Buddy systems

I read a post where someone was looking to set up an online buddy system. What would be involved, how would you set one up, would it be mostly support?

Good morning from Greece,
I think there are problems trying to make a system.
You may create a superficial group of common seekers but not buddies…
A buddy is someone you have recognized along the way, looking at the pains and joys of his soul.
In other words you may create an acquaintance system, but to my understanding you may be asking for buddies that are more essential…
If this is the case, then you may have to expose yourself and your values in order to gain the slightest response of a valuable buddy…

Promitheus, I disagree. While on the surface things may seem superficial, it is the people that make these things special, not the system.

For example, dating websites are the exact same, they are at the core just simple tools to introduce two people that want to do something with eachother, in their case build a relationship, and it is no different in a buddy system to find people to support eachother in LDing.

In both cases, all the system is doing is introducing two people that are looking for someone to do something together, and in both cases I feel it could be a very valuable tool in doing so, as after the people participating in such a system meet a like-minded individual, it would be their motivation and human contact and friendliness that would keep a supportive relationship of the desired type going.

While obviously some “superficial seekers” exist in any kind of matchmaking setup in the world, over the internet or not, that is not a reason to discredit a service to help meet like-minded individuals to meet each other, as many people are serious and I am of the personal belief that it is not difficult for them to find someone like that.

Obviously noone starts off being “buddies”, learning the pains and joys of their soul; nobody does. On dating websites, people who eventually become soulmates and happily married, they do not start off with the ideal state that you described; noone does. They are simply introduced to eachother and their human communication and bonding does the rest, as it definitely would be the case in a service looking to mach people for a lucid dreaming partner.

Good day Rubiks_Cube_Man,

We basically agree. (In disagreement)
You really elucidated my point perfectly.
Matchmaking arranges meeting people! Meeting…
The distinguishing factor here is the absence of physical human contact: voice, looks, aura emanation, temperament…
All that essential stuff you overcome after only a date, but here you cannot lay those bridges through a posting system that restricts communication in our heads.
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas is all we exchange!
So, definitely I would like to make you my buddy, but unless we bump onto each other someday we are doomed in superficial exchange of meaningful ideas .
I do not underestimate the value of the knowledge we exchange, but I do not consider anyone here to be my buddy, so I do personally challenge you…
I confess that I would owe you sincerely a great deal if you would become my buddy and prove me wrong!

Wishing you the best for today,

You definitely make a good point, in that people must meet eachother personally and get to know eachother not only through words but through their body language, and that is something that an online matching system will definetely never be able to overcome. I concede on the fact that to be true buddies, one must know them in person to truly know them.

However, for the purpose of meeting acquaintances to discuss and motivate eachother in the field of lucid dreaming, a relationship based solely on the exchange of words is sufficient to meet this task.

Hello, I am still unsure what is this about, so I am going to post all my hypotheses.

If you guys want to chat by text, voice, video with LD4all members over the internet, there are some ways already:

We have IRC (text only instant chat):
ld4all.com/forum/chat.php (that link just above our heads)

Mumble (voice):
ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 778#715778

Several LD4all members also use Skype, but I guess you need to ask them to add you. Mumble is empty during several hours but it’s easier to find people using IRC.

If you are searching for social media, the main page has some links.

If you want to meet up:

1 - There are annual events related to LDing that some members attend, we usually post about it when they are about to happen;

2 - Search The Gathering for topics related to meeting people (who wish to be met), in special this topic.

If you want to suggest LD4all website to have a buddy system (so you can add friends and it would notify you when they are online) then you should suggest that under Feedback and suggestions.

If it’s unrelated to LDing, then it shouldn’t be here in General Lucidness…

Now, about the philosophy behind “what buddy means”, I am not going to elaborate.

Good luck

I have to strongly disagree with this. Just because you meet up with someone face to face does not make the relationship ‘real and able to proceed to real friendship’.
Exchanging ideas isn’t superficial but I suppose as in life, people only get out of relationships what they are willing to put into them.

IMO a one to one buddy system is set up to failure, one of the pair is likely to get less active or lose motivation/interest. A multi friend support system will happen naturally if you are active on the forum.

As far as Tggtt dealed with hypotheses, I have to admit that it was a perfect opportunity to stir the topic to a new dimension.
After all this “buddy system” title is in itself instituting a social form and you cannot talk about it without breaking eggs as in an omelette.
None in my opinion had the suspected intention to socialize, (as a novice I am obliged to thank Tggtt for all the additional links provided), but the intervention is putting a certain pressure that dictates the style of expression within this post. Please prove me wrong!
I see an unjustified haste for Order… whereas the post integrity has not been violated and our views and oppositions will sure come to a fair approach.
Finally in essensce core:
Tggtt is absolutely right stating that:
If it’s unrelated to LDing, then it shouldn’t be here in General Lucidness…
This is the real issue and I should ask the moderators for proper action.


What I meant by a buddy system was two people keeping in regular contact, while learning and practicing lucid dreaming.
Sharing experiences and reflections on lucid dreaming, motivating each other by feeding on each others enthusiasm.

[b]I think that Oneirophant’s statement is absolutely clear and valid, expressing the average Ld4all member willing to communicate.
Fair and square.

If only all the “sleeping” members of Ld4all were “revived” and shared his eaherness for communication, then we would all be progressing faster and further.

Carry on Oneirophant, you have our full support…[/b]

For what it’s worth, a friend and I set up a real life RC buddy system for whenever we hang out, which is pretty often. If nothing else, it reinforces habit. (You’re twice as likely to remember.)

Attempting this online may have mixed results. (I.E. If can remember to log on to a lucid dreaming community site, you can probably remember to RC.)

[b]We wish you all the best in this buddy joining effort.

May your combined powers be fruitfull in Lucids !!! [/b]