cant stay focused

the method I use to have an LD is a pretty different method, but it worked the first time, but not anymore, what i do is while im falling asleep I either count 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming, or i repeat im dreaming over and over. it worked well the first time but now i get to about 10 or repeat about 20 times i doze off, but not into sleep i just stop counting or repeating, does anyone have any tips for what i should do or should i just try a different method?

try WBTB + WILD, you can read my guide at: … 459#393459

Could you describe more precisely your problem? Why do you stop counting yet not fall asleep? What happens exactly?

i doze off of counting becuase its kind of boring and i think of other things that eventually turn into a dream but i want to keep counting till i dream so i wake up in my dream counting “am i dreamings” and i become lucid(it worked the first time…)

try practicing meditation, it helps alot to keep those other thoughts out. It might be boring at first, but its very useful.

I have the same problem, I tell my self I’m going to stay focused and enter my dream lucid, but I always lose focus and forget to put my full attention on becoming lucid. Then once I start dreaming I don’t even remember at all and forget to notice all sorts of dreamsigns until right after I awake…

Thanks crazyboy for explaining this. I’m sorry, I forgot to ask you if you practised WBTB or not. :sad:

If you practice WBTB before WILD, then you should try to make your mind more awake, by staying some more time out of bed, or putting water on your face, breathing fresh air, etc. Some people would advice drinking coffee ou Coca, but I don’t think it’s a great idea cause caffeine doesn’t take effect immediatly.

This is only if you find your state of mind completely blurry and sleepy too much.

Now if you think your mind is clear when you start your practise, then the only thing to do is concentrating a little more, and focus back to the practise as soon as you notice that your thoughts begin to wander. This is a very common beginner problem indeed. Anyhow, it’s better to fall asleep quickly than never being able to fall asleep due to concentrating too much. :wink:

@ Tahku : not noticing dreamsigns is not the same problem BTW. If you don’t practice RC’s or autosuggestion in order to notice some precise dreamsigns, you’re likely to not notice them.