Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD

I have to say, when I first saw this, I thought it was just a little bit odd, and couldn’t imagine it working for me.
That’s probably mostly cause I’ve never really had a DC appear in many dreams, except my dragon, Lazer (but he doesn’t talk much)

I think my SC like it though, because in a state of vivid HI the other night, I briefly saw someone walk by, and I heard their name. Jarken. Oddly, I felt a connection, so I chased after him. Then I came back to being fully awake, and wrote the name down. Since then, I’ve heard very brief chats between him and what I like to call “my evil side”
“My evil side” has been around for a few weeks, only showing himself in HI, and even then always VERY briefly. He won’t even tell me his name. All I know is that he is very dark.

Now if only I could get them out of my HI (well…maybe not completely) and into my dreams. :tongue:
Note: I do naturally have very vivid HI that appear very quickly, but I have trouble keeping lucid through them.


Yes, they are both male.

Yes, I get that, Talon… I’m just making observations.

(And to think: Of all the “character creation” tutorials and websites I’ve visited, this is the only one that actually accomodates my… style. And it brings so much more than just a novelesque character - the feeling is… surreal. I don’t think I could thank you enough, Talon - I don’t even have a ridiculously elaborate word to express my thanks… but I’ll think of one, just for you ^^)

I think Harlequin/Moulin Rouge will end up being one of those dream characters that spontaneously changes her name - just on impulse… caprice… whim. Whatever you want to call it. And, I’m okay with that. It won’t confuse me none. (I don’t know about you guys… I’ll let you know, of course, when she’s again changed her name.)

I’m glad other people are finding this thread, also.

Well! … When it comes to academic study, I read over my notes, and while I say them in my head, I make sure Talon remembers ( I try of course as well! If I don’t, she can!). Then I remember the number of things needed, and she does the rest… It’s pretty automatic, but mostly it’s just going over it several times and making sure both she and I can recite it a few times without much problem… I might blank out come-test time, but she won’t!

And as for lucidity… Pretty much! Yes! :smiley: I ask in a bit of a conversation before bed, and Takone (cause now I have Takone help me) pretty much agrees… then I’m off to sleep and I go lucid! So far… as long as it’s not Talon, and the character Agrees, I DO go lucid! :D~

By the way… I created CALD, so I don’t think there realy are experts on the subject…

-Talon! ^^

I think you are an expert on it :razz:

I’m off to sleep now, hopefully Jarken will help me go lucid. :tongue:

I Guess so! Sweet dreams! >< I’m answering your posts as I can…

Your HI characters seem so interesting… ^^ I hope that our characters will one day know each other well!
They seem very deep…and I am glad you think it less odd enough to try it…? I am glad for it…

They seem interesting… If you get a name would you mind posting them…? If it’s too personal I can understand though~! :smiley:
I have never heard of HI characters, they seem very cool!
Sweet dreams and I hope you go Lucid~!
-Talon :smiley:

I know… You’re always so observant! I like that about you. :smiley:
^^ I am happy you like this so much… I agree- other character creation techniques tend to feel so…fake, it hurts me D:.
Thanks so much for your appreciation-- You’re welcome!

Rouge does change her name quite a bit! I look forward to her next name laughs ^^~! She seems… nice! :smiley:

…The amount of posts flooding in right now is so amusing to Takone right about now… XD

With much joy~
-Talon! ^^

HI characters are pretty much the same as Dream Characters. Especially since my HI tends to be so vivid and I have little control over it, it’s practically a dream anyway.

Ofcourse, for me it’s easier to talk to my characters in HI, since I can remain some what lucid. Jarken didn’t help me get a dream last night, but my DR seems better…maybe…

Anyway, I know what I want to do in my next LD (probably a CALD) Find out my “Dark side’s” name, and Jarken want’s to meet Takone in a SD…wonder how that would go.

I want DC’s too… :cry:

Yay! School finally ended for the year and I’m out for the summer lol. By the way Talon I typed those questions in this main forum for you, but my comp messed up (I use a more reliable one in the afternoon then at night, it’s 4:47 here on Eastern Standard Time). Since it messed up, I just put it on the character dorum knowing that you’d respond. Thanks lol.

And by the way, there is a scientific principle to this. Since you created CALD, you aren’t an expert on it. You are THE expert on it. I read that you wanted status reports, so I obliged lol.

Characters are progressing, but I can’t be sure how much. I hace been feeding my opinions on things and people and encouraging them to form their own opinions on things and be individual. I also am not answering questions for them, waiting for them to respond in their own individual way, rather than implanting a personality in them. I don’t know if this will work or not. That is a question of mine. Do I need to respond for them, or will they develop on their own when I don’t respond for them?

I hope to test CALD when my characters develop more fully. However, I feel that it is not right to ask favors of my characters before they are fully comfortable around me and will respond.

I have a question for you guys. When they do respond, do the characters take on their own unique voices or do they use your standard “thought voice” (that voice you hear when you think to yourself inside your head). I mean, it would be really cool if they use their own voices IWL, but do they?

And yes, I’m 14. Probably the only 14 year old who has so much time alone that they know almost as much about most subjects as their teachers know lol. I need a character so I don’t spend all of my free time studying. I already know theoretical physics to a heavy degree, which is sad. lol I need a character quick.

Thanks everyone, I hope for the best for CALD.

XD That sounds wonderful-- HI seems interesting, mine isn’t so vivid… Your characters seem interesting, and fining out about your dark side seems cool :smiley:

…I Hope that Takone and Jarken can meet up-- we’ll have to arange something when we’re both more reliably lucid! :smiley:

With much hope~

Awww… :smiley: Well, all you have to do is make them…! And dream characters come in dreams-- Do you need some help?


I am happy you’re free for now! :D~ And the characters seem to b coming along-- while you don’t need to answer fully for them, having an idea of how they could respond and being obsrvant for signs of an nswer could result in something! You don’t need to even hear them fully-- just knowing their response is enough to continue with. :3 It’s very nice of you not to ask them to do anything before this! ^^ you’re very thoughtful-- And as for MY boys’ voices… Well! They have their own, honestly! :smiley: They had a tendency to be just blank voices in the beginning, but I thought it normal–
I have all of my boys to a certain point of existance, where I even am starting to move past visuals and their life, I know how some of them smell, and how their skin feels against my fingers. It’s all rather vivid in my imagination… But nothing of that extent is required at all! :D~

Haha, I hope your characters are intelectuals as you are-- maybe you can start debating on big subjects like morality! XD

With much hope, and admiration for your curiousity~!
~Talon :3

I must say that this fascinates me. As a person, this is wonderful because I will have friends, even if they are on a different plane of existance. On the other hand, however, the scientific principles behind it are enough to really fascinate me. The human brain sure is an astounding thing. I can’t wait fo rhtese characters to fully develop. Finally someone else that can debate with me on subjects such as the efficiency of ion propulsion and background space radation.

Of course, these characters may drive me to the point where I won’t study as much. Finally, characters that I can talk to after school. Usually I am by myself as my parents work 24/7, so I study…This may just cut my study time quite a bit. I already know enough to get through high school and part of my college major. I can’t wait for them to develop.

Also though, it will be fascinating to watch them mature. It is an incredible thing to go by, day after day, and watch a fabrication of the mind actually learn more and develop maturity and experience.

I guess that is all. Not that it has much significance, but I thought I’d get that off my chest lol. This is why I want to practice CALD…

Also, I am working on my dream/mind world. It will be in three parts. One will be a large city, very vast and huge, where all of my thoughts come together and congregate. The second will be a forest, where it is vast, and privacy can be found since there will be plenty of building space. The third is a chain of about 26 islands. They will have everything that islanders can possibly want. Also, there will be a huge underwater housing complex for those who want a little adventure. I hope to populate these places with thousands of less complex characters, so that my real characters can have a rich and exciting place to live where there are always new places to explore and always new people to meet. they can have many friends that way. I hope for these places in total to be larger than planet Earth. I will design it in a detailed manner so that there are thousands of people, but it is easy to find privacy if you want it. This will make my characters entertained and excited. They will have fun during the day even as they watch my life rolling by and talking to me, and I can visit them in lucid dreams at night to talk to them more deeply.

How long do you think it will be for the characters to develop? I talk to them constantly, and want the vast world to be designed and built for them by the time that they are fully developed.

With admiration for you all, and a curious mind as always…

I really hope this turns out to be very beneficial for you!
It seems to be going well-- you drive is stunning and I enjoy it very much… Your characters? From the complexity, it would personally take awhile, but your level of persistance and want for it, I’m sure it’ll be whenever you’d like it to be… However, pace yourself! What you are creating is a world. Try making a plan! Phases and such to work on one by one… you seem brilliant to me, and I doubt it’ll take too long if you want this so very much. Do try to enjoy the development process though~! It’s half the fun-- and you can always add on along the way!

Your dream world rather reminds me of Aria… but my creations and my thoughts are in two seperate places-- besides that, I don’t have it as efficiently planned out! You are definitely very nice to provide such complex and exciting enviroments for your characters, and I am sure that you will get along well… I really do hope that you do at least!
I see a wonderful future for you-- I hope this helps you achieve a level of happiness!

With much joy, and hope for success of CALD and those who use it–
~Talon! :3

This topic should be stickied… What popularity it’s gained in such a short amount of time, Talon ^^

(Theoretical physics, Tribemaker? Advanced for your age, I see. Yes, so much free time… what to do with it all? Perhaps we can speak on M-theory or dark energy/Einstein’s Cosmological Constant some time…)

It’s nice to see so many people are interested in this topic. And, I agree on all you’re interested in on this “project”, Tribemaker. (It would seem Talon is The expert ^^) Personally, Harlequin/Moulin Rouge speaks in her own distinct voice. I’m making exceptional progress, by the way. Rouge seems to have taken on life of her own, a little. Perhaps because of her original nature as a DC…

If you don’t mind me answering some of your questions, Tribemaker - just from my perspective - I believe the time it takes to truly develop a character is possibly a lifelong endeavor - they grow with you - but, if you’re wondering “in general” how long it takes before they begin to behave on their own accord, it probably depends on the person. Talon seems to have been doing this for several years. Myself… I’ve worked with characters for many years because of my writing and drawing, so this divergent method came naturally, almost. But, I also think it depends on the nature of the character, which there is a multitude of - the major categories being consciously created and subconsciously created…

For me, both categories of characters have their pros and cons: consciously created characters are more difficult to work with because at their genesis, you must do virtually everything for them. They also take the most time, relatively, to solidify in appearance/personality. Preconceived notions about how you think the character should, or how you want him/her to behave and respond can also vex you into depression when you cannot “get it right” -.- On the plus side, however, consciously created characters are better conformed than subconscious characters - they’re basically like Play-Doh; because you deliberately thought them into existence, the conscientious work it takes to concretely establish them can actually be used advantageously to easily alter appearance, temperament, etc.

A subconscious character - a DC for example - is not so easily malleable. (Of course, it’s assumed that if you chose a DC, you would not wish to do too much altering.) An SC character is sometimes… stubborn. Giving them acknowledgement also gives them that much more of an “existence”. Because they are “born” separate of your conscious mind and with a [semi-]specific appearance and personality, they’re immediately intelligible and capable of… well… messing with you, if they feel like it. (More evidently in dreams. I’ve had no problems IWL…) A DC does what s/he wants. A DC just brings more “risk”, basically. However, they require considerably less work in creation. (Really, it’s just a matter of recalling your dreams and selecting a compatible DC… almost like an online dating service ^^) And, if you are both on good terms, they can communicate with/help you quicker than a consciously created character.

That’s just a general overview…

A world… a world for my characters… I just let them traipse around in whatever world comes to mind. Basically, the dreamscape. It keeps things interesting. I wonder what worlds Rouge will conceive… (She’s been calling herself Rouge all day. I suggested a few other names that she rejected. She tried out the name “Poison” because of a song I was listening to, but discarded it soon after the song was over. She also likes trying out other characters’ names… I don’t mind - she’s completely opposite my personality and actually fun ^^)

Wow! You’re right-- it’s very popular… but I asked, success rate would be more important for a sticky-- and I understand that :3.
I am so happy about all of this, and I am glad people are benefiting-- You’ve found another intelectual! :smiley:
And Angstyboy… You’re very much and expert too now! Every word you spoke I agreed with… It makes me happy!

;-; I am so sorry my posts are so short these days-- I try to give speed-- and if not that, than quality of response!
But I really like how Rouge is coming along… she sounds brilliant!

With much love,

Well, yes… I really want to meet with Harley/Rouge in an LD. That would make me feel much better. I can then ask her questions freely, without the conscious mental blocks. (I would ask her all of her names, but seeing as she changes frequently and on fancy that would be futile. At least she doesn’t drastically change her physical appearance… yet.)

I’m hoping for an LD tonight to meet her… I don’t know. I’ll have to see how that works out. I’d probably end up doing something stupid anyway -.-

“Ameyume La Rocque”… Ameyume; “Hard candy dreams” - Reminds me of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. La Rocque; “Rook - fortified tower”. Of course, she could care less what “La Rocque” means… she just likes the way it “rolls off her tongue”… “La Rocque…”

“Amijin’ei[no] Chamemugen” - “Man’s shadow friend [of] infinite playfulness/mischief”… Just trying out names now. Of course, the shortened versions of these names she can conceive are many.

Other names she’s tried: [Scarlette] Charade… (She really likes that one.) Machàdé… Chàmel Ricci… Çamìl…


lol Angstyboy I would look foward to such a discussion. The last time I heard about the M-theory was when I read James Maxwell’s paper entitled “A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field.” It was quite fascinating. The concept of unifying the five superstring theories is incredible. I hope that I get the chance to read further on the subject soon.

As far as Einstein’s Cosmological Constant, does it annoy you as much as it does me that it is so misunderstood? I mean, most people think that it leads to a perfect static universe. It is only common sense that an equilibrium would be unstable in an expanding universe. Ahh well, had to vent on that lol.

Thanks Angstyboy, I am quite happy that you answered my questions, it helps quite alot when there are two opinions on something, as you would know yourself from your evident intelligence.

As far as character progression, still no response. Of course, I now know from both of your answers that complex characters will take awhile. Thanks, and I hope for the best.

As far as the world, thanks Talon, that answer helps alot. Angsty’s answer helped alot too. I figured that I can combine them a bit. I am creating my world in phases, just like Talon suggested. This will help enormously. Also, I will include a door to my free flowing mind. Then they will have a huge sanctuary world in addition to a mind world where anything can happen. I figure that this will also help in an LD, because I will already have a general layout to go on. There are several races of people in this world, as well as several civilizations. Some are peaceful, and some are hostile. The hostiles must stay outside the sactuary world. It will be interesting to watch some civilizations take over land and some lose it. To watch some civilizations die while others are born…should be interesting. Of course, some peaceful civilizations live outside the sanctuary too, I guess they will be making treaties. Diplomacy will play a huge role in this world. Should be interesting.

I figure that they can build a house in my sanctuary world (no name yet) and they can live in the dreamscape too. This way they will always have something to fall back on. They can create their own quarters. I am not making any choices whatsoever for them, because I want them to be individual. Even though they could “mess with me” in LDs, I think that the gesture of giving them so much for them might keep them from doing so.

My world is scheduled to be finished tomorrow (yay). If all goes according to plan it will be mid-afternoon to early-evening. I will then copy it on Microsoft Paint or a simple program like that and create a URL for it so that you guys can see the land. It won’t be in too much detail, just a territory map much like the maps we use IWL.

Good luck with your LD Angsty, I know that you can do it. You have very high levels of mental ability, as I can see. You will have the LD you want with your character in no time. Would this be your first LD or have you done it before?

By the way, Angsty, hear this one. My characters have been choosing normal names. That is really strange. I met them last night very briefly. They took on the form of normal humans. I gave them the freedom of their own appearance, but that was strance. the male took on the name Jon (it’s strange how they picked normal names and appearences) and the female took on the name Mandy (another normal name). That is a strange thing to happen. Your characters take on very unique names. Do they take the form of an average human like mine or a unique form? Thanks in advance Angsty.

I hope that this progresses nicely for everyone.

Well, I have been working around the clock, because school is out and the awards ceremony isn’t until tonight, and I got it. I have been working hard, and I have gotten my world well down. The thing to remember is, that it is much more detailed in my mind than it is on this MS Paint file I created to show you guys.

In the Sanctuary, there are 2 main races. They are the Celestian and the Armonian races. The Celestian are basically humans in strange clothing lol. The Armonians are not human. They have Elven roots, and favor them strongly. Both races are at perfect peace with each other. They both maintain a strong military, but that is only to prevent outsiders from intruding into the confines of the sanctuary world. I haven’t named the sanctuary world yet, suggestions are welcome lol.

Very very light brown (almost white lol) boxes are Celestian cities/islands. Light blue boxes are Celestian military bases/islands. Yellow boxes are Armonian cities/islands. Red boxes are Armonian military bases/islands. It sounds complicated, but it’s easy when you look at it. Those black boxes with words point to the respective main military headquarters of each race.

The center big country box thing (lol it’s a country) is a HUGE city the size of planet Earth. It is named Celestia. The boxes in this area are buildings, not cities lol. There are approxamately 6 billion buildings in this city, and most of them stretch HIGH in the sky. You can look straight up and not see the tops of some. The boxes are merely the biggest buildings.

The left country is a stretch of islands. It is named the Arian Islands, named after the person who created CALD in the first place (lol Talon, now people in my world know your name, or your world’s name rather). At the entrance to the country (the grey box) is a huge sign saying that the Arian Islands are named after you. The sign says this:

“This sign was erected in order to pay respect to the person who gave Zach the idea to create this world. Talon Arana came up with the CALD method that is responsible for the creation of this world. Her world is called Aria, and in order to pay respect to the person who created the CALD method, this territory shall be known as the Arian Islands.”
Thought you might like that Talon.

The third country is a vast forest. It is named Armonia. This was the world that the Armonians came from. Long ago, it was inhabited by wood elves. Now, many years later, it is inhabited by the Armonians. The Armonians are really wood elves whose elven features have been mixed with human ones. Thus their ears aren’t as pointy, but they are slightly so. Things like that. They still have all the skills of wood elves though, and are VERY skilled wildcrafters.

Well, here is the link. I know that it’s a very vague MS Paint picture, but it is crystal clear in my mind. … apewd9.png

This CALD topic has been very popular. The discussion continues in Part II