Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III

These tentacles:

Which burst out of the sand near the beach while listening to this:
(it’s under a creative commons license so you don’t have to worry about downloading it)

I thought it was an isolated incident, until I came to the city. Everyone was in hiding, and the gaurds were edgy. I wasn’t able to get much out of them, but evidently something was wrong. Not feeling like taking care of the problem right then, I just put a temporal field around the whole island to freeze time while I was away. (so that nothing would get worse) A couple weeks later I finally got around to seeing what I could do about it. Returning to the island, I disabled the field and got directions to the city hall. I flew along the streets along with Morph, Saichania and Aiden. (in the mindworld they have almost the same powers that I have, with the exception that I can undo anything they do, and they don’t have the nuclear option of controlling me like I have.) We were told we needed an appointment to see the Mayor, until I told the attendant that I was the owner of the island to the north and needed to talk to the mayor immediately. Then we were brought to see the mayor, who told us his name was Anprete Daco. He was able to tell us a little about a local legend about the tomb, and reffered us to the local library for more information. We thanked him for his time, and left for the library. This time we took a cab. Once we were there, I reactivated the timefield and went back to real life. Some days later I resumed the task and asked one of the librarians where I could find information on the ruins to the south. She showed us to the history section and showed us several books on the subject and then left. I was about to start browsing through one, when I realised that text would be next to useless in the mindworld, which shares some characteristics with dreams, like screwy letters. Frustrated, I wondered what we would do next. Sai suggested finding a historian and asking him about it. Agreeing that that was a good idea, I called up a map of the island on Mecha’s viewscreen and asked him to show the location of any historians on the island. There was one, locacted in the northwest section of the city. I teleported everyone to outside the building he was in, a grubby rundown structure. He didn’t seem very nice when we met him, and evaded several of our questions. We left feeling rather suspicious of him, but at least we now knew exactly where we could find the ruins. When we got there, the tentacles attacked again. Not in the mood for a fight, I simply banished them with a thought. No obvious entrance was visible, so Aiden warped inside and had a look around. He came out with a run down radio that had been placed in the tomb, apparently the gaurdian is easily put to sleep by music. We think that the historian was the one that put it there, to distract the gaurdian long enough for him to do whatever it was he wanted, perhaps steal artifacts, or information. We left a new radio in the heart of the tomb with an extra long-lasting battery to keep the beast pacified until a more long-term solution could be thought of.

Oh wow! How exciting! So the Tenticles were actually from a beast inside the tomb?
:open_mouth: That’s really dramatic XD I don’t think anything that interesting has ever happened in Aria! XD
:stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps a wedding, but that’s not even close XD
I hope the people will be safe, and the time-pausing barrier seems cool :smiley:

Good luck with finding a full soloution! I really hope that that historian isn’t anyone TOO bad :C

~Good luck, and happy lucids!
~Tal :3

Artwork for Crysar is up. What do you think of it?

o0o0o! Wow! Crysar is quite impressive… I had really imagined him to be a more bounsy, young kid who spouted lines about anger o-o! He seemed much more upbeat XD

:stuck_out_tongue: But he is very complexly down, I like him very much! :smiley: I could never draw such characters as you think up Mecha! XD

Crysar is Lovely, in such a strong way XD

~Happilly yours,

Actually he is rather upbeat, despite his appearance.

I don’t know, Serpentus was pretty impressive. (I still wish I could draw reptiles like that)

XD Oh! Well that would explain his personality… :stuck_out_tongue:

And Serpentus? He wasn’t tool hard ^^~ It was really just up to scaling… That’s all-- But I have trouble with altered humanoids with sharp edges-- tings overlaps other things and poke out and… It’s all very cluttered when I try XD
Thanks very much though, I didn’t really think he was -impressive- XD But it probably would’ve made him happy if he could understand, to know that XD


Ok, temporary respite from mad keyboard syndrome, due to the loan of my sister’s keyboard for a little while. Negotiations with the guardian were successful, although it turned out not to be sentient. I had to communicate with it via thoughts and feelings. It wanted it’s “friend” back (turned out to be a sarcophagus that had been stolen from the tomb) I was able to convince it that the townsfolk were not responsible for the loss of his ‘friend’ and that he should leave them alone. After that, our little group set out to find the sarcophagus and return it to the guardian. Our first stop was the historian’s place. We checked both floors, but it looked as though he wasn’t there. I decided to float down through the floor to see if there was a basement hidden underneath somewhere. Jackpot. In stark contrast to the upper levels, the basement was very clean and white, with good lighting. There was the historian, and the sarcophagus with him. We left Crysar behind to watch the historian while we returned to the tomb. The guardian was happy to see his friend again, and I told it that if anything ever happened again, to just try and get our attention instead of terrorizing the populace. We went back to the basement to find the historian tied up, dangling upside down from the ceiling. I gave Crysar a look, then warped us all to where the local constabulary were based. After explaining the situation to them, they took charge of the historian and we left.

Hopefully this will be the end of adventures on the islands. They’re supposed to be a place to relax and chill out with the MCs, not go around hunting relics or stopping monsters.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but the whole mindworld so far is actually a small moon orbiting a planet. My plan is to relax on the sanctuary moon and use Morph’s teleportation station to travel to the planet whenever the urge to have an adventure strikes me. We’ve only gone once so far.

I’m so glad everything worked out so well! :smiley: Everything seemed to have a good outcome-- and what an exciting adventure XD
I hope Crysar didn’t traumatize that historian too much… but serves him right for being so greedy >:C.

I had no idea that your mindworld was a moon XD Most people go for the full blown planet first-- :stuck_out_tongue: But it sounds like a good idea! Probably more peaceful anyways, as you said ^^~
So are the islands on the moon, or the planet…?

Great job, and thanks for the update! It sounds like your mindworld is plenty exciting! :smiley:

By the way-- What is Mad Keyboard syndrome?

~Happy lucids!

What is mad keyboard syndrome? It’s my term for when the keyboard garbles everything you type, and it won’t let you backspace. We were about to get a new keyboard, but luckily it spontaneously fixed itself yesterday, (?) and I’m hoping it’ll decide to stay fixed. As for the moon, the suface is entirely covered in ocean, except for the two islands so far. I may decide to create more islands, but two is plenty for now.

heh, I’m back. Sorry everyone, I’ve been WAY to busy for the internet…I’m tellin ya school has been murder. Not fun at all. All those honors classes, they test us on things that we haven’t studied and they won’t teach us, that way we go out and try to learn as mych as we can. If only it wasn’t on such random topics lol. Well, how’s everyone doing?

Yesterday was the 5th time Morph’s appeared in my dreams now, but still no luck going lucid with CALD. (but I haven’t really been trying lately, just interacting with my MC’s)

XD Haha, very cool… I can’t imagine a keyboard malfunctioning like that-- my keyboards have always been very well-behaved XD I hope that it stays fixed as well, it sounds very frustrating…

And as for your moon XD It sounds so nice XD Very managable… I’m glad! :smiley:
:stuck_out_tongue: So what is the first island like, anyways…?

Hppy lucids!~ ^^~

Haha, hello Tribe! Glad to see you’re back! :smiley:
I hope that those classes aren’t just TOO BAD D: sounds frustrating that they’d jump on you like that-- It’s crazy to think you’re my age and attending such things XD

Aria’s been calm, and there’s been much happy Roleplaying-- I added a new character to my roster namerd Serpentus XD He’s worked well at least on one occasion so far ^^~
And I’m really, very, very happy-- CALD has been used enough to have it’s very own acrynym! :smiley: I’m overjoyed XD

So how’s everybody over with you been?
Mandy still ok? XD

~Happy lucids!
Tal~ :3

Wow~! You’re so lucky-- my chars never really pop up that often… I wish they would XD~
I think CALD’s a rather lax technique-- It’s not something pursued night after night XD

Perhaps I should think of something to make it a bit more consistant… thinks

Hee~ ^^ regardless, your mindworld is really rather amazing! Hope CALD works more effectively for you whenever you do decide to try it! ^^~

Happy Lucids!
~Tal :3

Good to see that you’re doing good Talon. Seems like CALD has gotten even more popular…it was popular to begin with lol.

New character…sounds exciting. I want to know more lol. What’s he like? By the way, Mandy is doing well. She has a different job now though. Instead of a full time mental character, she is now the receptionist at my Armonian house where I go to at every dream. She induces my lucids. I incubate a dream at the house, where I go in. She is at the desk and tells me I’m dreaming. I have a new full time mental character. She is very shy and timid. I call her by her real name, but she doesn’t want anyone else to know it. Everyone but me calls her Destiny, which I will also call her here.

But don’t think Mandy has it bad. She loves her new job. She lives in wonderful quarters in my house there. The house looks like a small rock from the ocean surface. From there it extends 300 stories below the surface. I will show you what it looks like from the ocean surface.
By the way, due to the interest everyone showed in my renders ( I got alot of PMs about them), I will show you all thof the steps required in doing it.
First you create the rough ocean and small rock. Notice how rough it looks. I also leave room for the sky. … g
(Note: It won’t let the “g” be on the end of this link. Add a “g” so the end says “.jpg” to see the picture.
Then I make a seperate image with the rough sky, making sure that they fit together like a puzzle piece. … hutsky.jpg

Then I combine the rough images, making a rough landscape. … inghut.jpg
Then I refine it, making it look neater, though still not realistic. I also change the water to a tropical color shade. … r/2hut.jpg
Then I refine it even further, making it look even neater. It still doesn’t look realistic, though. … r/3hut.jpg
Then I refine it further still, improving textures and making it look semi-realistic. … r/4hut.jpg
Then I improve the textures and refine it even more, making it look as realistic as I can currently get it. … orkhut.jpg
That’s the finished work…

I have gotten better at renders since the last time I posted here, and they look more realistic. Still, I am improving, so they will hopefully look even better one day.
That’s the tip of the house, disguised as a rock lol.
See Talon, she lives in a nice place. She loves to get out and see the view. It is quite beautiful lol.

Update: I decided to give the planet a name, Oneiros II. The moon will still be called the sanctuary moon, and the first island now has a ring of mountains\hills around it, except for the beach looking out on the second island.

Btw Tribemaker, it looks like you use Terragen for your renders. Do you?

XD Haha! Sounds lovely- ^^~ I’m glad that Mandy is enjoying her new role-- And Destiny sounds lovely as well :smiley:
Heyhey! Why not submit your creation process in the garden of creation forum? ^^~ I’m sure it would be very popular :D!
I personally couldn’t see the image, I am on a firewalled computer, and the site was labeled hacking and insecure@__a(?)
I’ll try to go have a look, but thanks for sharing! It’s great to hear things are going well ^^~

I’m glad to hear of your wonderful progress! You’re truly a success story in lucid dreaming ^^~ XD~

Happy Lucids!
~Tal :3

:3 Great name! I like itvery much ^^~ So-- It’s On-yay-ross two? XD I don’t know how to pronounce it… But why it it 2? ^^~? By the way! The idea of the island being surrounded makes it seem safe and enclosed-- ^^ I like it very much! Hope it doesn’t have too many land-slides :open_mouth:

Sounds cool though! ^^~

Happy lucids!
~Tal :3

from Webster’s unabridged third new international dictionary:

Oneir- or oneiro- also onir- or oniro- comb form [Gk oneir- oneiro-, fr oneiros, oneiron; akin to Arm anurj dream] :dream <oneirology>

I believe it is pronounced Oh-Nay-Ros, though I may be mistaken. As for the two, it helps it to sound more like a science-fiction planet. (Yavin IV, Theban II, etc) It’s also there for another reason, but I can’t tell you right now :sad: Sorry.

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