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If you’re confused, the main CALD technique information is found on the first page of part one:
[Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD)
There are links and descriptions there that will help clear up any confusion. ^^~ Otherwise, I’d be happy to answer any remaining questions :3.


Haha-- very well put ^^
Wow, your characters are all rather amazing ^^ I like their feels… it’s all rather unique ^^~
-ah- I can really relate, me and Talon argued for the longest time on that…now, we take more enjoyment on just being together and enjoying shared interests… ( such as some of the boys I often roleplay with!)
Your world is simple, but seems lovely… Sometime, simple is the best-- the way you describe it, that simple place with some nice comforting details is easily comprehended, and less is likely to be lost in memory-- besides that, in dreams perhaps the basics will be a nice change to practuce dream powers in… (or even details will add themselves in the dreams)

You seem to be having lovely progress! Congrats! XD
While I realise talking to strangers must be strange, but please pass this along to your characters for me–

8N (Aiden), I love the design of your shell, and I hope one day to have a nice chat with you-- You seem lovely!~ ^^
Saichania, you have beautiful wings in that picture, and I am guessing you have a rather involving past-- one day perhaps I can learn it?
And Morph-… Don’t be so down about being of another plane of existance-- even if you aren’t stable in our reality, we would not be in yours… Some would be envious that they could not be destroyed by normal means-- you will always exist, for thought doesn’t really ever go away.

You have obviously done quite the bit of reading on this thread! XD You answer rather nicely…

Great luck to you!

Haha, as Mecha said-- no… no they don’t. But your characters can never truly have a physical form, just a physical appearence. :3 Just having the personality and mind of the character is all you really need-- I think though, that the physical appearence tends to come naturally at some point-- making a look is not all that important unless you really are a visually orientated sort of person.

This should be a fun experience though-- stop whenever it becomes straining! Forcing anything in life may not always bring the best results…


New art for Morph now!


Cool! ^^ You’re very talented :D~

I really must get an updated group picture up! ^^~
XD I like him, he look nice…

It’s been fun and involving these past few weeks letting my characters develop, but now we’re going to try and become lucid. Morph and Saichania aren’t too enthusiastic\optimistic about this, but Aiden seems very gung-ho at the moment. Unlike Morph or Saichania, this is what Aiden was created for. He has a special teleportation device installed on his torso that allows him to effortlessly ‘jump’ between the waking world and the world of dreams, without any change in his consciousness so he can alert me when I’m dreaming. At least that’s how it works in theory. We haven’t field tested it yet though. Tonight will be my first attempt at CALD.

Great! We await results…
That’s a very unique and intiguing way of doing things… ^^ Amazing.

Great luck to you!

Well, last night’s try didn’t go so well. We were focused at first, but then both of us got distracted, and nothing happened that night. In hindsight, I can see several things we could have done better. I could’ve psyched myself up and really believed that it would work, instead of just approaching it with a “Testing, testing, here goes nothing” mentality. I should have planned thing out with Aiden more thoroughly, visualized things, etc. None of us are upset however, because if we hadn’t been doing this, I wouldn’t have tried as hard to remember what I had dreamt, and might not have remembered the absolutely stunning sunrise in Middle Earth, or heard the equally beautiful music accompanying it. So with every cloud there’s a silver lining. :wink:

I’ll try something different tonight.

Very cool ^^~ Good luck!
It’s great you at least remembered the beautiful dream… XD Who knows? Maybe CALD can become a good dream recall system too XD


My God, Talon… you’ve started some sub-lucid cult right here on LD4All. :eek:

Three pages… wow. Where have I been for that time?

Anyway, an update after approximately two months… Vice - (one of her many, more recent names…) - is not much further than what I’ve been able to progress my novel characters. I have not seen her in any other dreams post-debut… outside of HI, that is. That is the time I can most “feel” her presence…

Other than Vice, I have noticed my older characters beginning to “flesh out” more, as well as fresher faces emerging. Chalk it up to Vice? Well… she did promise to help many weeks ago, did she not?

Perhaps I’m not doing my part, though… I have been rather “negligent” after my Japanese final exam…

(And I have yet to draw her picture. I think I’ll try an automatic drawing method, though… It did produce for me this pencil drawing which may or may not have some correlation with Vice.)

Rock LaRocque… He’s an interesting character, himself. I shall post more about him in my next entry. I think of him as more developed than even Vice…

XD Haha, Lol, I wouldn’t call it that… But thanks?

Rock sounds cool~ I’d love to hear more on him!
And though slightly disturbing-- the sketch is definitely interesting ^^~

Vice? That’s a beautiful name XD I like her taste~
But hey! Good luck… I’m glad to hear that your novel-characters are coming along :3

Funny enough XD For all the pages made, CALD isn’t used widely enough that it might have it’s own acrynym XD~

Thanks for updating! I was almost becoming worried…~


Yeah :unsure: I have characters, too :happy:

Does that mean I can join this club, or usergroup, or new age movement, or whatever :eh: How do I sign up?

I do have characters :meh:

See, I have:

(My Moogettes :grin:)
Milk Chan
Mr. Ponpoko
Caramel Commander

Is that enough :eh:

Well…I guess I should explain 'em, huh :uh:

Let’s see…the Moogettes are DCs, Milk Chan is half-DC and half-anime, Mr. Ponpoko and the Caramel Commander…they’re my job-buddies :yes:

This could get extensive :eh: I need more time :nuu:

They all reside in Pandatown right now :twirl:

XD Haha~ So creative… I love them! I’ve not seen such cute names yet in this thread…~
But hey! This is no-where near a religion, and as a Christian I would never want to create false idols! It’s just a method on a thread~ ^^

When you get time, could you expand on this? I really enjoy your character’s names, and they sound enjoyable to learn about~ ^^

Happily yours,
~‘Tal’, Talon…

P.S. Is my eccentricity good? I’ve been called that twice now on LD4ALL XD~

Actually :unsure: I have an entire multiverse of characters to post you guys up on :happy: This should be great :woot: We can start in alphabetical order, guys first (c’mon now ladies…I save the best for last :wink:)

Really? Twice :uh: By who else :hmmm:

Cute :lol: You called my characters cute :happy:

I think the word “cute” is cute, as well as people that use it cute…such is the “cute-isity” of cute-ishness :tongue: cute is cute :lol:

Cute-centric. That’s how I’d describe you, Tal :good: And you can take that to the bank…and cash it in for free tokens to play at Chuck E. Cheese–where a kid can be a kid :happy:

Cute :yay:

XD Haha, yay~ :yay: I’m cute-centric~ XD.
That’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me XD.
The other time I was called eccentric was on the compliment thread~ Compliment the one above you~
XD It as by Angstyboy-- But it was in the nicest way, :3
People on Ld4all are just so friendly~ I love you guys~ XD

You can always make me laugh-- thanks XD.
It sounds good~ ^^ If you have so many, why not organize them in your posts like,

Ect.ect.? That way, it won’t be too confusing when people take a glance at the thread after awhile :3

I really look forward to it~ I don’t think their cute-isity could be beat–^^~
They all sound interesting! With an imagination like yours, i wouldn’t doubt it Huey~! ^^
:razz: Are the girls really so much more capturing?

Looking forard to any information on the chars~
~Tal, Talon…

People on LD4All ARE friendly, aren’t they, Tal :content: That’s why I’m not dead yet :tongue:

Eccentric in a nice way…hmmm…must be good with words, I guess :smile:

You should get more compliments, Tal–you’re a really cool person and compliments brighten a day like white-chocolate-dipped sunshine :tongue:

Well Tal…are your boys much more capturing :wink:

I’m just a typical guy-He-man-macho-dude…who likes puppies and peaches…but not together :grin:

G’night, Tal :wave:

i ade up one in my mind about a week a go i named him luke, he looks like ex president Bill Clinton, but only his face. he wears a black suit with white hair that covers his eyes hes cool i cant wait to meet him in my dreams so i can fight with him =D

Haha, thanks very much Huey-- I really mean it ^^~
You really just don’t mean people like those on LD4ALL RL…
Well-- Talon and Naknus are both pretty much equally developed-- but Naknus is more interesting, to my friends that are girls XD

Thanks Huey-- you’re such a nice guy, you brighten my days~ :3

G’night, sweet dreams, Have some lovely lucids~!
~Tal, Talon ^^~

:wow: I thought this was 7 pages long :eek:

Oh yes…sleepy time–G’night, Tal and chickenleggz and Angsty and everyone else :sleep:

:smiley: Very cool!~
I really love his description-- What’s his personality like, he seems exciting!

~Tal, Talon

^^;; The thread? It’s in three parts now-- One is 10 pages long, 2 is 10 pages long-- This one is… Oh I think two pages long now?
I could be wrong…~

^^~ G’night~ Sweet lucids~!
Tal, Talon