certain areas of school...

is very strange thing about my school.

There is one place, near bathrooms outside gym, with strange stairs, many hallways, and find myself thinking about this place at school frequently without noticing. So I grab Hallpass nnext period, and go there. ANd Is very strange. Is feel so dreamlike, and looking for anything to prove is dream, but all check show reality. Clock is there, round small black camera, and exit from school leading out back way. I get VERY strange feeling there, and think about frequently without noticing.

There are 3 or 4 places in school that I think about like this, but this one stick out as strongest.

Is there any Idea why? There seem to be something obvious wrong about that one spot, but cannot tell what it is…

just wondering if anyone have similar experience.


(Never happened to me)

i thinking about that before, as is very old school.

Your Bored! :help:

^yup^ I have to agree with hubbs…nice avatar btw

My old school was like that. There were some spots that just felt really erie and it was a really old building. I think some places are just interesting like that.

Is it reasonable to guess that something significant may have happened at this particular location, even if you don’t remember it? Alternatively, does that location remind you of a place you used to visit, or of a dream? Is it a feeling of nostalgia you experience when you walk through there, and does it only happen when you’re alone?

It’s hard to say why you feel a particular way about a seemingly random and arbitrary location, but you can usually trace it back to something.

I get that feeling too, but not in one particular spot all the time. Have you had weird dreams about that place? Does it remind you of a dreamscape that you have often?

ChicoRaton Wrote:

Who, Me? :content:

used to visit=no
dream= That was my theory, but i"m not sure.
Nostalgia= yes yes! Exactly!
Only when alone= DEFINATELY.

When I pass this section of school during period of passing where everyone go to class, I feel nothing. Is High traffic area. But (There is bathroom there) if I need to go to bathroom, I have to walk by section of hallway mentioned and get weird feeling about.

^.^ and I was not simply bored when posted this, I had been thinking about posting for long time.

Not bored now, i mean at school :tongue:
Can you find school boring at all? Its not really that exciting :neutral:

oh. School is so so easy. :content: They tell me I’m smart ^.^

But they’re wrong. I’m just quick on feet.

Yes, I am bored alot, but now that i think about, 80% of time I think of place in school, I am trying to sleep in connection.

Possible Link? Connections class is near spot. ^.^

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wow. someone had nothing better to post. ^.^

This may be your first of many experiences like this Trung Of Wu.

I think I’ve had many of the same experiences you describe. I’ve never found a word for it, and I’ve never been able to put it into words.

I sometimes have a certain place/location that my mind drifts off to. It could be while I’m day-dreaming, thinking of problems, or driving down the road. To quote Atheist it’s usually a “random and arbitrary” location, and it gets stuck in my head.

The last location like this for me was an intersection at a stop light. I could be working out a math problem and thinking about solving it, but I would find that location deeper in my mind. All for no apparent reason and the locations would change eventually.

It’s really hard to explain.



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No clue, sounds just like a weird building =P

fairly recently since I made this post, there has been a different location at school with the exact same feeling and thought. I find my mind drifting to the intersection between the main hall and a hall without classrooms…

Its a glitch in your school :happy: Sounds odd, i rememeber falling asleep at school, but i have odd dreams, that make me fall out of my seat and scream at other students, but noting like what you described :content:

Josh, I laughed my ass off :rofl: :gni: :lol:ARRRGH