Can one be awake and still be dreaming?????

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i have a crazy question,first of all i ahv been totaly obsessed with dreaming for the last year and a half , and im getting pretty good at it, but something has been happening that has me alittle scared,i have been waking up and still remain dreaming and awake at the same time, iknow this bcuz i will talk to sombody in the same room who is completely awake and talk to someone in my dream at the same time,and the person thats awake will ask who im talking to,i could go into detail but i just want to know if im goin nuts, i mean i have people congrigating in my room,my family thinks im goin nuts, plees respond

i have been awake during LDs before. i even opened my physical eyes while still dreaming. Its weird. Its like seeing an LD happening but around the edges past it i can see the real world, my room.
ive never talked to anyone while dreaming though. my guess is, theres nothing really wrong with you, ur brain has prolly been experiencing so many dreams thats its getting a bit confused between the dream world and real world, thus when you wake up it doesnt know that its time to end the dream. but wut do i know, im not a doctor.

it all started with dream paralysis,i would awake and i wouldnt be able to move,then came the people that i couldnt realy make out but it would almost look like a party and they would be wearing formal wear and dresses, ithink,from wut i could make out anyway,and they would all be talking but i couldnt make out the words,i then read somewhere that people have confused this with alien abductions,i could see why,anyway then it started getting realy weird,i would wake up and see my room, but one time there was a road coming out of my wall,one time there was kids playing on my floor and i askt them who had left them there, that where wer there parents,my brother who was on the bed next to mine askt me who i was talking to and i sed who r they dont you see them,i mean it got so scary that ive been trying to stop LDing,at least till i understand what’s goin on,its been two months now,i get so scared now wen i realize im dreaming that i wake up as soon as i do,i read somwhere that shamans could dream while awake talking to some one,sorry im talking so scatterd ,if someone could direct me to some reading material it would be kool,thanx Trigpoe for responding

When you wake up in SP you can sometimes be in-between sleep and wakefulness. This can be very confusing as you may experience hypnotic hallucinations. If this is the case with you I would say you have nothing to worry about.

My parents sometimes tell me to do things when I am sleeping and I answer them so they think I am awake but I am really sleeping

You could try this, If nothing else He has had experiences like you describe. … monroe.pdf

Great reading

thnx again Gordo

konnart, please correct your punctuation to make it easier to read. Check the forum rules. One comma is adequate, four or five in a row is just an eyesore.

If it happens only in sleep paralysis, it must be all right. Some dream characters seem to like to see us off when we depart to reality and don’t want to leave us. :grin: You were lucky that were only harmless kids. :smile: I’ve read somewhere at this forum somebody had enough time to draw in real life a picture he continued to see after waking up. :bored:

Waw, it’s very weird !
I agree with Ilana : if your hallucinations are always related with sleep paralysis, it’s a “normal” sleep paralysis symptom.
As this forum is not a medical one, and you probably won’t find here nor a SP specialist, neither someone who experimented that, try to find information with Google and “sleep paralysis” or “sleep disorders”. It seems to me I saw somewhere a forum about sleep disorders, where people were asking questions like yours.

Of course, if you talk to your family like that : “Hey Dad comma comma comma Please give me the salt comma comma comma Thanks Dad”, I understand that they think you are nuts :wink:

Konnart, Hi, I have a few thoughts about this question.
1- well, I have had the experience in various ways; waking up in bed, opening my eyes, recognizing the realness of being awake, than closing my eyes, and realizing that the dream I had before waking up was still in progress. Or waking up, sitting in bed, in the dark, and watching the dream continue for a few moments in the middle of my room. I remember once tuning around to wake up my girlfriend, and than smiling to my self, “how could she possibly see it, its in my head”.
2- The way I see it, is that the mind has this ability to create images, sounds, feelings or sensations and even smell when we are dreaming. You might have noticed that in dreams, it is more difficult to feel things with your hands than it is to see or hear things, smell is even more difficult.
3- So there is the mind creating this dream environment, and for some reason, when you wake up, it continues to project the dream, and you have the overlapping perception of reality and the dream that is still in progress. Now I think I can safely say that I understand the stress of experiencing something this unusual, because it is unusual, but that does not make it a problem. The problem might come in the form of people not understanding what your exploring and experiencing, the problem might also be that you have to keep up with some social “obligations” like school, work, or what ever. To see the actual size of the problem you can try to imagine if You could get away and just go somewhere you like and stay there for as long as you like, so as to take the time to work through this experience your having. I mean, come on, if every one around you said “cool, how do you do it, can you teach us, how long does it last…” You would most probably feel only a fraction of the stress you feel. Perspective.
4- “it got so scary that ive been trying to stop LDing,at least till i understand what’s goin on,its been two months now,i get so scared now wen i realize im dreaming that i wake up as soon as i do”
5- As a basic rule, I would say, drop the fear as if it was a stone in your hand. If You stop LDing, how will you figure out what your dealing with? You can’t learn to ride a motorbike with out starting the engine and riding it, you can read up on some theory but in the end, you have to get on it and ride it. It’s like rock climbing, in a way, and I have seen people; fear and than panic on a rock face. They lose there ability to function, to deal with what is in there face, the rock, climbing, and you have to hang there, talk them through the images in there mind, bring them back to the rock face, so that they can do what they need to do to move on/up. Your exploring like many people in this place, new territories in your own mind, see it as a challenge rather than defining it as a problem… I would encourage you to move on, deal with the fears, work through them, and learn more about the ability of the mind to project dream like images while in an awaken state.
6- Having said that, I would have to add that if you need to gather up more theory about what your experiencing before pushing on, than do so. And you might share with others here what you find out about the theory and the practice of this subject. I think it’s an excellent subject to be work here. When things get like that for me, I go partly scientist, I start writing down all my observation of who when where how why… and it put a bit of a distance between my self and the stress/fear that might have come up.
7- So, good luck with it, have fun, and I will try to find some theory on the subject, and post it here if I find some.
8- Note; insane, just look outside, look at most people and what they value, and if you live in a big city, the insanity is all the more blatant, so a little hallucination is a far cry from being even ankle high to insanity. Don’t worry about insanity.
yes, one last thing, you might find some interesting similaries with Dr. Timothy Leary, PhD (1920-1996) Psychologist, philosopher, explorer, teacher, optimist, author and revolutionary avatar of the mind… it’s been a long time since i read one of his books, but I do remember him having much to say about hallucinations. I’ll try to find more practical stuff in the next few weeks.
like the dwarph said to him self while running on to the land of mordor,“BREATH, JUST BREATH”.

first of all i would like to say that i stopped writing in this columb when i was first scollded by remot for using to many comas… i realy dont want to hear it from nobody else…i didnt know i needed a degree in typing just to get a message across…i mean… ignore the f***ng comas and pay attention to whats realy important here… anyway i put those comas there bcuz i somtimes feel im all over the place wen i talk so i separate everything so it dont look like one long message…second i would like to thank Gordo for posting a book that woke me up to alot of stuff that i would have otherwise misssed… it was a little depressing to find out that what i was expeiriencing was the first stages of an oobe,… but everytime my spirit body was about to leave i would shake the vibrations off cus i thot sumthing was wrong…third i would like to thank, Deucalion for taking the time to read my post and give me some very valuable pointers on this…its been very frustrating but ive been trying my ass off to get where i was mentaly b4" the big scares"…its been pretty hard and very frustrating, but i think im getting there but very slowly… last night i had a prediction dream where i was walking my dog and caught a snake…this morning when i was walking the dog i caught a snake, the same one from my dreams, same color and everything…i didnt even know there were snakes around these parts…anyway i dont know what happend but im not as obsessed with dreaming as i was a few months ago but im trying realy hard to be obsessed…cus it seems to me that that is the only way it works, if its on your mind 24-7 …

A bit picky now are we?? Maybe we should just ban those who suffer from dyslexia aswell? I perfectly understood what this person was saying.

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anyways, interesting read, this.

Konnart - if you think that there is crazy, you have no idea. if that happened to me i would think of it as fun, because it would help me alot in remembering my dreams. why it happens and how to do anything about it is beyond the scope of my knowledge, but i say go with the flow, and just enjoy the ride.

and besides, since when was it a bad thing to be a little crazy? if anyone sees you talking to a dc while wide awake, it would be a great way to start a conversation, right? if you time things right, and be creative, it might even be a good way to get a date :tongue:

Did I say ban? I certainly don’t think we should ban konart, or dyslexics, or anything like that. While you may have understood what he was saying, it’s a pain to read when it’s all in one long line, and hard to sift through too.

Besides, is it really that much effort to press space between words? konart kept forgetting to. What’s so hard about capitalizing “I” and “I’m”? Giving your post a look through and neatening it up? “askt”? “scatterd”? “mentaly”? “b4”? I mean, is this English?

btw konnart its kinda funny wen i looked in ur post history… instead of riting with commas you rote with dots… thats relly funny…

Hey, I don’t really care about his/her self-esteem. They know that they aren’t writing proper English. They know some people don’t like reading it. What’s the problem with me telling him?

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Now I’ll get to what you’ve actually wrote, if I have anything interesting to say about it.

Sounds like that’s just hypnapompic imagery to me. I’m just surprised that using your body (especially talking) doesn’t wake you up completely.

Don’t worry about the rather wierd dreams. They’re always wierd, right? That’s what’s so cool about them, right?

(There are three problems with my post. The first is that I quoted the original post in full, the second is that everybody’s said pretty much the same thing, the third is that it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek. I’m not going to to bother correcting any of them, just to make my point. :cool:)

lyk i sed b4…i didnt know i needed a degree in typing to post here… and you lookt thru my post history but neglected to take note of the post dates…cuz i started using dots after u complained about my comas…pleez stop bieng so anal… and stick to wuts important… dont hate on me cuz i use two fingers to type…
all im trying to do iz b a part of somthing thats means alot to me… :confused:

Konnart you typ as you want to typ a message, its not a grammar school here indeed! On the other hand ppl are free and can say ok i dont want to read that post because i cant make any sense out of it.

So if you want that ppl read your post, you lol shall have to take a certain ammount of effort to make it so that ppl can read it and want to read it.
Thats it!

Btw konnart i have had many experiences in variation of being awake and already dreaming at the same time.
so yes its possible.
for me it came with meditation, hypnosis and trance experience, or just being extremely tired.