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wow… I just read ALL the topics (there’s 6 isn’t there??) in 4 days o.O it’s insane to see all the progress of CALD since 2007 :happy: I’ve been thinking about creating a character lately. the essence came to me a couple of days ago in math class. it was incredibly foggy outside that day. I was just staring out the window and I suddenly started thinking about how the fog was actually quite calming. I don’t know what it was that made me feel that way. maybe just the look of the fog?? I was also thinking about how fog creates a sort of mysterious look. I felt like maybe this was an essence I should capture in a character. I quickly decided I should name him Ian. I’ve always been attracted to that name for some reason :razz:

this is where i need help. I’ve been trying to think about his looks and personality at school, at home, before bed, but I just can’t seem to do it! how do you think I should proceed??

On another note, Talon, you haven’t posted any updates in a long time :razz: I would apsolutely LOVE to hear what you and your characters have been up too and I’m sure others would too!! :cheesy:

maroonjaguar: …Wow. I have applaud you for completing such a daunting task! Claps hands . Wow. Well, onto the question, yes?
It’s cool that you got a concept out of fog, I love catching essences like that C: . Ian? That’s a cool name ^^ And as for the image… Both image and personality may come out of the feeling that you got out of looking at the fog. For example, how would you imagine interacting with whatever character you could extract from your chosen essence? How do you feel it would respond?

Often times if I imagine what kind of character would arise out of an object, I already have an idea of how it might look or act, based on the ‘feel’ of an object. For example, I have a singing bowl nearby that I imagine to have a sense of knowledge and solemnity to it from it’s history around the world, and it’s worn gold and black paint. The character I imagine is similarly adorned with black and gold, head bowed with a thoughtful expression having around it a sense of gravity.
If I didn’t have a look or personality that come immediately, I might more intently investigate the source of the essence (be it a song, object, or something else), and try to get more ‘feeling’ out of it so I might get more to work with.

In any case, the look of the character is much less important than the idea or essence behind it. You’ll find that images can and do change, but the feel for your character is much more constant. As long as you have that, you can concentrate on it, and try to interact…

I’m sorry if that wasn’t very clear ^^; my friend is over and is rather distracting, but I felt I really needed to respond sooner so you might have something to work with. Why don’t you try thinking back on the day you saw the fog? Try to remember details, and the fog itself. You might get something interesting upon reflection about it, and details may reveal yourself to you.
For example, thinking back on my singing bowl, I recall that when it was functional, it had a beautiful, deepening tone. Now that it is broken, it has a sharp, pained pang to it when struck. As if demoralized. Now the character I imagine has gone through some hardship, and has some motivation to correct herself.

Things like that flesh out personality C: .

Updates? Ah… I’ve already posted a word wall for you, and I’m sorry for that-- so here’s a quickie:

Ghost has been dormant for some time, but thinking about him now sort of woke him up, he’s watchful and contemplative as always. He hasn’t had as much involvement in my life lately.

Besides that… there’s Naknus.
Naknus was actually pretty strong at the time of creation for CALD (in fact it was interaction with him that birthed CALD), he’s now a daily presence in my life. He’s thoughtful and developing more interests, and has differentiated his lived life from his fictitious life when he speaks to people.
When he does interact with my other friends, one of the first questions he’s asked is his age. The last two times he replied with “I’m fictitiously 20”, and continued on. Ah, other than that he’s been the leader in lucidity inductions. Two nights ago he decided there would be a lucid dream. It happened, and it was long and vivid.

Yep. C:
Hoping my word wall was helpful or entertaining for you C: Can I clarify or help with anything more?

~Happy lucids!

Hey Talon, I wanted your opinion on something. I’ve been thinking I’m at the point of creating a second character. There’s only one problem: I know for a fact that my Doctor will not get along with this character at all. Of course he won’t stop me from making this character, but he wouldn’t like it. Have you ever run into an issue like this?

Edit: wow, we’re getting close to CALD Part VII

Ah, I was wondering what had happened to Ghost. In any case, I’m back from the deep dark regions of the net. I’ve been waiting for my interest to come back, and since it hasn’t I’ve finally decided to forge ahead and allow motivation to follow.

To Rhewin: The problem of characters not getting along does happen, though it isn’t a daily occurrence with me. Don’t let that stop you from creating a second character, though. I have one character, Silence, who has been around longer than most of my characters. He didn’t really hang around at first, and by the time he did I had one character that was very close to me that he didn’t like and scared the mess out of. Another character came along later that didn’t like him either, and she would usually disappear whenever Silence came around. I didn’t let this disagreeance come between us, and eventually they all learned to coexist, if not to get along. They still don’t get along very well, but they don’t have any problems, and I’ve grown because of each of them and learned to love each of them. Well, more like respect Silence, but that’s aside the point. (I’m sure Mecha would understand due to Crysar.)

@ Rhewin: Just curious, but would this potential character like to EX-TER-MIN-ATE! things? :tongue: In any case, I’d recommend that if there is a major argument between the two that you limit your intervention to just talking with them or separating them for a time rather than imposing any ‘artificial’ quick fixes like altering their personalities or selective mind-wiping or anything like that. It might be less convenient or effective in the short-term, but the long-term effects on your relationship with your characters will be much richer as a result.

@Wolvendeer: nods Oh yes. :slight_smile:

@Tal: Congrats on the LD!

Hey Wolven, welcome back :slight_smile: hope you feel more inspired soon.

Rhewin: Ah, conflicting characters… Always a problem. Do you know why they won’t get along? If so, why not diffuse it before the other character is fleshed out? If their disagreement lies in fictitious roots, like in a storyline, then just make it clear that the story a character would be acting in have any sway over how the characters themselves would interact. It’s a totally different context when they live with you than when they exist in a story.
Otherwise, if it’s a conflict of personalities, maybe you can just give them their own space. My own example is that Naknus and many of the characters don’t get along. In the little world I made for them to live in, he has his own home. Most of the time they stay out of each others way, and the rare conflicts that do happen break the monotony of daily life and amuse everyone involved. :slight_smile:

In any case, Wolven is right, and you shouldn’t allow character conflicts hold you back from making a new character. Rather, focus on resolving the conflicts. C:

Mecha I always respect what you have to say because you know what you’re doing, I couldn’t agree more about being wary of destructive characters and not altering characters for the sake of settling an issue. :slight_smile:

Oh my, we are getting close to a new part aren’t we?

@Wolven: It’s reassuring to know that it hasn’t negatively effected your characters

@Mecha: no, it’s not quite so drastic as that :tongue:. The character I’m thinking of is the Third Doctor. The Doctor I interact with is the Second, and while the two don’t hate each other, they certainly have a hard time getting along. Ironic considering they are technically the same person…

@Talon: Yeah, it does technically lie in fictional roots as the two never got along in the show. But putting the show aside (as me and The Doctor have done on several occasions), it’s a personality clash. They have been known to work together when the situation calls for it, but are usually a little relieved to see the other go. I’m thinking it’s just a matter of keeping them separate. Even if they were together, they wouldn’t necessarily get violent or anything; it would just be a tad uncomfortable for the two of them.

Ok, I don’t see a problem, then. :slight_smile: everybody has someone who makes them a bit uncomfortable. :slight_smile:

Hmm… i kind of have an idea of what i want Ian to look like. when i think of fog, i automatically thing dull colors like black, white, and grey. thats basically all his colors right there :razz: he’s gonna have black hair and im deciding between blue or grey eyes. i love both! He’s going to be tall, about 6’ 4" im thinking. almost a foot taller than myself :happy: I really really didnt want to have a human character so im kind of adding little things to him and slowly making him less human. He’ll have a fox tail that’s grey with a white tip and when he gets excited it’ll whip around like crazy, taking out anyone or anything in its path xD I also exchanged normal human ears for cat-like hears which im kind of deciding on placement. he’s also going to have rosey cheeks which i think looks super cute :cheesy:! unfortunately i have absolutely no drawing tallent whatsoever :meh: it would really help if i could draw him! D:

Yeah, I can’t draw either, but just as long as you can visualize him good that’s all that matters. :smile:

Also, it sounds like you’re making some good progress with forming him, though I’ve always instantly had an idea of what they look like. (Well, actually they’ve almost always been spontaneously generated with me.)

Also, I decided to get back in touch with my first character, Kiba. My family was out for St Patrick’s Day, and I ‘projected’ him standing in front of me so I’d at least have someone to imagine looking at and talking to while we waited for a seat, but people kept walking through the spot where he was standing, and he was getting angry at all the ‘inconsiderate jerks’ who were walking through him. XD

I’ve been a little inactive, so I’ve got to record the 5 LDs I had - 2 of them were CALD.

Last night was an achievement for me - I told my characters to make me lucid - either to appear and force me to RC, or to make something strange happen that made me lucid. The second option occured, but it turned out to be a scary situation. At that point I became lucid and managed to drive the fear away and managed to have a 5-10 minute LD. No characters, but hey, I managed to combat a nightmare for the first time!

This experience has made me thought more about my characters, and will talk to them slightly more than I do at the moment.

maroonjaguar: Hey, it sounds like you’ve got a fairly well-formed image of him, sorry for the late reply ^^; Have you come to a final image of him in this time? If you’d like, I’d be happy to draw something for you, though in the end it would be how you visualize him that matters, and my interpretation would mean little. C:

wolvendeer: I’ve done that once or twice, projecting a character forward for conversation C: . It worked pretty well, and helped me visualize the character, conversation went more smoothly and without distraction of thought. Did you experience this? Sounds like you and Kiba had a good time C:

Teraflare8866: Congrats on the LDs! I like combatting nightmares and confronting waking life fears in lucid dreams. C: How did that lucid dream make you think more of your characters? Was it just that the induction brought your attention back to them?

I haven’t really had time at all this weekend to think about Ian hahah but im gonna start as soon as i get my homework done :happy: I would love for you to draw him! If its not too much to ask. It would be really good to see someone elses perspective of him!!

maroonjaguar: Great C: When you find the time, can you send me a more detailed description? I’ll try to draw him well for you C:

We had a pretty decent conversation. Also, he’s quite the character ( :lol: ), so it was quite easy to keep myself entertained in conversation with him. I of course had to stand away from the crowds so that he wouldn’t get trampled and go off on rather colorful rants. :lol:

Nice, Wolven :razz: Is he very much like the Kiba from Naruto?

He’s a lot like him, but a bit less brash and a bit more mouthy than I recall Kiba being.

I’m making slow progress with Zack, I keep meaning to develop him, but I am just a bit busy thoughtwise.

Yup. I felt as if my characters wanted to help me out, so I want to communicate with them more which might produce more LDs, and it will be fun going on adventures with them.

I’ll try to get in a deep hypnagogic state again so I can hear my characters talk. Happened to me again for a few nights ago, but the instant I remembered my characters (I was just daydreaming casually) I snapped out of the ‘trance’ and exited the hypnagogic state :sad:

Yo people!It’s been sooo long since I patron this thread T_T Sorry~ School is really killing me!

I’m not sure if I posted this but a few weeks ago I dreamt of Thunzar again. It was only a brief dream before I woke up for school T_T

We’re standing on a ship and he was holding on to the railing slightly leaning forward casually looking out at the blue sea. You shoud see how dazzling he look with his nice black spiky-ish hair flowing lightly and he was wearing the clothes I got for him (literally… I went “dream shopping” instead of talking to them ^ ^""). Once again, he noticed me, turned and gave me a super dazzling smile showing his pearly white teeth. He’s eyes were sorta reflecting the sunlight causing his emerald eyes to look super bright :happy: He was even wearing the necklace (nice bling bling ‘Thunzar’ ) I got for him ^^

Whats with Thunzar always smiling so dazzlingly… I stoned there for a few seconds and before I reacted, I was woken up by my alarm clock :cry:

Hurray! In exactly a months time (April 24) is going to be Thunzar’s birthday and then the next month, will be Desmond’s~ I remember them debating whose birthday comes first since I literally forgot their real day of creation T_T and Thunzar insisted he gets April 24 instead of May XD Desmond, as usual, is easy going so he agreed to have his a month later :content: