Can you have conversations with real people in lucid dreams?

Why yes, I found this out a few years ago. I had a dream that me and my 3 cousins were running from a flying shadow bird. We knew we were dreaming. I told them how to wake up. They did. The next morning, I called them. They remembed everything that happened in the dream. We had out jaws almost out of our sockets.

dreaming is just as ‘real’ as waking.
it’s just different.
Just last night, 2 friends of mine , a couple, approached me in a dream and started bitching about each other for quite some time. Today, as it turns out, they were really fighting as I was dreaming and they just projected it to me. They were quite surprised when they found out I joined them in the conversation ^^

Of course, It’s called shared dreaming.

It depends on your opinions, some do believe you can talk to people in shared dreams. Others don’t believe at all; they would likely say it was a coincidence or the dream was incubated by a shared experience, such as a movie all of you watched or something else that was shared in your environment and acted as a trigger. Also a possible contributing factor is mis-remembering details, since our memories aren’t perfect, especially when it comes to dreams. The context in which you recalled it would make a big difference here.

There are also others who waiver somewhere in between, not saying they are impossible, but just that they haven’t seen / felt compelling evidence yet. Basically, it’s down to you to choose what you believe.

Yes I have them often, usually its telepathic though which seems to come natural for me in the astral.

What an amazing experience to have. I’ve always found shared dreaming very interesting although I haven’t had one myself. Not one that I’ve managed to corroborate, at least. Are you close with your cousins? Maybe you have a connection on a deeper level that allows you to pick up on each others thoughts in this way…

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