'Chaos Cloud' headed for earth, ETA 2014?

Hm well it’s currently up at yahoo under “Entertainment News and Gossip” so don’t know if this is for real but check it out:


Monday September 12, 2005


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Scared-stiff astronomers have detected a mysterious mass they’ve dubbed a “chaos cloud” that dissolves everything in its path, including comets, asteroids, planets and entire stars – and it’s headed directly toward Earth!

Discovered April 6 by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, the swirling, 10 million-mile- wide cosmic dust cloud has been likened to an “acid nebula” and is hurtling toward us at close to the speed of light – making its estimated time of arrival 9:15 a.m. EDT on June 1, 2014.

“The good news is that this finding confirms several cutting- edge ideas in theoretical physics,” announced Dr. Albert Sherwinski, a Cambridge based astrophysicist with close ties to NASA.

“The bad news is that the total annihilation of our solar system is imminent.”

Experts believe the chaos cloud is composed of particles spawned near the event horizon of a black hole (a form of what’s called Hawking Radiation) that have been distorted by mangled information spewed from the hole.

“A super-massive black hole lies about 28,000 light-years from Earth at the center of our galaxy,” explained Dr. Sherwinski.

"Last year the eminent physicist Stephen Hawking revised his theory of black holes – which previously held that nothing could escape the hole’s powerful gravitational field. He demonstrated that information about objects that have been sucked in can be emitted in mangled form.

"It now appears that mangled information can distort matter.

"Just imagine our galaxy the Milky Way as a beautiful, handwritten letter.

“Now imagine pouring a glass of water on the paper and watching the words dissolve as the stain spreads. That’s what the chaos cloud does to every star or planet it encounters.”

To avoid widespread panic, NASA has declined to make the alarming discovery public. But Dr. Sherwinski’s contacts at the agency’s Chandra X-ray Observatory leaked to him striking images of the newly discovered chaos cloud obliterating a large asteroid.

“It’s like watching a helpless hog being dissolved in a vat of acid,” one NASA scientist told Dr. Sherwinski.

Ordinarily, Hawkings Radiation is harmless.

“It’s produced when an electron- positron pair are at the event horizon of a black hole,” Dr. Sherwinski explained. “The intense curvature of space-time of the hole can cause the positron to fall in, while the electron escapes.”

But when “infected” by mangled information from the black hole, the particles become a chaos cloud, which in turn mangles everything it touches.

“If it continues unchecked, the chaos cloud will eventually reduce our galaxy to the state of absolute chaos that existed before the birth of the universe,” the astrophysicist warned.

Some scientists say mankind’s best hope would be to build a “space ark” and hightail it to the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.1 million light-years away.

“We wouldn’t be able to save the entire human population, but perhaps the best and the brightest,” observed British rocket scientist Dr. David Hall, when asked about the feasibility of such a project.

But even if such a craft could be built in time, evacuating Earth might prove fruitless if theories about the origin of the chaos cloud are correct.

“A black hole at the center of Andromeda is about 15 times the size of the one in our own galaxy,” Dr. Sherwinski noted. “It might be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.”

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a senior White House official said the president’s top science advisors are taking the findings in stride.

“This is a lot like global warming, where the jury is still out on whether it’s real or not,” said the official.

“The existence of this so called chaos cloud is only a theory. Americans shouldn’t panic until all the facts are in.”

Gotta love that last line eh. “Oh hey, the facts are in. Feel free to panic now” :tongue:

oh great another end of the world thing for me to worry about
i know i shouldnt beleive everything i read but i cant help it :sad: …last time i saw something saying we’d get nuked…but that didnt happen but…this…wow…10 million miles…no escape…acidic dist…so we cant nuke it like an astaroid…and dizzolved in acid and turned into a destabilising ash that mutates anything i touch is NOT on my top list of deaths
wtf are we gonna do if its true?

This seems to be a joke :smile:. I wouldn’t worry about it :wink:.

This is like the bigest bullcrap I have ever heard… Don’t worry ^^

Okay, now I have no doubt at all that this is a joke. Google only turns up on hit - this artical. What other news is on that website?


You’ll notice that the chaos cloud is listed third? Under neath steroid taking ball players and tricking your man into admitting he’s cheating?

Which one of them is more important :tongue:?

The site also have a section dedicated to UFO and alien sightings.
What articals does that section have?

  • UFO found on beack after tsunami
  • Harvard prooves that abductions are real
  • How to tell if your prostitue is an alien
  • Alien’s claim Micahel Jackson is their son
  • Aliens use e-mail to seduce women
  • Aliems capture NASA moon base
  • Space alien mummy
  • Space alien’s signed moon over to a man - and he has the contact to prove it

I could go on, y’know…


LOL thanks for posting that junk, Lebowsk1. It made my day :happy:

This would make a great chain letter.

i have to say though
9 15 if its on a holiday or weekend…i’ll die in my sleep :tongue:

If it is a joke then it is a libellous (sp?) one.

It mentions NASA’s “Chandra X-ray Observatory” and “Dr. Albert Sherwinski, a Cambridge based astrophysicist with close ties to NASA” as sources.

So yes, laugh, you fools, laugh it off! You will be laughing even as the CHAOS CLOUD arrives at your doorstep! Bwahahahahgweeeyarghahahahacoughcoughsplutter


Well, we’ll see. People should get on to NASA about it though, you wouldnt think Yahoo would be stupid enough to circulate a false statement from a NASA scientist.

Oh and I’m not happy about this being moved btw! I put it in “Beyond Dreaming” because it is somewhat relevent to the 2012 prophecies…

Could I have it moved back please?

This is so extremely obviously a hoax (I studied astronomy and I laughed the crap out of myself, not going into details…), that it is certainly not anything “beyond dreaming” worthy, haha. If anyone has but the slightest notion that this might be true, I sincerely advice seeing a shrink… :crazy:

Why are everybody so eeger to find reasons for the world to end.

ha-hargh, I already be seein’ a shrink. Yaarrgh.
I believe it, but I’m not worried. I believe most prophecies of apocalyptic nature. I wanna see what happens when the world is torn apart. Yaargh.

So? Have you ever heard of the stone disks from Baian Kara Ula? It was a story about alien mummies and a bunch of alien disks telling a story of how they arrived here near the end of the last ice age, and so on… the story mentions a few professors and explains scientific research done on the disks. There are even some pics of the disks. But you know what? It was all a hoax. Just because you see some references or names of researchers, it doesn’t mean the story suddenly becomes more true or valuable. Check out the Russian newspaper Pravda… it’s full of these kind of crap articles with references to scientists and experiments.

Do you honestly believe Yahoo checks its entire database on its value?? I hope you’re not so naieve as to believe that all articles which mention NASA (or other) scientists are true just because of that??

I second that.

i did a quick search on google for Albert Sherwinski and all i got was a couple pages with this article on them and a few unrelated pages that have the words albert and sherwinski in them. There are no pages that talk about albert sherwinski as a scientist.
The evidence speaks for itself.

what the article said about the theory of hawking radiation is correct, however i’ve never heard of mangled particles before.

Even before all this, the article felt like it had an aura of lies.

This story first appeared just over a week ago on a site called Weekly World News (actual article is here). As you’ll see the very instant you browse over to this “news” site, it’s not real. It’s a joke news site. Like The Onion. Apparently the story was spread around to various other sites, including Yahoo, and even found its way onto some other non-parody news sites, perhaps because the story had hints of authenticity in it (as Lebowks1 pointed out). But yeah, no need to worry. It’s all fake.

Interestingly enough, on the front page of Weekly World News there’s a list of the top 10 government organisations which have visited the site, and NASA now ranks at number 1. I guess a lot of people did contact them about the story.

Interesting … :rofl:


Oh right, there are still people thinking global warming isn’t true? I mean except George W Bush and his crazy jesus lover friends.

: )

yahoo has the tendency to rerun a variety of Tabloid articles in its Gossip section… they do not at all apear to be such parodies on yahoo as opposed to the original context…
this article originally appeared in the weekly world news
and after looking on yahoo’s run of the article, it says several times (WWN, WWN, Weekly World News) surely you must know that it is a tabloid?

my all time favourite hoax-busting website…