Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part VII

I just did some reasearch on my theory.

Read this article: … 00415.html

It appears that when engaging in a conversation with your MC, one half of the brain is your MC and the other is you. Plus, If your not talking at the same time, then whomever is talking would probably get to use 2/3 of the brain.

Along with talking to my characters, I repeat a phrase (the mantra) over and over in my head, similar to the MILD technique. It goes something like: “My character(s) will make me lucid” or “My character(s) will tell me to do a RC” etc…
It goes along with the CALD technique when I sometimes drift while trying to daydream a scenario.

I managed to find some futuristic city images. Some are really inspiring, and they would help me build some more cities, instead of Erehwon and Eden. I plan to perfect the main details of the two cities, and then I’ll begin building another one.

So, I had a really weird dream last night. Everyone who regularly posted on this topic quit CALD because they got 2-3 LDs every night, and it was so regular it was boring (supposedly). It was creepy.
But I know one thing - the CALD technique is sinking into my dreams :happy:

Ninja, what a coincidence! In order to try and help me fall asleep (chronic insomnia) one of my characters, Lairuna, has taken to using hypnosis as well. We still haven’t tried our CALD/WILD yet (Sorry Talon!), but it looks like you two might beat us to the punch.

As for the article, It kind of looks to me that they’ve focused entirely on executive functions and ignored unconscious processes. Had the subjects involved been asked to perform a third task that didn’t require conscious attention, I think the researchers would have found a less precipitous decline in their subject’s accuracy. An excellent example was brought up in the comments of your article about pipe organists, who, as described by the poster, “…have to read at least three lines simultaneously and use both hands and BOTH feet independently.” You could argue that this example only encompasses two tasks: Playing an organ and reading sheet music, but that seems to me like saying the study only included one task: unscrambling words. The point is that if that third task was something the subject could perform unconsciously, the brain regions involved would be different than those performing conscious tasks.

I also kind of want to contest their association of MPFC with the brain’s reward systems, but that’s off topic so I’ll let it be for now.

For a little more on the brain region they studied, the information in this article is helpful. It illuminates the conclusion reached in that study by explaining that the activity in the ventral medial prefrontal cortex (the bottom orange highlighted area in the picture from your linked article) was delegating work (allowing the subject to occupy themselves with the tasks) while the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (the topmost orange area in that image) was paying attention to what was being done (allowing the subject to recognize a difference between the two tasks and not get them mixed up).

The reason I bring it up at all is that by and large communicating with a character starts to become unconscious and automatic after a while, which I think brings it out of the scope of this study after a certain point.

Of course, this is based on my own study of anecdotal evidence. It’s not like I have a fMRI system at home that I’ve been tossing people under. If I’m wrong or misinterpreting something then for the love of all that is good please throw it in my face. Take the opportunity to gloat a little too, I know I can sound kind of condescending.

oh no, I completely agree whith you. My first post even mentioned what you just said. What I meant is by repeating the process of talking to your MC, i becomes unconcious and when doing deep confusing debates with your mc or when your m expresses an opinion, only then does it use part of the “thinking” brain, and still not that much. So, your MC is mainly just subconcious processes, exept when doing higher level thinking.

I’ve just started a thread in the Lucid Lab on CALD self-hypnosis here:

So I did misinterpret, I’m sorry. Looking back over your post I feel a little embarrassed over mine, it didn’t really contribute much.

I’ll be sure to take a look at your CALD hypnosis experiment though, that was a good idea. You can definitely count me in as a tester, I’ll hand over the info to you in the thread right now.

:lol: That’s exactly what Saichania did early on. (and still does!)

Yes, Hopefully he will quit soon.

GUESS WHAT! I used the CALD self-hypnosis thingy that I made over in the Lucid Lab forum, and it got me Lucid in NREM sleep! Has that ever happened? Anyway, I think NREM has completely different rules than REM does, I went back and forth inbetween the dream and WL in a type of Limbo, and none of my RCs worked even after testing every single one tons of times. I couldnt control anything no matter how hard I tried, and yet I was still sort of Lucid. You can read in a bit more detail here: [ .

By the way, It would be appreciated if you guys participated in the experiment. The more the Merryer

The world isn’t ready for Crystal to appoint herself as my conscience. When that happens look for me on America’s Most Wanted. :plotting: :help:

Also, I’ll see if I don’t have some time to join in this week on your experiment, ninja.

I would appreciate that greatly.

I’d definitely take part in the experiment, I’m interested. Although, I’ve never WILDed before so it could be new/frightening to me. I’ll take part, though.

One of the PSR Leaders wants me to explore an area underneath Eden. Apparently mysterious works are going underneath.

Before, I met a girl while I was in Eden. We are now friends, and she told me that she was close friends with the dragoon knight. She also told me that he wanted to destroy Eden. Maybe that’s what the “mysterious works” are? Maybe the dragoon knight could have something to do with the Minotaur and his crew?

I’ve asked the PSR to install a turret system. Currently, they are finding money for it, and asking a donation to citizens for their own safety.

Yer, my futuristic city was inspired by sci-fi. I am also interested in futuristic things, and I think a futuristic city would be really cool to explore.

The turret system is up and running, to prepare to see if the ‘Dragoon Knight’ attacks. I’m yet to find out whether he has anything to do with the ‘Minotaur.’
In one of my LDs; I tried to get to Eden but since it isn’t complete, it was really hard to visualise so I couldn’t get there :sad:

I just got a good idea: next LD, use one of those futuristic holographic port able computers to map out the structure of Eden. for example, If I was trying to make a futuristic city, I would do this: form an L shape with fingers as if they were 2 sides to a screen. A holo screen appears and then maybe remove your fingers and a floating rectangle screen appears. stretch it with hands to make the screen bigger, and to zoom, do it like you would with a ipad/iphone. you can then do tons of computer generated mapping of buildings and terrain. to make your life easier, you can say things like: computer, populate region, or, computer, texturize. Its really hard to explain, but again watching many sci-fi movies will have it. For example, Iron Man has it when tony stark is designing the Iron Man suit. when finished, maybe say something like: “computer, finalize” to add rhe finishing touches, and then grab onto the virtual hologram, and toss it frisbe style up unto the air, where it will extend your render of Eden out to full scale, and then lower to ground level, and you will be in eden. Its hard to explain, so do your best. It can be done visualizing, but in a LD it would be more realistic and is less difficult.

That’s an awesome idea! Creating a futuristic place with some imagination. I’ll have to try the holographic idea next LD. I’m currently in the middle of a LD burst (I’m having lots, and they’re quite long and stable), so I’ll try that out. Thanks again, Ninja! :happy:

Hopefully I can keep Eden stable.
I’ve practiced stabilising, and I managed to fly for 5-10 minutes without falling. I’m happy with that, and now I’m aiming for a long LD in Eden.

In my daydream, I had a vision of Eden in the future…but it was completely destroyed. I’m not sure what it meant…I told some of my characters, and they told me not to worry about it. Hyperion replied: “There’s no point lingering over scary dreams. You’d best focus on Eden.”

cool, good luck with your quest type thingy!

hmm, it may be a good idea to make a visualization tutorial and FAQ, but I have no Idea where to put it and what the proper permissions are. could someone help?

A few nights ago I had a non-LD where I was in this building, and inside was a small model of a futuristic city that you could actually climb around in. It looked vaguely like Eden, but I’m not 100% sure if it was.

Also, that night I managed to DEILD. During the DEILD, I went into SP and during SP I felt like the dream I had just woken up from was continuing around me, but I couldn’t move. The HI I got (I had my eyes closed) was of the dream, and when I opened my eyes slightly I could see things in my room, but they looked really distorted and began to melt. I could see the scenes happening even with my eyes open (hard to explain), and eventually I hopped straight back into the dream. I lost lucidity though.
It was an accidental DEILD because I didn’t realise I woke up. Next time, I know what to do!

As for the FAQ, I’m not sure where to post it since I’ve never wrote one. I could help once I’ve finished constructing Eden…

Its okay, I got scribes status (yayyayyayyayayayay! :smile: ) and have already started working on it!

Anyway, after Tsi’leiks random fit of depression upon reading in the character chats that Aiden had indeed not chosen to be one of the Na’vi race, i decided to create a new character, but scince I couldnt find an “essence” for it, i post poned it. 5 minutes later, a girl voice in my head just spontaneously told me I would have a CALD and to go to sleep, just after stating her name was Jessica. I woke up at 3:00 am without setting an alarm or intending to wake up, which leads me to believe I had a lucid, i just dont remember it :sad: . Anyway, in the morning, Jessica told me about her (although very little) and is my newest character (although she doesnt have a last name or a shape yet).

I feel as if I’m really close to visiting Eden in a dream. VERY close.
Last night I had a dream where a camera pan was going across Eden’s motorway. It looked very futuristic, but I can’t exactly remember what it looked like in detail. Maybe my subconscious knows what Eden looks like, maybe it doesn’t…

I haven’t really talked to my characters recently…probably won’t until I finish Eden.

Well, I’m feeling it difficult to even connect with my characters more days than not, so you’re still better off than me. T.T

I must be lucky. My characters initiate conversation with me more often than I do.

@Teraflare: you seem to be thinking that you arent capable of seeing eden, which in turn is prohibiting you from seeing eden. Plus, you definately wont talk to your characters if you keep that belief.

@Wolvendeer: I’m sure theyll turn up soon. just ask them for advice or something, its not as if theyre not there, your simply neglecting to speak to them. Try the character chats to strengthen their talkativeness.

This is a split topic, the next part is Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming…CALD part VIII