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Oh very cool XD~^^ I like that name alot! Nice roots ^^~
I really like the idea of basing that planet’s name off of a root for dream XD

Even though you can’t share the other, reason, by the way-- :stuck_out_tongue: It’s really appreciate you’d share it at all! XD Thanks buddy ^^~

~Happy lucids!
~Tal :3

terragen. That is a great program, but alas no I do not. I have, however, taken a few of terragen’s primary functions. In other words, I gutted terragen, took a few components of it, and use them. I probably have about 10-20% terragen software involved in the master program, but terragen is too slow and clunky for me.

However, if you are interested in renders, terragen is a great place to start. After all, slow and clunky and innacurate is better than nothing at all lol.

Right now I’m trying to figure out Terragen 2. :nuu:

Hey everyone. Far out it feels like I havent been here in ages! So much has been happening, but unfortunatly not in the way of LDs thanx to my dryspell :grrr:
Arveya is average though there have been some outbreaks of violence in the town. Sage happily sorted it out with his elf magic. The castle is ever changing apart from the middle room so I always have something to explore. All my characters have settled in quite nicely :content: I havent seen much of Karma or Emanuel actually but Felicia and Sage are ever at my side.
Hope everyones going ok.

Mecha: This may or may not be a result of CALD.

In last night’s dream, I was in a pure white void with a faint grey grid on the floor. A strange six-legged green creature came up to me and announced “Hey, do you want to do things that you could never do in real life? Visit incredible places? If you do, then you have to become lucid. Yep, you’re in a dream right now! C’mon!” (I’m paraphrasing here because I forgot the exact words, but they were very similar) I became lucid and thanked the creature, and then woke up after about five seconds. (making this either my second or third longest LD to date)

In last night’s dream I was able to talk to all of my characters. I couldn’t see them, just hear their voices.

The bad news is I can’t remember what we were talking about, and neither can any of my MC’s. :sad:

The good news is that this means we’re getting closer to actually making CALD work. :content:

Mecha: Yayness! I finally had a lucid ream with Mecha in it! I was wearing him, (He’s a non-sentient AI embedded in a suit of power armor) and got to try out our personal teleporter built into the suit.


I haven’t been keeping up with Mimiru but I want to I just have to remember to talk to her. I also want to add in a couple more characters to my CALD.

I figured that I will add two more to my collection. I might get confused by who is talking to me. No luck with this one yet.

Mecha: Depends on how different their voices are. You might try what I did early on, which was to have my MCs only speak from my right or left, depending on who they were.

Is this tech easy? or does it take a while to get used to it?

It’s easy to make a character and have them talk to you but it does take time for some people to get them into their dream.

Yayz it’s been stickied!

Guysguys guys… I’m SO SORRY! I don’t know why I didn’t get the notification, but YAY~ XD Stickified! :P~
I’m glad that the latest question has been answered, though :P;; Sorry, I feel so rude!

XD Kt! I’m glad you decided to add a bit to your roster, and Mecha! Great work XD I think you’re one of the most encouraging users of this tech I know ^^~

ouvres tes yeux… I think that the ease of the technique, and how quickly one gets into it depends on the user.
The technique’s effectiveness so far has varied from person to person. It’s ranged from serious extremes… Like for example, Tribe says that it helped with nightly lucids, and some have yet for it to work… :P~

To be honest, the tech is in progress, but for those that I’ve spoken to, it hasn’t been a huge hurdle to get into the swing of things, if you’re intrested ^^~ At least, as KT says, creating the character and getting involved isn’t a problem if you take intrest in such things :3~ My characters are well intergrated into my daily ritual, for example, because I roleplay (almost) every day.

Thanks guys! Again, sorry for the delayed replies… and aswareness…

Mecha! Huge thanks for the reminder in the char chats ^^~ Much thanks~


Hello hello guys!
I came to come address a situation I’ve found has been coming to a rise as of late,

the association of CALD with the mental illness of schizophrenia—

^^~ It’s not a big issue, and of course, people have their entitlement to their own opinion, but I’m hoping with this post to dispel a few assumptions…

First of all, I try my best to make it clear that the lines of reality should not be blurred, when using this technique. It is the use of character creation and interaction for inducing lucids, besides just being a fun thing to do on the sidelines.
I have a belief that all things that can be thought of, felt, or conceived exist on some level, though not necessarily physical.
Characters aren’t real– But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be realistic–
Treating them realistically, removed the puppet-like qualities.
I find it’s difficult to use a puppet-like character to enact lucids, it seems pointless, and the eventual thought comes up,

“What’s the point? I’m just talking to myself!”.
The interaction between characters is no different than role play chat rooms. The interaction between character and user is similar to internal dialogue—
It’s important to remember, though, that the people who use this technique should be fully aware of the character’s status as non-physical, and unable to affect the mind in any other way but interacting with it.

If someone is not clear on that line, they aren‘t using the technique properly.

CALD is a technique that plays on the same recurring idea that you can use dream characters to initiate lucid dreams.
However, because we are rarely lucid enough to communicate with them consistantly, we can create them ourselves. In creating them—you have a bit more control, but they seem empty, thus the development process of genuine interaction with others…

I’m hoping CALD won’t be associated with Schizophrenia in the future—because with that, it will be bunched together with negative aspects, like delusion, and social dysfunction.

I’ve seen nice things thus far, of people enjoying creating their characters, and having an opportunity to not only develop them further, but share them with others who also enjoy creating and interacting with other characters.

My hope is, that the misconception that CALD is a schizophrenia-inducing technique, and that it is viewed more are a way of character creation, and lucidity induction…

^^~ As for me, I’m off to the character charoom!

Much love and good faith! :smiley:

This is still up? :eek:

Very successful [popular] topic. :smile:

I’ve since split my contradicting personality into two dichotomous “twins” - Eany [Blue] and Meany [Red]. And, I’ve been contemplating on splicing my personality into more sub-personalities, color-coordinated to distinguish one from another. (More of a personal matter, for creative purposes than anything. Not to be mistaken for MPD.)

I think Harley Quinn got shoved to the depths of my subconscious, but I’m sure she’s just fine.

Eany and Meany are the most developed, seeing as they are my play on the good conscience-bad conscience idea that is personified on cartoons and prime-time television shows. My idea on it, though, is much more deeper; complex.

Although, I have yet to apply them to lucid dreaming…

I have no problem if I get hallucinations of my character or CALD being related to Schizophrenia … I’ve never even heard of it. Well thanks for the information Talon Arana.

Angsty! :love: I haven’t seen you in forever!

^^~ I’m glad you decided to explore the idea of indentifying and seperating personality traits-- I hope you learn lots of new things about yourself through this system! XD Eany and Meany… i’d love to hear about them! XD

I hope that Harley Quinn makes a roaring comeback one day… It would bring me much joy! XD

(Haha, a fly just landed on my hand, I just thoroughly enjoyed observing the little thing up close for a few seconds-- they usually never stay long!)

^^~ So what is your status in character creation? Are Eany and Meany the only notables as of late?


It’s a mental disorder @___a CALD Isn’t based on blurring the lines of reality, though!

I’m happy you have such a positive outlook on CALD XD Whenever I see a post from you about it, it’s always in a positive sense! :P~ Brings me joy…


Hey guys! Came for an update ^^~
Sorry for the neglecting D:


Last night, I woke up sometime around 4am… After quenching my thirst, I laid down and half remembered that this would be ideal for doing FILD… But concidering i was too tired to concentrate even a little, and figured I give CALD a try, just to get an update up :P.

So I fall asleep-- barely able to get a sentence out, or even focus on a character… XD

When I enter my dream, I’m standing in the dark, mumbling incohesive sentences to an indentity-less figure, I’m not concentrating much… I realize that it is a dream, from the lack of surroundings? But mostly from the dream-like feel of it all…

It fades away, from my lack of goals in my LDs as of late. XD It goes to another dream, where I have a random DILD. Similarly, it was just it’s dream-like air that I recognized it.

That’s pretty much it-- :3 Some nights, I’ll just be positive about the idea of LDing, and I end up having it (if I sleep enough! XD )… Some nigthts, I just think of CALD(Even just the concept of it!), and briefly contemplate on it.
Maybe for me, CALD is just another way in initiate DILDs? ^^~ Ah well.

In other news, as a result from constant, and indepth roleplay lately involving Naknus, He’s now probably one of my most highly developed characters-- And in most situations, there is no puppet-like quality to him anymore. I’m confident that in one-on-one situations between him and my friend’s characters that he’s the least likely to seem forced. (As compared to other characters).

Well, at least if you get to know him @___a XD

Update done!

~Tal :3

Mmhh , i too thought about schizphrenia the first time …
this is gone now , cool the topic still lives .i hope i will get my DCs to help me the bad thing is i didnt think about it in my last LDs …