be a spider bite.

It’s the same thing as hearing your alarm clock in your dream as something else.

On the other hand, this might have to do with Chaos Magick. Essentially what it is is the fact that anything is possible (hence: Chaos), and with enough mental training you can learn to manifest your desires out of the chaos. When it’s put that way it sounds somewhat reasonable/possible to me.

Now perhaps if you are into a dream it could simply be involuntary Chaos Magick.

(Google Chaos Magick and look into it a bit, some of the stuff is really interesting.)

please imagine a lot of gasoline or uranium and of course some food to solve all problems of mankind.

no, it is not possible, would be a pretty violation of the law of conservation of energy