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Wow…I’ve been away for a while…

I’m in the middle of a hotspot for LDs at the moment. Over the last 3 days I’ve had 4 LDs, and I’ve been working on summoning, and stopping myself thinking of something bad happening. I’ve been successful, and then I’m going to work on teleporting. I’m doing this to make Eden as stable as I possibly can, and so I can get to Eden.
I think I’m doing really well constructing Eden at the moment.
I nearly know what the motorway looks like from the top of my head (thanks to an picture), and I’m working on the streets between the buildings now, and the fun park. Then, I’m done with Eden and I can build even more futuristic cities, progressively getting more hi-tech as I go.

As for my characters, I’ve been talking with Hyperion and Dragon. I woke up in a hospital, and apparently I was knocked out for a few weeks (an addition I made, the weeks were when I didn’t interact with my characters) because a threat to Eden got out of hand. The PSR solved it though, and I wake up weeks later, to find Eden has been completely renovated (thanks to the development of the PSR, they can renovate almost anything in quick time), so it looks more high-tech than before (me adding tweaks to the construction of Eden, if that makes sense).

Me, Dragon and Hyperion went on the motorway to travel back to Erehwon.
Hyperion got promoted to one of the PSR Commanders (like me), and bought a new vehicle. He got promoted for helping PSR. It can fly, go underwater and float on water. It costed alot of Edonites (Eden’s currency), so I heard. But it was worth it, Hyperion says that it can morph to a larger size so it can transport many people at a time (it costs extra Edonites though, and Hyperion doesn’t have the money), so it can only hold up to 6 people at the moment.

On the way to Erehwon on the motorway, there are lots of shop at the edge where pedestrians can shop as an alternative, so we decided to pull over.
Eden has special technology. Every car has a button, which as a result transports your car to a parking lot, and teleports the driver to their required destination. You can access the shops through a “on-foot route”, though. Once you’ve finished shopping or the like, you say a certain phrase, it teleports you back to the car and you teleport to the “teleport lane” on the motorway to avoid accidents.

So, anyway, we pulled over and went to a internet resturant, which was a place to eat and chill out. I see a familiar face inside…but that’s as far as I got.

I have a new tactic to visualise the city.
I have pictures of various futuristic cities on my Walkman, and I look at them (with brightness on low to keep me in a tired state) before I visualise (before bed). It inspires me, and gives me an idea of what Eden could look like.

Phew, long post. Maybe I couldn’t build Eden because there was so much detail?
Now that I’ve given it some thought and time, the detail and background story of Eden is improving (and getting a little complex :razz:)

Gah! Teraflare, where th heck have you been? Everyone seems to have abandoned The CALD topics except for me, Mecha, and occasionally wolvendeer. You should see the character chats, its like 2 pages of Tsi’leik Jessica, Skaith, Me, mecha, Aiden, Vesper, Morph, and saichania (aka Mecha, Me, and our MCs).

I’m still around. I just don’t say anything much. I’ve been quite busy lately, and there seems to be someone casing mine and my neighbor’s house. Rather odd. O.o Thanks for the advice, though. I’ll definitely be working on getting my characters to talk more.

Well, I’ve been away again.
I’ve had a headache for a few days and I’m just recovering. Over those few days I did not feel like communicating with my characters, and it has only been since yesterday that I have been talking with them.

I became lucid last week, and managed to teleport successfully. I tried to reach Eden but got too easily distracted by some of the effects (e.g: Random dream scene building) the dream created while trying to visualise Eden. It was fun and something interesting, but a little disappointed that I couldn’t reach my city.

I’ve also had a couple of bad dreams over the last few days thanks to my headache, and anxiety. I’ve also been waking up a few times in the night, and sometimes struggle to fall back asleep. If I have another bad dream I’ll fight it with lucidity, and call on my characters to support me. Other than having scary dreams, the other dreams I’ve had were…odd o_O

Anyways, update on me and my characters.
In that shop on the side of Eden’s motorway was an old character I met with. She doesn’t know about what happened to the others either, when I was seperated. We’re heading to Erehwon to see the situation, and then we’re heading off to Lunile; another city like Eden but much, much smaller.
Lunile is on a rocky moon-like surface (hence the name), and the other planets can be seen. I know what it looks like thanks to a picture, which has given me great inspiration.

I’ve always wanted to try CALD, but I always forget : :shrug:

I DID wind up making a character late in August but I’ve been neglecting to talk to her for like…ever. I’m starting to wonder if i start talking to more now she’ll eventually become independent. :shrug: Maybe I should make a new one and talk to it more.

Hey, it looks like we got new CALDers! Let me be the first to say hi, nice to meet you.

The benefits of character creation tutorial can be foundhere. Its the second to last post.

The character creation tutorial is found here. Its around the middle.

The character chats are found here.

To anyone who needs to “excercise” and improve their MC (unofficial term for your character, it stands for “Mind Character” to differentiate from dream characters. Its was made by Mecha, another CALDer here.) I would suggest heading over to the character chats (that mean you, AFanaticNewb). Flesh and bone, once youve made your MC using the link to the character creation tutorial, I would suggest heading over to the Character Chats too.

Tsi’leik (one of my MCs for anyone who doesnt know): I would suggest that if you want to be really deticated, and this is only optional, read the CALD thread Part 1. Of course, thats a lot of reading, so only do it if you want a really good idea of CALD and the tutorial wasnt enough.
Me: Tsi’leik, you know all character chatting should be kept off this thread and remain in the Character Chats, right?
Tsi’leik: Yes, I do. Just because somebody a long long time ago on the First CALD thread thought the MCs annoying.
Me: Well if you know, why are you still here?
Tsi’leik: To annoy you. Annoy, irk, irritate, pester, perturb, agita-
Me:cough, cough
Tsi’leik: Fine. I’m going. No need to be so testy. See you at the character chats.

Sigh. oh well. Anyway, AFanaticNewb I would highly recommend at least giving CALD a try. Although it seems that people consider getting LDs from MCs simply an added bonus. The real fun in CALDing is the MCs and talking to them.

Hmm, I wonder why I bother to end my post with my name. After all, its already given.

@Ninja: I’ll check out the character chats and read out of curiosity, but would it be fine if I had to make up almost, if not ALL of her responses if i were to interact with any other characters?(being that i stopped talking to her when she was EXTREMELY puppet-like) Also, would I really still be able to have her flesh out as an independent character if i were to continue talking to her now and KEEP talking to her? :meh:

Absolutely. At first it will indeed be puppett like, but then your MC will start to think on its own. Eventually you can get to the point where they can have perfectly normal intellectual debates with them. I would suggest posting about your character and character updates herem and then going to the Character chats is really good for developing characters. Tsi’leik got developed that way, although Jessica(my other MC) spontaneously appeared fully developed withoutany concious effort, although that as far as I know, hasnt happened to anyone but me (yay, I feel special). If you read the character creation tutorial, it goes more in depth on developing an Independent character. I like to look at it like this: by making a character, you plant the seed. By interacting with the character, even though you are making up the answers, you water the seed. Eventually, after a few days of constant watering, the seed will sprout. You’ll tell when your MC “sprouts” because suddenly your MCs answers seem different, even though you may still be making up the answers. Then you, maybe after another day, dont have to make up the answers at all, and from then on, youre set! My point is, talk to your MC even if your making up the answers, and soon you wont be.

ahh thanks Ninja. :content: and btw i actually DID read the character tutorial and all back late in August when I first created Molly. :tongue:

Your welcome, and good luck, but dont expect instant gratification. Tsi’leik took a week to become somewhat developed. After that, its easy because they become more intelligent and self thinking over time.

Haha thanks! And I’m well aware of not getting instant results :lol: It might even take longer to have some kind of development, being that I dont have much time to actually focus on talking to her. So I’m all down with being patient :content:

My headache is very persistant at the moment, but it’s going away slowly.
Anyhow, I can visualise Eden’ mtorway almost perfectly now.

Me and my characters went back to Erehwon, and the locals have devised a plan to get into the city. They would send us (expecting us to do the work!) into the sewage system, which in turn leads into the city. It’s getting into the pipe that the hard part - galleons on water runs out every second, and the current is really strong.

Teraflare, I know i already asked this at some point, but how to you see these scenarios? do you visualize them, or do you do them in LDs, or what? I’m curious to know.

It’s a visualisation. Since I’m still trying to create Eden, it would be slightly tricky for me to do that in a dream at the moment…but the conversations with characters while lucid are quite easy.
Usually the scenarios happen before bed when I’m really tired. I listen to music whilst visualising sometimes too.
I just close my eyes and try to visualise my characters before I sleep. When I fall sleep, they will hopefully make me lucid because that’s the last though.

Me and my characters got into Erehwon’s main city. It wasn’t a city…it was a factory. It turns out the military are building machines for war…not sure what’s going on. When they found out we got in, they chased us and we quickly got back to Eden without hurting ourselves.
The military were definitely hiding something.
We went back to the PSR General, and he told us he knew about Erehwon’s secret. He didn’t tell us why, though. He gave us a few days off, so Hyperion attached some spare parts to his car, and we flew to Lunile. It’s a very mysterious place.

Lunile is surrounded by a huge dome because the air pressure outside is too high, and can damage a human. After getting to Lunile (near Erehwon’s river is a road. It’s outside Eden, and we just followed the road there), we went inside the dome. It’s bigger on the inside, just like the TARDIS.

Inside was like Eden’s Shopping Centre, but it was slightly smaller. I looked through a telescope to see the moon, but that’s not the only thing I could see. I saw a huge ship, coming closing very second.
It was Erehwon’s Military. They wanted to get rid of us, so they began trying to crack Lunile’s dome. The dome is made from Bulletproof glass, so it wouldn’t be easy to get in. Suddenly, the dome began to crack, and we had to get out of there before we ran out of oxygen.
Me, Lydia, Dragon and Hyperion got in the car and flew away, feeling guilty seeing innocent people getting hurt. We went back to the house in Eden to get away from all of it. The PSR were on high alert when we got back, for some reason.

Thats awesome, I should try something like this. By the way, thank you for asking advice on how to visualize better. It inspired me to work on a Visualization guide to go in the knowledge bank.

Well i figured i give some kind of progress report since its been a short while.

I’ve been talking with Molly on and off these past couple of days, not any real significant development so far (not that i expected there to be), but I’m working on it. :content:

I found a new “essence”, so to speak, for a new character about a couple days ago. I tried to ignore it a little because I didnt want to end up multitasking with developing characters, but i just couldnt resist. :tongue: This one came about when i was feeling angry/frustrated, even his appearance came with it to some degree. I definitely felt this one was a male, so I named him Agnus just now. I find it strange i went with this one being a male being that I overall get along and get personal in conversations more easily with females, but i had this gut feeling it was male so I’ll just go with it. I’ll begin talking to him in a bit. :smile:

Ummm thats all for now really. I’ll give another progress report type thing in a few days i guess. Bye for now. :cool_laugh:

cool, I cant wait to meet them.
Now my progress report:
Tsi’leik: Witty and cynical as always, and is encouraging me to do what Teraflare does and visualize adventures so we can sort of see Jessica, Tsi’leik, and I in a dream type environment. I still have lots and lots of trouble visualizing Tsi’leik (how Ironic).
Jessica: Just as developed as Tsi’leik, but has not chosen a form yet, although it will be human she says.
I’m wonderimg if I will make another character, If I find an “essence”, then I will.

Glad I could help.

I’ve been visualising my cities a bit more often, since I’m staying with my characters in Eden for a while. It will shake Erehwon off for a while, and since Eden is huge, they won’t find us.
I even sometimes listen to specific music tracks which I think suits the city’s atmsophere when I’m visualising. It makes me feel like I’m there…in my mind, that is :smile:

I see Mr Talon died, but I was reading about all this and got interested. Erm, I was wondering, is it bad to use a character who frequents your dreams? He’s always there and it seems like he wants to be used. But he’s a bit of an inquisitor, and he kinda wants an answer. I’m not even sure that works out but hey, he’s the one that frequents my dreams, so I have a feeling he’d be able to lead me into them. He has a kinda special power with them. It’s a bit hard to explain.

P.S: What’s FILD? I saw it mentioned in one of the other threads.