Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part II

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WOW! That’s amazing… she has such an interesting mind…O-o; :3 I think it improbible she’ll ever think it interesting to come and speak on here!

XD She sounds so interesting, I can’t wait to hear more!
I do hope she becomes more solid, and that you can have more lucids to achieve this XD

Ahhh! I am glad she is coming along so well-- this post is so short! I feel like I am cheating by not putting just as much as you down… D:
I’m sorry!

Apologetically yours–
Talon! D:>

Oh my, the thread is rather popular-- ^^ I am happy for all your progress- You’re amazingly creative! an I look forward to reading about your world-- It sounds Amazing! XD I hope Mandy and Jon choose to talk to us… :smiley: You seem to be having so much fun making this-- and it’s mindblowing that you could create such a complex world so soon-- you must be genious :smiley:

With enthusiasm–
~Talon :smiley:

AWWW I am so embarrassed! Thank you so much-- It completely blows my mind that you’d do such a nice thing-- Your world is so complex, and I like your map for it-- Everything is so complex! It’s amazing that all this happened so soon!
The military bases are impressive-- and I can see vaguely just how clear it much be in your mind. It’s so startlingly good!
Your characters will interact with them I guess… right? It’s amazing-- I’d love to hear of your dreams there!

Startled and captivated (flustered as well)
~ A very happy Talon. :3

A small progress report:
Yus~ Today, I went kind of lucid, after an agreement that me and Takone would try to get me lucid-- I will elaborate on that conversation tonight in my dream journal.

It seems-- also, that Ghost is a HIGHLY effective character to wake me at certain times-- Yesterday I asked for 5am, or at least around then, I wake and look at the clock-- 5 AM exactly, XD Today, I asked about the same, I got 5:15 or so-- It was cool :smiley:

Takone and I have been getting along much better these days, and Ghost and I had an interesting understanding of each other :smiley:
Ghost also offered to help in the ‘getting lucid’ process… :3 but the dream was beige-- so I know Takone got me lucid at that one. :smiley: I haven’t talked to him about it, but I’ll find out before I post my journal–

Lovingly yours,


now i feel compelled to write down the details on my dreamworld(s)

lol but i don’t think i’ll torture you guys with that :lol:

No problemo, I’ll get a lucid dream eventually, it’s just a matter of time.
Well, I have been trying for over a year now though… but that’s ok, I’ll just visit this place more and get new techniques and stuff.

wow Talon. I am still impressed that you have such a close relationship with your characters. It is astounding how they have developed so deeply…very impressive. I love how Takone is so close to you, and I will forever remain a fan of Ghost lol.

By the way Talon, that sanctuary world is only the icing on the cake. A world about 70 times bigger is in development lol.

I am actually going to use CALD and my mind, with this I will be able to have LDs every night. I am refraining from using terms such as “might be” because that might make my subconsious reject my idea. It is combining CALD and a technique that is coming to me slowly, something that might work well with CALD. I’ll report tomorrow on the results, it will be spectacular either way.

Talon, I look foward to hearing more status reports. That one you just gave gave me this LD idea. When it works I will tell you about it lol.

With respect for you all and high hopes for CALD…

XD I know… he’s amazing huh? XD I’d like to hear about your dream worlds-- but maybe in another thread cause that may be a bit off topic…^^;
Besides, having stuff in a written format can help develpp stuff as you get ideas~! :smiley:

^^ Ok! But if you need any help with CALD, me, or someone equally as knowledgeable can help, I’m sure ^^~


Thanks you very much! ^^ I love my characters deeply-- and in time I am sure yours will be just a deep if you work at it! :smiley: I told ghost that you were a fan, he told you he appreciates it :smiley: I so look forwards to hearing of your successes and dreams…

~Devotedly yours,

Question: If you don’t like your dream world, can you delete it completely and start over? In case I ever get a lucid dream and create my own world and make a mistake…

But please, don’t try it out on your own worlds, you might end up losing everything because of me, I don’t want to be responsible for something like that.

XD Generally-- dream worlds occur randomly-- its a few on this site who create theirs consiously and apply it ( or rather go to) to your lucids ^^
Consciously-- you can create and delete whatever you like with no consequences… So I guess it’s safe to delete and save-- since it’s all memory you can restore it if you like… XD You can have several to chose from even! It’s all your imagination ^^


The only way to delete something from your mind is to stop thinking about it, and remove everything from your enviroment which will remind you, and even then along the way something could still remind you and bring it all back :smile:

I think that it is simple to erase it. Well, to “erase” something from your mind, specifically your subconsious, is next to impossible. However, you can choose not to use that world. In a lucid dream, you choose your world. If you don’t like it, then create a new world. If you want to go back to the old one, then go back. You can do absolutely ANYTHING in a lucid dream. I can’t stress that enough in situations like these. If you want to create a new world, then create a new world. If you want to bring your old world back, then go for it. The old world is stored in your subconsious. We can’t “lose everything” because of trying out what you said. I could burn my world to the ground, and then bring it back instantly. Don’t worry then. If you are new to lucidity, then let me give you this tip that is the key to what happens inside your lucid dream. This is the key inside a lucid dream.

“If you belive that anything can happen, then anything can happen. If you don’t believe that anything can happen, then nothing can happen.”

Hope this helps

XD That’s true, but dream worlds would be easier unless you wrote them down right? The same with normals dreams you don’t write-- XD


XD I assume you’ve used the Lucidwarp, infinity or dream digibook right…? XD
But I agree-- your subconscious does indeed capture everything, erasing is very difficult, but retrieving might be just as hard!
I am happy you’re so aware of this thread~! :smiley:


sry for the double post. Soragu, I am going to try a very special lucid dreaming technique tonight. When it works (I’m saying when, not if, because I am confident that it will work and my subconsious will oblige if I am confident), well, when it works tonight, I will give you the results. It will be a killer technique, and is made for people like you and me (yes me too) who find it hard to LD. It will also be capable for crystal clear LDs every night, but it does take a bit of work. Of course, it is actually LESS work over time then the others lol.

I have had the same problems as you in the past. Finally I got annoyed and made a technique from every law of science and psycology that I have ever read. It will make crystal clear LDs every night, when done properly. I want to test it for myself tonight to find out just how much work there is to it, but it WILL work, and I will give you my results tomorrow.

Thanks everyone, and Soragu, prepare to LD tomorrow…


I’m game to try anything! haha, best of luck! I’ll be lurking tomorrow for the answer!

^^ I think everybody awaits-- But maybe you should make a topic too! Then things won’t get confusing-- and I believe this brilliant technique may get some interesting attention if you do :smiley:

Anyways~ Sweet dreams!

Indeed, dreams/imagined things can be a lot easier to forget than waking memories, especially if you do not use remembering tactics like writing. Maybe it’s easier than I think to delete or “let go” of even waking memories.

Hi. :grin: