Changing Gender

Hasanyone ever changed sex in a LD? Im askign this because i had a really vivid dream where I was a girl, and i guess i just decided to ask.

Nope not in a LD but I have in a vivid dream. I was a guy and I had a girlfriend. It was quite odd actually.

Not in a LD (since i havn’t had the opportunity :razz:)

But in a ND? oh sure, plenty of times.

Yeah it’s pretty fun, although there IS some weight redistribution.

Yea I found it really strange…
I woke up with a terrible fright afterwards :tongue: It has only ever happened once though (thank god!)

you get over it fast :lol:

and it’s a good dreamsign :wink:

Hmmm yea…i guess so. Me and dream signs really dont have a good relationship. :neutral:

yea, waking up from those vivid dreams is scary.

Not in a LD i havent tho might give it ago if i can :content: But in a ND i have and i must say a was dammmmmmmmmm SEXY :nodnodwinkwink:


I switch genders every opportunity I get! I don’t like being a girl so LD’s are a nice retreat for me.

It’s also an excellent DS in ND’s.


don’t judge me till you’ve tried it

I had a LD last night. I was at work :grrr: ( It really sux when you dream of work ) and I noticed things weren’t right. There was nothing there it was empty. Anyway I thought this strange and did my reality check ( which is bitting my lip ) and found i was dreaming :cool_laugh: This guy that i work with was hanging around and i don’t like him hes a F%@# wit and so I thought I would try and change him in to someone else. I focus’d on my hand and focus’d my hand like a Jedi using the force on him and started changing him in to this hot chick. First his face then hair then body :nodnodwinkwink: . I watched as he morfed in to a she. But this took a lot of concentration and I could feel myself losing lucidty :sigh: but wanted to see the end product and pushed on lost lucidty :cry: and the dream changed. I know that it wasn’t me that changed but still thats pretty cool :thumbs: :cool:

I once had a dream I was a woman, it was… interesting to say the least. But I prefer being a guy :razz:.

I have never changed gender in a ND or LD, as I know. I remember I allways wanted to do that when I was a little child :tongue:
I wonder how I would look like, if I was a guy …

Since this topic has moved on to discussing both normal and lucid dreams, I moved it into here. :cool:

I was a female once. It can become quite disgusting if you don’t do it on purpose. Otherwise it can be fun.

I’ve never changed gender before, but I did hear tell of a person at the PureZC forum (which, incidentally, I am a part of - it’s really nice) who had a dream that the genders of everyone he knew were changed, so he was a girl and had a boyfriend, his mother was his father, his father was his mother… There is one quote I remember from the post:

…Or something like that. It was interesting.

nope but i ave always want \ed to.i wonder what i look like as a girl.

I was a boy in my nightmare I had this night!

I was sexy as a guy. I was thin, but not too thin. I didn’t see my face, because there was no mirrors -.- But I have a feeling it was cute.
I had black jeans, and black a shirt… The jeans wasn’t too tight or too big, either.
As a guy, I couldn’t really dress myself. It was too much black. But the shirt gave me a nice shape - but really, I don’t like guys who can dress themselves so nice as in this dream.

Since it was a nightmare, and I was scared of the psycho people with each chainsaw, it wasn’t much more fun being a boy.

Hahaha I’ve changed into a girl several times now. I remember specially once when I was a sword-fighting girl. It was pretty nice.

Once, in a semi-lucid LD I had been changed into a girl, and was being stalked by a creepy guy o_o

Other time, in an ND, I changed into a girl and my first thought was to grope myself :razz:

:yes: i was very attractive as a women (multiple times over :lol:)